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Port of Entry
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Alghero harbour.jpg
Alghero harbour, view from S

Founded at the beginning of the 12th century by the Genoese, Alghero fell under Spanish rule in 1353 and expanded due to an influx of Catalan colonists from the 14th to the early 18th centuries, when it fell under Italian influence and Italian replaced Catalan as the official language. A variant of Catalan is widely spoken in Alghero even today and the town retains many architectural traces of its Italian past.

Bombed extensively during World War II, Alghero was rebuilt after the end of hostilities and has blossomed into a flourishing tourist resort.

For yachtsmen Alghero's principal attraction is its sheltered harbour, which offers a safe place to leave a yacht to explore the surrounding attractions of the Grotta di Nettuno and the Nuraghic remains of Palmavera.

The Port of Alghero manages two quays with spaces for visiting yachts, the Banchina Dogana and Banchina Sanita, which can accommodate vessels up to 50 metres. Alternatively there is the new Marina di Sant Elmo at the southern end of the harbour.


See Sardinia.


See Sardinia - weather.



Islet of Maddalena/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Islet_of_MaddalenaDanger icon Islet of Maddalena [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Islet of Maddalena|Islet of Maddalena]] 40°34.346'N, 008°18.023'E Take care of the marked shoal around the islet at the NW of the harbour entrance.


Guardia Costiera

VHF: 16
Phone: 079/953174 - 079/986811
Address: Via Eleonora d'Arborea n. 2 - 07041 Alghero (SS)
Working hours: Mo-Fr 9:00-12:00; Tu,Th 15:00-16:00


The entrance is reportedly potentially tricky in strong winds from SW round to N.

Fish farms/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Fish_farmsDanger icon Fish farms [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Fish farms|Fish farms]] 40°34.346'N, 008°18.023'E Further W of the harbour entrance.


Alghero is a port of entry/exit to Italy. For entrance details see Italy.

Call on channel 9 for Marina di Sant Elmo or telephone: +39 (0)79980829; Email. The Port Authority operates an inflatable boat during high season which meets visiting yachts at the entrance and guides them to a berth.


Alghero harbour

The harbour is shared by a number of concessions. The marinas don't seem to have the concept of a 'short stay' for water and shopping, pricing was 24 hrs or not - this is likely negotiable however. You may well be met by 2 or 3 RIBs on your way in to the harbour, all touting for business, so it's better to choose your mooring beforehand. The major mooring for craft in transit are:

Consorzio Porto di Alghero

Consorzio Porto di Alghero/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Consorzio_Porto_di_Alghero
Berth icon Consorzio Porto di Alghero [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Consorzio Porto di Alghero|Consorzio Porto di Alghero]] (Consorzio per i Servizi Interni Portuali) 40°33.600'N, 008°18.772'E
The berths for craft in transit are located at two quays: Sanità (Sanitary)(39m, max. depth 3.80m) and Dogana (Customs) (112m, max. depth 3 m) at the southern corner of the harbour. The quays are sheltered by the walls of the old town. 30 transit berths (tariffs) with water and electricity, WCs and showers at 50m from the city center. They also offer a laundry service and all this at half the price of St Elmo. The quay is open to the public., VHF 9, Tel. +39 079 9893117,

Marina Club Aquatica

Marina Club Aquatica/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Marina_Club_Aquatica
Berth icon Marina Club Aquatica [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Marina Club Aquatica|Marina Club Aquatica]] 40°33.663'N, 008°18.693'E
At the N end of the Sanità quay. Good feedback. 60 berths, VHF 74, Tel. +39 079983199, Mobile +39 3332074951 and +39 3481303966,, open 9am-1pm / 3pm-7pm.

Marina Di S. Elmo

Marina Di S. Elmo/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Marina_Di_S._Elmo
Berth icon Marina Di S. Elmo [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Marina Di S. Elmo|Marina Di S. Elmo]] 40°33.663'N, 008°18.693'E
On the W of Marina Club Aquatica. 100 berths for yachts up to 60m overall length and draught of up to 4.5m. Yachts moor bow or stern-to floating pontoons, using mooring lines provided. Electricity and water via a code-activated terminal point. WCs and showers. Laundry. Fuel station. Mobile 20T crane available via the Alghero Sailing Club, which also has a small yard. Some negative reports. VHF 9, Tel: (+39) 079980829, Mobile: (+39) 3332214342, E-mail:, 0ffice hours: 08.00/13.00 - 15.00/21.00.

Ser-Mar di Crisafulli Federico

Ser-Mar di Crisafulli Federico/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Ser-Mar_di_Crisafulli_Federico
Berth icon Ser-Mar di Crisafulli Federico [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Ser-Mar di Crisafulli Federico|Ser-Mar di Crisafulli Federico]] 40°33.886'N, 008°18.673'E
Their tariffs are somewhat lower than Consorzio, but their moorings are at the N side of the harbour, which if in some distance from the old town (albeit they claim to provide free boat shuttle). Depths: 2.4m - 4.50m. VHF 9, Mob. (+39) 347-7720544 / (+39) 347-8578097.

Porticciolo di Fertilia

Marina Fertilia

Marina Fertilia/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Marina_Fertilia
Berth icon Marina Fertilia [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Marina Fertilia|Marina Fertilia]] 40°35.471'N, 008°17.267'E
Some good reports. Tel. (+39) 079 930002 Mob. (IT) (+39)349 1943022 (EN) (+39)347 1832122;

Base Nautica Usai

Base Nautica Usai/wiki/User:Vadim/Alghero#Base_Nautica_Usai
Berth icon Base Nautica Usai [[User:Vadim/Alghero#Base Nautica Usai|Base Nautica Usai]] 40°35.587'N, 008°17.264'E
tel (+39) 079 930233; cell (+39) 333 9182734 - (+39) 333 3145556;



Just to the north of the harbour wall is an anchorage in 4-6m with a mixture of weed and some sand patches. Access to town by dinghy either to town quay or directly on beach or harbour wall adjacent to anchorage. Short walk to supermarket from beach, use dinghy access point in swimming buoys then go about 200m inland from roundabout (Sisa & Conad). Exposed from N-W.

Cala Galera

Offers several areas to anchor from 4-10m, weed with sand patches. Exposed from E-SW.

Porto Conte

A large area open to the South with good anchorages in several places. Access to the Grotto di Nettuno from Cala del Bollo / Cala Dragonara


Water Available at fuel berth and at the berths
Electricity at the berths
Toilets In marinas
Showers In marinas
Laundry There is a good self service laundry, Bollicine, in the Via Vitt. Veneto open (2013) from 0800-2130. Range of machines from 6kg to 16kg plus dryers, looked in good condition and reasonable prices (c. €5-9 per wash - detergent included)
Garbage Bins behind public quay and close to the fish market (NE corner of harbour)
Fuel Fuel berth well marked in centre of harbour basin
Bottled gas
  • Well stocked chandlery on Via Guiseppe Garibaldi, opposite the harbour N wall (with Camping Gaz)
  • Well stocked marine suppliers (SS bolts, nuts, screws, sealant paints etc etc) on corner of Via Diez & Via Goceano
  • Several marine suppliers & workshops in this area (engines, electrics etc)
Repairs There are some yards along the north wall of the harbour but little onshore storage space. There is currently no travel lift, any lifting must be done by crane.
Internet If this is your first stop in Sardinia and you intend to stay a while, it may be worth buying a data SIM for internet access. Most major Italian providers are represented in town so this is a good place to get this sorted. WiFi from the Consorzio with an SSID of "CONSORZIO PORTO ALGHERO", password available from the staff.
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals Many providers available in town, likely to be busy in July/August when daily rates seem quite high (daily rate minimum c. €50)


Good fish market (mornings only), fruit and veg market and several supermarkets (search for Sisa on Google Earth). The town has a good range of shops of all kinds

Eating out

Many restaurants and cafes in and around town


  • Buses from ARST provide connections to other towns on the island; for schedules consult here
  • International airport with direct flights to some european destinations (Ryan Air, thomson, Easy Jet et al)
  • Narrow gauge train service to Sassari with connections to other towns via ARST & TrenItalia. The station though is a bit out of centre, so buses to Sassari is a better option.


The old town of Alghero rewards the casual stroller, with good views from the old walls overlooking the harbour, an interesting cathedral in styles ranging from 1530s Gothic up to 20th century neo-classical, and an impressive Baroque church of San Francisco.

Further afield, the Grotta di Nettuno is a remarkable stalactite-covered cave at the foot of cliffs near Capo Caccia about eight miles west of the harbour. It can be reached either by boat excursion from Alghero (in settled weather only) or from the road to Capo Caccia down the 656 steps of the Escala del Cabirol (goat's stairway). There are hourly guided tours through the cave system.

The other principal attraction around Alghero is the Nuraghe di Palmavera, one of the most important Bronze Age sites in Sardinia, with the remains of a 14th century BC palace surrounded by a cluster of circular stone dwellings.

Also nearby is the strange rock-cut necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, with its nearly 40 underground burial chambers representing the best examples of the so-called 'domus de janas' or 'fairies' houses' in Sardinia.

The "capital" of the Northern Sardinia -- Sassari [1] also worth of 1h ride on a bus from Alghero.

Alghero old town
Alghero tourism 3a.jpg
Inside the old town
A street in old town
A quiet lane in old town
Alghero, Capo Galera.jpg
View towards Capo Galera
Grotta di Nettuno
Nuraghe Palmavera (14th century BC)
Bronze Age necropolis of Anghelu Ruju


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See Italy.


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