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Alternative names include, Tzarevo, Carevo, and Michurin (Mičurin)

42°10.21′N, 27°51.45′E Chart icon.png
Bulgaria Tsavero s.jpg
Satellite view of Tsavero

Tsarevo (Bulgarian: Царево, also transliterated Carevo or Tzarevo; formerly known as Michurin, Bulgarian: Мичурин and Vasiliko, Greek: Βασιλικόν) is a town and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria.

Tzarevo is just 15nM north of the border with Turkey so it is the prefered port of entry when sailing N or going back S.

Underwater archaeological surveys off the coast of Tzarevo have discovered amphoras from the Late Antiquity (4th–6th century) and import red-polished pottery made in Constantinople, Syria and North Africa, which indicates prospering trade in the area at the time. The city's southern peninsula has remains of a medieval fortress.


See Bulgaria.


See Bulgaria.


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The approach to Tsarevo is straight forward and its N-S breakwater can be easily seen from a distance.

Caution: Take care entering the bay, there are reefs to the south and to the north. The reef to the south is marked, but it extends beyond the marker. The end of the breakwater is marked with a white tower.


Tsarevo is a port of entry to Bulgaria. Immigration officials are available around the clock, or “non-stop” as they say in Bulgaria. Customs officials work from 8 AM till 8 PM, making it difficult to clear out early enough to make the mouth of the Bosporus in daylight hours, an 82 nm trip. In some cases they will make special arrangements to clear out around 7 PM with the promise that everyone stays aboard until departure.

On arrival proceed to the customs dock behind the breakwater. If the officials do not arrive, hail them on VHF channel 16.

See also Bulgaria.


The harbour is largely open to the south, but shelter can be found in winds from other directions. The breakwater, behind which the customs dock is located, provides good protection from northerly and westerly winds.

Mooring fees are reported to be high.

Alternatively, after clearing with the authorities you can moor in the bay.

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You can either anchor in the bay or, if available, take one of the free moorings.

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

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In the harbor
In the harbor

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Grocery & Supply Stores

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In the harbor.


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  • We stayed there and as reported by some friends you have to be careful with the mooring lines. There is a diving base in the harbour and a lot of people reported to catch the rope in the prop, while having help from the stuff. But the diving base will help immediatly. ;-)

To check out in the early morning you have to advise this. The customs officer comes from Balchik with car. The border police is there around the clock and check out can be done in the morning. We had a passage from here to Poyraz Turkey. --Conch 10:12, 21 July 2017 (BST)

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