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Welcome to CruisersWiki!

We all look forward to your valued contributions to the Cruising Wiki. Help it grow as a useful, free resource for all cruisers around the world.

Spend a little time reading the help pages (link in L/H menu) and the Style Guide to gain a better understanding of the Wiki formatting and how to edit articles. Please add what you can - even correcting grammar and spelling errors in articles is a great help. The more you use the Wiki the easier (and more addictive) it becomes.

Use any page's "Discussion" tab (top of page's menu) to ask any questions or make any suggestions about that particular page.

Please set your personal preferences in "My Preferences" (link at top R/H of page when logged in).

Also, please read the Cruiserswiki Copyrights notice, as well as the General Disclaimers (links at bottom of pages).

Again, welcome and have fun! Bring out that hidden "Cruising Guide writer" in you. Athene of Lymington 08:54, 26 July 2013 (BST)



After several discussions among the wiki administrators we decided as an encouragement to more wiki contributions to let active contributors add their personal Web site

In your case, if you do have a Web site, you will add under "Last Visited & Details Checked (and updated here)" date of visit "--[[User:RobbieW|RobbieW]] [[File:Sailboat_favicon.png]] [http://url Your site's name]".

Fair winds--Istioploos 15:37, 26 July 2013 (BST)

Layout changes

Could you please stop changing the layout of port pages when you add information to them? You have moved the navbar on a number of pages to the top, which only causes the admins extra work. Unless you are undertaking to do the same for the several thousand other pages on the Wiki, please stick to the current page format for Wiki pages in order to preserve consistency.

Athene of Lymington

Layout changes

I don't wish to be autocratic about this, so I've put the issue to Istioploos, the principal other active admin, for his views. But could you please defer making any further changes until he's had the opportunity to consider the issue as well. Between the two of us, we've spent months trying to establish some consistency of layout and style across the Wiki and every hour we have to spend correcting discrepancies is an hour lost from new content creation (which is what the Wiki is really in dire need of). Meanwhile, thank you for all the content updates and harbour checks you have been doing.

Athene of Lymington

Wiki discussion

There is an existing Wiki discussion page on Cruiser Log (, although I must say it doesn't always elicit much of a response, as you will see if you look at the various threads. You can always email individual Wiki contributors or admins from the Wiki by clicking on their user page and selecting 'E-mail this user' from the sidebar menu. Finally, I'm happy to be emailed direct at if you find that easier. You'd have to ask Istioploos (sic) direct if he's happy to be contacted that way. His name is Vasilis Riginos and, as you may have discovered, he mostly sails the Aegean from his second home on Samos.

It would be great to have a forum within the Wiki itself, but it would need someone with more IT expertise than me to set it up!

Athene of Lymington

Sardinia & ports

I have reverted some of the changes you have made on headers (i.e. items that start with "==") in order to conform with the island template. Please refrain from changing the headers and concentrate on contents.

In order to keep our wiki useful to our fellow cruisers we must be consistent. If you feel that any changes in our templates are needed please do let us know and after discussion with all the administrators we may adopt your recommendations. In general, we are reluctant to make such changes because, if we want to keep our consistency, we must then make massive changes to ALL the pages that are based on the particular template.

I also have added your blog next to your signature under "Last Visited & Details Checked (and updated here)" i.e. RobbieW Sailboat favicon.png sySpringDawn.

Please identify yourself....

..if you add messages in my user talk section. Whilst I can guess, fairly easily, who may have left the previous one, I think anonymity is wrong.

I also kind of resent having my 'signature line' edited. If I want my blog included, I'll put it there, but thanks for the hint on how it might be done. I prefer to have 'global' information defined once, then if it ever needs to be changed its easy.

Thanks ... RobbieW

Sorry about forgetting to identify myself. You are absolutely right. Also I edited your signature because I though that you like most contributors would want to advertise your blog.--Istioploos 09:30, 29 August 2013 (BST)

Commenting out

Please do not comment out sections and headers where there is no information. The idea is to encourage other users to add the missing info.

We've all been there!

Robbie, you're doing great work on the Wiki and that's to be heartily encouraged - we need more like you who are willing to make more than a casual commitment. I waded in just like you when I started contributing to the Wiki, full of ideas for changes and improvements, some of which happened, some of which didn't, some of which caused Istioploos justifiably to tear his hair out (you should know he is one of the principal architects of the Mediterranean section, especially Greece and Turkey)!

But I eventually realized what a mess the Wiki would become if every contributor was allowed to make layout and style changes at will and how quickly users would lose confidence in the content if there was no consistency. That's why we've (finally) established these standard templates and why we do encourage contributors (accepting that the Wiki is open source) to follow the guidelines unless there is a general consent for change (and, more importantly, someone is willing to undertake the considerable task of implementing it across the Wiki).

So let's by all means have an ongoing debate about improvements to the Wiki, but let's also bear in mind that there's still a huge job to be done on completing the content, let along keeping it up to date.

Best wishes and again - keep up the good work!

Athene of Lymington

Navigation Bar etc.

I see your point and rational on having the navigation bar on the top of the page but a am very reluctant to make such a massive change. Especially since a good part of this function is provided by the "navigation" section on the top left of every page.

As far a place for public discussion please take a look at Cruising & Sailing Wiki Discussion in the Cruiser Log forums.

As a person with a strong technical and software background you will appreciate that consistency and a stable "look and feel" is a very desirable asset.

Please do keep up the good work. --Istioploos 16:30, 29 August 2013 (BST)

Robbie, Isti, all, I have started a topic for this here in the forums. Let's talk about it there because I remember having a similar discussion with Isti about the topic a while ago and it would be good to have everyone'e opinions rather than just the 1 on 1 that talk pages tend to be. Delatbabel 13:54, 3 September 2013 (BST)

Future of the Wiki

Hi Robbie,

Can I direct you to a discussion thread I've started on the main Wiki discussion page at [1]? As someone who has earlier expressed strong views on the Wiki, you may want to contribute.

GORDON--Athene of Lymington 19:04, 29 February 2016 (GMT)

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