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Past nautical stuff:

  • Sailing for 50 years, sea-kayaking for 15 years
  • Sailed on North Sea, Meditarenian, many European lakes
  • Kayaked for 3 months on Rhine, Main and Danube
  • Worked on boats as a living: building, fitout, repair, survey, rope splicing, deliveries
  • Teach navigation and radio operators licence
  • Teach sailing and power boat (skipper's) ticket
  • Lived on and sailed my 34 ft ferro yacht for 15 years

Current nautical stuff:

  • Crew on racing yacht when I don't have work commitments
  • Qualified sea rescue skipper for 15 years, and trainer of sea rescue skippers
  • Coxswain ticket
  • Sail West,South and East coasts of Australia, New Caledonia
  • Experienced working with: plastics, fibreglass, epoxy, timber, steel, electrical (low voltage), electronics, ropes, rigging
  • Involved with 'Sailability' program (taking disabled people sailing)
  • Sailing now an oldish cruising ketch

Non nautical work:

  • Long work history in retail management: marketing, store management, HR, administration, accounting
  • Shorter work history of: IT (both software and hardware), sports coach (sailing and volleyball)
  • Currently: nursing (clinical in a very wide area of acute nursing, plus education, recruitment and management)

Studied formally:

  • Electronic Engineering, Accounting, Nursing

updated September 2018

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