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Richards Bay to Durban


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SAN 132, 135 or SAN 61 or BA2088


Radio details

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Special navigation notes


  • Durnford Point, a rounded point, some 5 miles southwest of Richards Bay is fringed with reefs, two and a half miles either side and extend seaward for about three miles. Depths are very irregular, varying from 4 to 20 meters. Vessels should give this area a wide berth, especially at night or in rough conditions. The area is marked with buoys.
  • Onshore sets should be guarded against especially in the vicinity of Durnford Point after a long period of southerly winds.


Also see the Richards Bay to Cape Town passage.

The coast south of Richards Bay mainly consists of long stretches of white sandy beaches with occasional cliffs and rock outcrops.

Settlements again are few, apart from the one's at river mouths, Tugela being the largest.

South of the Tugela River, the coastline is steep to, flattening out as one approaches the Port of Durban.

The last 15 miles or so are more increasingly built up. At night the loom of the city lights can be seen from 40 miles away.

There are no anchorages worth considering between Richards Bay and Durban.

Richards Bay to Durban is 85 miles.

The Agulhas Current (for this section) The strongest part of this current is in the vicinity of the 200m depth contour and normally attains it's greatest rate during February to April. Occasionally rates of up to 6 knots have been observed. A weak northerly counter current may be felt close inshore.

The 200m depth contour varies in distance from shore, from a few miles in the North to 15 miles off Durnford Point, and 20 miles off Tugela but only about 5 miles off Durban breakwater.

Note: See Durban for full details on the approach to Durban Harbour.


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