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Editing Notes

Here are some comments to help you with your wiki editing:

  1. There is no reason to change "&" to "&nbsp\;", the wiki handles ampersands very well
  2. It is not a good practice to add extra spaces to between the "=" in headings, this can cause problems with other pages' links i.e.
    ====Shiero Bay==== should not be changed to ==== Shiero Bay ====
  3. Removing captions from images is a bad idea
  4. <br /> should not be changed to <br> the former is in conformity to html 4.x standard (the current version of wikimedia)
  5. Sometimes the use of an extra line helps future editors and should be left alone i.e.
    [[Image:Turkey_Shiero_m.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Satellite View of Shiero Bay<br />''Click for larger view'']]
    [[image:World_icon.png]] {{Coord|37|14.7|N|27|32.4|E|}}<br />
    Shiero Bay ...
    should not be changed to:
    [[Image:Turkey Shiero m.jpg|thumb|right|300px]] [[Image:World icon.png]] {{Coord|37|14.7|N|27|32.4|E|}}<br> Shiero Bay ...
  6. Finally,
    [[Image:Turkey_Kazikli_m.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Chart of Kazikli Liman - [ Chartlet]<br />''Click for larger view'']]
    should not be changed to:
    [[Image:Turkey Kazikli m.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Turkey Kazikli m.jpg]]
    as this replaces the useful caption information by the non-informative file name

I see that your boat is in Leros, and so is mine (in Partheni). Maybe we can get together.

Regards --Istioploos 13:52, 11 March 2013 (GMT)

Ayioi Saranda

Frankly I do not offhand know if the coordinates are correct. I will have to look on my boat's log book. But thank you for bringing this to our attention. It does sound that you are right. It may take me a few days to correct it if it wrong as I will be cruising starting tomorrow and may not have internet access. --Istioploos 14:53, 28 July 2013 (BST)


Your recent redirections to alternate spellings were a very idea.

It would be nice if you added your name and visiting date under "Last Visited & Details Checked (and updated here)" for places you have been. Also, if you have a cruising Web site you can add --[[User:Vigdis|Vigdis]] [[File:Sailboat_favicon.png]] [http://url Your site's name] which will display as --Vigdis Sailboat favicon.png Your site's name. --Istioploos 15:02, 28 July 2013 (BST)

Finding pages with alternative spellings is a problem. The style guide sensibly says When adding a new place, use the for the page title the name by which it is known in English-speaking countries. Unfortunately there is a lot of variety. Take Halkis for example: There is no exact equivalent to Χαλκίς in English. I searched - which is a big English speaking forum - and found:
  • Halkis 0 hits
  • Chalkis 6 hits
  • Khalkis 12 hits
(I mentioned this problem on the YBW forum here)
But we British are inconsistent in this. Chios is the favoured spelling rather than Khios, or Hios. Only a Scotsman would pronounce Chios like Χίος! I suspect it's because travel guides have traditionally used that spelling.
Searching these redirects is still problematic though. I added Gulf_of_Patras but a search for patras does not find it.
Vigdis 07:15, 30 July 2013 (BST)
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