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Ria de Ribadeo
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Ribadeo estuary

The Ria de Ribadeo is situated on the coast of NW Spain around 25 miles ESE of the Ria de Viveiro and 35 miles W of Cudillero. Basically, a shallow river estuary spanned at its entrance by a high road bridge, the ria offers good shelter in all but strong N winds, when it becomes difficult to enter. A visiting yacht can anchor with care in the bight on the E side of the ria, opposite the town of Ribadeo on the W side, or berth in the small marinas next to the town.


British Admiralty
1290 – Cabo de San Lorenzo to Cabo Ortegal
1096 – Ribadeo
C43 – Santander to A Coruna


The ria is largely sheltered from the prevailing NW winds, but strong northerlies can raise an unpleasant swell and even make it impossible to enter.

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The entrance is barely half a mile wide and can be difficult to spot in poor visibility. However, when level with the entrance the road bridge across the estuary is conspicuous. The deeper water is on the W side of the channel upon entering. Once under the bridge (which has an air draft of 35 metres), the deep water channel splits and a yacht should either keep right if heading for the town marina or bear left along the channel which runs close to the E bank and round the sandbank of El Teson.


Visiting yachts have two main options in the ria: berthing in the marina of the Club Nautico de Ribadeo just after the bridge on starboard or anchoring anywhere along the channel that runs along the E bank before opening out into a large shallow pool, off the settlement of Castropol.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Ribadeo marina from the SW

Club Nautico de Ribadeo

Club Nautico de Ribadeo/wiki/Ria_de_Ribadeo#Club_Nautico_de_Ribadeo
Marina icon Club Nautico de Ribadeo [[Ria de Ribadeo#Club Nautico de Ribadeo|Club Nautico de Ribadeo]] (RCNR) 43°32.342'N, 007°02.171'W

It offers 620 berths (20 for visitors) for yachts up to 35 metres in depths of up to 5.0 metres. Berthing is mostly on finger pontoons. Water and electricity on the pontoons. Fuel berth. Toilets and showers. Laundry. Bar/restaurant.

vela@cnribadeo.com; Tel: +34 (982) 120 428; Fax: +34 (982) 131 144; VHF channel 09
Address: Muelle de Porcillán, s/n. 27700 Ribadeo, Spain
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Darsena de Porcillan Marina

Darsena de Porcillan Marina/wiki/Ria_de_Ribadeo#Darsena_de_Porcillan_Marina
Marina icon Darsena de Porcillan Marina [[Ria de Ribadeo#Darsena de Porcillan Marina|Darsena de Porcillan Marina]] 43°32.436'N, 007°02.197'W

his marina has several rows of pontoons. Water, fuel (in cans), 8 ton crane, mechanic.

XX@XXX; Tel/Fax: +34 (982) 110 020; VHF channel XX


SE of Bridge

SE of Bridge/wiki/Ria_de_Ribadeo#SE_of_Bridge
Anchorage icon SE of Bridge [[Ria de Ribadeo#SE of Bridge|SE of Bridge]] 43°32.354'N, 007°01.637'W

The best anchorages in the ria are found along the channel that curves around the E shore after the bridge is transited and leads around the sandbank of El Teson a mile upstream to the shallow pool off Castropol. It is possible to anchor anywhere convenient along this channel, but beware of swinging into shallow water as the tide drops, especially towards the entrance where the channel is quite narrow.

Depths are seldom much more than 3.0 – 5.0 metres anywhere along the channel and the tidal range can be anything up to 2.0 metres. The holding, however, is excellent in mud and sand and shelter (at least in the N part of the channel) is good in all but strong westerlies.

Ensenad de Arnao

Ensenad de Arnao/wiki/Ria_de_Ribadeo#Ensenad_de_Arnao
Anchorage icon Ensenad de Arnao [[Ria de Ribadeo#Ensenad de Arnao|Ensenad de Arnao]] 43°33.000'N, 007°01.586'W
It is N of the bridge.


Water In the Club Nautico de Ribadeo
Electricity In the Club Nautico de Ribadeo
Toilets In the Club Nautico de Ribadeo
Showers In the Club Nautico de Ribadeo
Laundry In the Club Nautico de Ribadeo
Garbage In the marina
Fuel Fuel berth in the Club Nautico de Ribadeo
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Basic chandlery only
Repairs Small yard at the Club Nautico de Ribadeo. Small hard standing are and travel lift (35T). Most simple repairs possible
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A (Not Available)


Supermarket and provisions shops in the town.

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The town of Ribadeo is not especially attractive, but there is a great walk along the estuary out to the point of Illa Pancha on the W side of the entrance. Ribadeo also has some good beaches and supports a modest local tourist industry.


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