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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Singapore.

01°18.000'N, 103°48.000'E Chart icon.png
Capital Singapore City
Language English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
Currency Singapore dollar (SGD)
Time zone SST (UTC+8)
Calling code +65

The History of Singapore is well described in Wikipedia's series of articles:- History of Singapore


British Admiralty (BA)
1358 - Malacca Strait S Part Singapore Strait
2403 - Singapore Strait and E Appr
3831 - Singapore Strait E Part
3833 - Singapore Strait W Part
4036 - Raffles Lighthouse To Sisters Singapore
4044 - Johor Strait E Part Singapore
5502 - Malacca and Singapore Straits

In Additional reference should be made to the Singaporean Notices to Mariners, (see the pdf document for June 2007 At :- June '07 PDF)

Note: The reason for the above is that with the constant reclamation, the shoreline is constantly changing.



Singapore being an island has some wind relief from tropical heat and humidity - However, lying in the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone means that during the S.W. Monsoon in particular (June >>>November) it RAINS! It also Rains during the N.E. Monsoon - Dec >> May.

Weather Forecasts

The Singapore Government's National Environment Agency is a pioneer in the provision of routine weather forecasts and storm warnings for shipping in the region. As a member of the World Meteorological Organisation, MSD participates actively in its Marine Meteorology Programme to enhance safety at sea and fufill our regional responsibility with WMO and the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS, 1989 and 1974) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

National Environment Agency's Meteorological Service Division, produces one of the very best websites for marine weather forecasts covering the majority of South East Asia.

A favourite is the Hourly Wx Satellite Picture

• Animate MTSAT Asean Satellite Images • Full Globe • ASEAN

The ASEAN image is particularly good showing gradations of cloud cover - cruisers using this image can decide whether to do the laundry , close the hatches or go shopping.

The Regional Weather Synoptic Chart is another that is very useful for determining the day's winds in terms of strength and direction.

See :- [1] - navigate this site for the best WX site for the waters surrounding Singapore.




The use of VHF radio in Singapore waters is governed by a PDF document from the MARITIME AND PORT AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE, PORT MARINE CIRCULAR NO. 21 OF 2004,9 Sep 04 - Shipping Community, Harbour Craft Community, - PROPER USE OF VHF CHANNELS AT SEA

Generally speaking Cruising yachts will dual monitor 2 frequencies: channel 16 and channel 69. Channel 16 for emergencies and communicating with authorities (74 for Immigration ) - using 69 as the cruisers' listening/calling channel, then when contact is made to move to another eg. 68 or 72.

HF Radio frequencies and transmission times for the cruising fraternity in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia is described in Cruiser's Nets (See Mobile Maritime Net - South East Asian Waters)

All vessels of any size, powered or unpowered, must have a working AIS transponder when transiting the Singapore Strait. --Haiqu


The Singapore Strait for the average cruising yacht is to be highly respected - most skippers, unless they have personal experience of traversing the strait, will only do so in day-light hours.

The huge number of ships, tugs, tugs + barges and a host of other vessels, not counting the 20,000 tankers, 12,000 chemical tankers that move through this narrow strait every year - over a thousand ships in port every day), means that making passage through this in a sailing boat is a "White Knuckle Event" The numbers of ships which are moving in both separation lanes in different directions are one thing to contend with!

The other is the alternating current (not electrical) which each day moves WEST >> EAST then EAST>>WEST. At anything up to 6 knots at the narrowest gap in the strait (where all the ships are squeezing through). So, if your Cruising yacht only manages 6 knots under full power where there is no current, then it is most prudent to wait until the current is at slack then move to anticipate the current flowing in the direction you want go.

Tide/Current Charts

The National University of Singapore's 'Physical Oceanography Research Laboratory' produces daily models of the tidal heights and flows, also a chart depicting the current at specific intervals (note: the chart shown below is tilted 40 degrees to the west) The URL will give access to the models - but will require the applicant to be authorized to utilize the program.

Another Navigational Feature out to the East of Singapore is the Horsburgh Lighthouse







  • Stop in one of the two designated anchorages:
    • Western Quarantine and Immigration Anchorage: Close to "The Sisters" islands. Waypoint in the anchorage: 001 13.0 N - 103 49.5 E
    • Changi General Purpose Anchorage: Close to the "South Angler Buoy". Waypioint in the anchorage: 001 20.0 N - 104 03.5 E
  • No need to anchor, just hold position
  • Fly yellow Q flag and, if you have, the flags "2" over "5"
  • Call Western or Eastern immigration via VHF channel 74
  • Have passports, crew lists, last port clearance prepared in a zip-lock back. Grey aluminum immigration boat will approach with person on the bow holding a fishing net. Drop paperwork in this net.
  • If all is ok, passports will be stamped, visa valid for 2 weeks.
  • Proceed to marina or yachtclub
  • Soon (like next day), finish custom and port clearance at the One Stop Document Center (SG30 port fee), or let the marina take care of it. It is an online process for the marina. Keppel Bay charged 2xSG10/vessel in and out, plus the SG30 port fees (March 2011)

Some marinas offer to do the complete clearance, no need to stop in the quarantine anchorage. But the marina needs 6h advance notice to have an immigration officer to be available at the time of arrival.



Fees and Charges


Health and Security


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Raffles Marina
  • Keppel Bay Marina
    • ++ new development, excellent facilities, good staff, but
    • -- no laundromat.
    • ++ central, 15 min walk to VIVO shopping center, food court, MRT
    • -- some swell from cruise ships, ferries and tugs


Anchoring within Singapore waters is only allowed for specific purposes.

See the anchorages of the port of Singapore and their purposes.

The small craft anchorages are exposed to the open sea and are unsuitable for long stays.

Marine stores

  • Marintech Marketing (S) Pte Ltd. 101 Kitchener Road, #02-14 Jalan Besar Plaza (shop 14, level 2). Tel: 62988171 and 62939124. Email. Contact: Jessie Lee. Take the MRT from Kranji to Farrer Park station, which is in Kitchener Rd, just one block to corner of Jalan Besar.
    Bring your boat stamp and shop without tax. Sources from Westmarine, Harken, Sta-lok etc. Will deliver. Ask her for nearby SS 316, hoses, canvas, electrical etc. shops all in walking distance. They also do swages and splicing. They are open Mon-Friday and closed Sat/Sun.

HF, VHF, GPS, etc.

  • The basement at Sim Lim Tower has many stores with the widest range of equipment.
  • Blazer Electronics shop 17, or Suneast Pte Ltd shop 19/20
  • In Sim Lim Square (opposite), Overseas Communications System shop 79, level 3,
  • The Com Shop, shop 10, level 4, (Most of them have a great deal on the latest model Icom waterproof hand held VHF's for about S$230. 00)
  • World Space Radio: Wavelength Communications, shop 26, level 2, Sim Lim Square, Tel: (65) 332 2273. E-mail:
  • Or at the ground floor, Mustafa Centre, Syid Alwi Road, (Between Jalan Besar & Serangoon Rd) Mustaffa's is a 5 level department and is worth a visit for all kinds of stuff.


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References & Publications

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Rod Heikel, Greek Waters Pilot, Imray Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718, expands to
Rod Heikell, Greek Waters Pilot Imray, Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718
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  • Classified as part of South Asia because of previous British rule. --Haiqu 01:43, 30 May 2011 (BST)

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