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Trapani Sicily.jpg
Trapani, view from Erice

The city of Trapani is situated at the NW extremity of Sicily, some 32 km (20 miles) N of Marsala and a similar distance SW of San Vito lo Capo. Together with the Egadi islands (Isole Egadi) a few miles to the W, Trapani is a popular stopping-off point for yachts arriving from Sardinia or rounding the western end of Sicily. The name derives from drépanon, the Greek word for sickle, because of the curved shape of its harbour. Originally founded as the port of the nearby mountain-top town of Erice (well worth a visit), it developed under the Carthaginians until its cession to Rome in 241 BC at the end of the First Punic War. Under Norman rule, the harbour was an important staging post during the early Crusades. Severely damaged during World War II, the town’s revival is largely down to its fishing fleet and a growing tourist industry, attracted by the nearby Egadi Islands, the historic town of Erice and Trapani’s own spectacular Easter celebrations.


British Admiralty
2122 - Bizerte to Capo San Marco


The prevailing wind on the west coast of Sicily during the summer is a NW sea breeze, which rarely gets up much above force 4-5. While infrequent, gales are not unknown during the spring and early summer and combine with a NE-going current along the west coast to kick up a vicious sea. In winter, the gregale is a strong NE wind that can affect the whole of the island and blow for several days.

Sources for weather forecasts: See Italy - weather.

Note: Trapani harbour is occasionally subject to the phenomenon of the marrobio, a tidal wave that can raise and lower the water level by as much as a metre in the space of 10-15 minutes. The phenomenon is most frequently experienced in the winter months during strong westerly winds (although it is not unknown in spring - see below).


See Aegean to West Mediterranean Passages.


See Isole Egadi.


  • Before arrival contact Trapani Port Authority on VHF channel 16

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The approach to the harbour is from SW, between the long breakwater running due S from Columbaia islet and a detached breakwater due east of its southern extremity. If approaching from N, the rocky shallows off the twin headlands at the W end of the town and off Columbaia islet itself should be given a clearance of at least half a mile. From S the salt pans immediately south of the harbour are conspicuous from some distance.

Entry is potentially dangerous in strong southerly winds. The harbour is exceedingly busy with ferry and tripper boats in summer.

It is necessary to seek permission to enter from VTS on Ch10 (or 16) before entering harbour, call at about 500m from the tip of the western mole. Bear in mind though that in practice you may be ignored at busy times, then just pick a quiet moment to enter.


Trapani is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.


The fishing harbour at the NW corner of the harbour is for commercial vessels only. The porto turistico behind a long mole due N of the entrance is shallow and for small craft only.

A few boatyards (or former boatyards) in the harbour are offering some mooring facilities at their pontoons. A yacht club of Lega Navale (see below) is usually full.

Note: It is advisable that you make a reservation beforehand. Especially, taking into account that VTS may ask you if you have such a reservation when you are entering the harbour.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Lega Navale Trapani

Lega Navale Trapani/wiki/Trapani#Lega_Navale_Trapani
Berth icon Lega Navale Trapani [[Trapani#Lega Navale Trapani|Lega Navale Trapani]] 38°0.84′N, 12°29.90′E
Port of Entry

A Lega Navale] yacht club 200 metres west of the mole of the porto turistico has pontoon berths sheltered by a mole. However, berths are seldom available here and shelter is poor in strong NW or S winds.

[email protected]; Te/Faxl: +39 (923) 547 467; VHF channel XX
The area of Boat Service Trapani

Trapani Boat Service

Trapani Boat Service/wiki/Trapani#Trapani_Boat_Service
Berth icon Trapani Boat Service [[Trapani#Trapani Boat Service|Trapani Boat Service]] 38°0.82′N, 12°31.26′E
Port of Entry

Trapani Boat Service is the largest boatyard in Trapani. It's located at the very E head of the harbour, where there are 50-60 berths at the quay or on the pontoon of Trapani Boat Services. Laid moorings at all berths in 3.0 - 5.0 metres. Maximum length 30 metres. Water and electricity are at the berths. There is a fuel pump at the quay. Although a working yard, in season it is a relatively quiet spot and well sheltered.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (923) 29 240 - 28 223; Mob: +39 (349) 661 8376; VHF channel XX
Address: Via Ilio - 91100 Trapani (TP) , Italy

Columbus yachting

Columbus yachting/wiki/Trapani#Columbus_yachting
Berth icon Columbus yachting [[Trapani#Columbus yachting|Columbus yachting]] 38°0.82′N, 12°30.04′E
Port of Entry

Columbus yachting, "Gianpaolo" +39 (923) 947 7497 sits between the Guardia Costiera and fishing port in the NW corner of the harbour, it is reported as having good showers. Some of its moorings are shallow < 2m, water can also be obtained here.

[email protected]; Tel/Fax: +39 (923) 28 341; VHF channel XX

Marina Vento di Maestrale

Marina Vento di Maestrale/wiki/Trapani#Marina_Vento_di_Maestrale
Berth icon Marina Vento di Maestrale [[Trapani#Marina Vento di Maestrale|Marina Vento di Maestrale]] 38°0.84′N, 12°29.98′E
Port of Entry

Vento di Maestrale is at another pontoon W of the Columbus yachting.

06/15 Euro 50 per night for a stay of a week with free power, water and wifi (wifi works best in the bar area) --S/v Common Sense

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (923) 26 874; Mob: +39 (349) 627 2840; VHF channel 74
Address: Vento di Maestrale s.r.l., via dei Gladioli sn, 91100 Trapani, Sicilia, Italia

Marina Levante

Marina Levante/wiki/Trapani#Marina_Levante
Berth icon Marina Levante [[Trapani#Marina Levante|Marina Levante]] (Cantiere Levante) 38°0.79′N, 12°31.02′E
Port of Entry

Marina Levante offers berthing for sailing and motor boats up to 27 m. There is water and electricity are on the pontoon. There are bathrooms with showers on the shore. Other facilities include fuel, laundry (free), WiFi (free). Reportedly helpful and friendly staff.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (923) 25 399; Mob: +39 (333) 25 399; VHF channel 16
Address: Via Ammiraglio Staiti 18, 91100 Trapani, Italy

Marina Arturo Stabile

Marina Arturo Stabile/wiki/Trapani#Marina_Arturo_Stabile
Berth icon Marina Arturo Stabile [[Trapani#Marina Arturo Stabile|Marina Arturo Stabile]] 38°00.780'N, 012°30.600'E
Port of Entry

At the end of the harbour so well protected from all winds. Full service (water, electricity, toilets, showers, laundy, WiFi, shipyard.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (923) 28 191; Fax: +39 (923) 557 170; Mob: +39 (347) 016 5842;VHF channel 69
Address: 2/10, via avv. g. palmeri - 91100, Trapani, Italy


Anchorage in harbour

Anchorage in harbour/wiki/Trapani#Anchorage_in_harbour
Anchorage icon Anchorage in harbour [[Trapani#Anchorage in harbour|Anchorage in harbour]] 38°0.67′N, 12°29.85′E
Anchoring is permitted in 7-8m on mud just to the east of the Old Lighthouse, again, in theory, it is necessary to have VTS permission before anchoring. This is open to the NW (the marina developments shown in the 6th Edition, Italian Waters Pilot have not happened) and the S. It is possible to go ashore just W of the Guardia Costiera enclosure where there is a slip and small quay with mooring rings.


Water See Marinas & Yacht Clubs
Electricity See Marinas & Yacht Clubs
Toilets ?
Showers ?

Vento di Maestrale does laundry Euro 15 for 8kg, dried, folded and wrapped in plastic

Garbage Bins at Trapani Boat Service and in the streets
  • a station on the N quay in the inner harbour (0700 - 1900)
  • another station also in far corner of fishing boat harbour
  • also see Marinas & Yacht Clubs
Bottled gas Camping Gaz is available from a small hardware store on Via Carolina on the corner opposite a small supermarket
  • There is a 'Nautico' store along the Viale Regina Elena with a good basic stock, it seems geared more to the local fishing boats than yachts however
  • There is also a fishing tackle store which stocks a small range of chandlery on a street running between Vis Cristoforo Colombo and Via Carolina, just N of the fish market.
  • Numerous workshops adjacent to Trapani Boat Services can undertake most kinds of repairs. Make sure you get an estimate first!
  • Trapani Boat Service can undertake most kinds of repairs. Make sure you get an estimate first! Slipway and travel lift (250 T). Mobile crane (80T). Outdoor storage. Engine, electrical and electronic equipment repairs. Wood and fiberglass repairs. Divers.
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Several outlets in the town


Good provisions shops in the town within a short distance of Trapani Boat Services. Also supermarkets and a Saturday street market to be found in the area around the fishing port at the NW end of the port, easy walking from Columbus and the anchorage area.

Eating out

  • Excellent restaurants in the town
  • Trattoria Peppe does a tasty couscous alla pesce
  • Tavernetta di Davido does an excellent spaghetti alla vongole e bottarga or spaghetti with tuna and peppers, followed by cassata Siciliana and strawberries



The town is attractive and still bears many relics of its historic past, including some beautiful Baroque churches. Its long straight streets, especially Corso Vittorio Emanuel and Via Garibaldi, are lined with palazzi from the 15th to 18th centuries. The walk to the fort at the end of peninsula affords good views over the fishing harbour and west to the Egadi Islands. A visit to Erice (40 minutes by bus or cable car), a mediaeval town on a spectacular mountain-top site with winding, cobbled streets, is a must. A stroll around the ruins of Erice’s Norman castle provides impressive views of Capo San Vito to the N and, to the S, the saltpans of Trapani and the Egadi Islands. The photogenic Norman church, Chiesa Madre, with its tall bell-tower, is a very popular tourist destination. If visiting Trapani at Easter, don’t miss the famous Easter procession, The Misteri, when the city's guilds carry 17th and 18th century religious statues through the streets in a 16-hour procession starting on Good Friday. The statues are displayed in the Chiesa del Purgatorio in the old town for the rest of the year.

Chiesa del Purgatorio, Trapani
View from Erice
Norman castle, Erice
Norman church, Erice


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • On this site there is a plan of the harbour of Trapani. On the right side of the page there are also some links to plans of other ports in the Province of Trapani including Marsala, Favignana, etc.


See Italy.


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