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Name of the port
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At the Porto Mannu

Stintino is a small harbour in a narrow inlet on the eastern side of the Asinara peninsula at the NW tip of Sardinia. Its principal attraction is as a base for visiting the national park of Asinara on the island of the same name.


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Asinara island - lies three miles north of Stintino. There are a number of lovely anchorages on the east side of the island, sheltered from the prevailing NW winds. Bear in mind that the island is declared a national park and anchoring is prohibited there. Paid mooring buoys are available though at a few locations there.


Guardia Costiera

VHF: 16
Phone: +39 (795) 23381
Email: [email protected]
Address: Via Lungomare Levante n. 4 - 07040 Stintino (SS)

Porto Mannu harbour office

Phone: +39 (795) 23053
Address: Comune di Stintino, v. Torre Falcone, 5


Approach is either from the east, when the large breakwater protecting the harbour will be visible some distance off, or from the west, when a yacht has the option of sailing north of Asinara island or through Passagio dei Fornelli, the narrow channel between the island and the mainland. Depths in the channel here are as little as 4 metres, so care is needed especially with any sea running from the west as the shallowest part is on the western side.

Enter the harbour between the E end of the breakwater and the red beacon/wiki/Stintino#red_beaconDanger icon red beacon [[Stintino#red beacon|red beacon]] 40°56.156'N, 008°13.946'E marking the E end of the shoal extending from the shore.


The harbour in Stintino consists of 4 parts.

Porto Minore

Aka Porto Vecchio, at the deep inlet at the SW part of the harbour. It is quite shallow, so generally it's used for small craft, but Alioth Navigazione runs a concession

Marina di Portovecchio/wiki/Stintino#Marina_di_PortovecchioBerth icon Marina di Portovecchio [[Stintino#Marina di Portovecchio|Marina di Portovecchio]] 40°56.138'N, 008°13.751'E at the 1st N concrete pier there. Another concession there is by Nautica Benenati.

Porto Mannu

is at the another deep inlet at the NW part of the harbour with max. depths up to 2.3 m. It is also is divided between another bunch of concessions. Maximum draft in the harbour 2.3 metres; maximum length 13.0 metres. There are several pontoons here run by a private club, offering a total of 300 berths (30 for visitors). Toilets and showers. Water and electricity. Slipway. Fuel station. Mobile crane up to 40T.

Società Nautilus/wiki/Stintino#Societ.C3.A0_NautilusBerth icon Società Nautilus [[Stintino#Società Nautilus|Società Nautilus]] 40°56.303'N, 008°13.682'E At the S quay next to the fuel station, they presumably provide some berths for boats in transit; Tel: +39 (348) 4509963.
Circolo Nautico Torres/wiki/Stintino#Circolo_Nautico_TorresBerth icon Circolo Nautico Torres [[Stintino#Circolo Nautico Torres|Circolo Nautico Torres]] 40°56.323'N, 008°13.751'E Members' births at the 6 pontoons next to the entrance at the N quay; Tel: +39 (795) 23 519.
  • Cooperativa Turistica Stintino -- Private berths are further W at the S quay
  • SE.MA Private berths at the W part of the N quay; Tel: +39 (795) 23 693.

Outer basin

Marina di Stintino/wiki/Stintino#Marina_di_StintinoBerth icon Marina di Stintino [[Stintino#Marina di Stintino|Marina di Stintino]] 40°56.323'N, 008°13.957'E is located at the NE part of the harbour at the root of the breakwater; Tel: +39 (795) 23180; Mob: +39 (334) 740 4583; VHF channel 09

La Pelosa

A village is at the N tip of the island.

Porto de L'Ancora/wiki/Stintino#Porto_de_L.27AncoraBerth icon Porto de L'Ancora [[Stintino#Porto de L'Ancora|Porto de L'Ancora]] 40°57.526'N, 008°13.156'E A small and shallow (0.60-1.80 m.) private harbour E of the village. It belongs to the Yachting Club L'Ancora. 130 berths, max. LOA 20m; Tel: +39 (795) 27 085; VHF channels 16 & 72.


Anchorage is possible inside the breakwater, avoiding the mooring buoys although this has become quite restricted. Alternative anchorages to the north of Stintino on the eastern side of Piana and Asinara (noting the conservation area) islands. To the south of Stintino, in calm weather, are several viable anchorages.


Water in the harbour
Electricity in the harbour
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Garbage In the marina
Fuel Fuel pump/wiki/Stintino#Fuel_pumpFuel icon Fuel pump [[Stintino#Fuel pump|Fuel pump]] 40°56.302'N, 008°13.706'E at the S quay in the Porto Manu
Bottled gas
Repairs Some engine and electrical repairs
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals


Some grocery shops in town.

Eating out

There are some restaurants in town.



Good beaches around the town, although the main attraction here is the Asinara nature reserve north of the town and accessible via organised boat trips. The island of Asinara is a former prisoner of war camp which became a penal colony and was used as such until 1997. Today it is a nature reserve and hosts a number of rare species, including a unique breed of albino donkey.


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