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The marina at Villasimius

Villasimius is a large, modern marina situated 12 miles east of Cagliari on the west side of Punta Santa Caterina, the extreme SE point of Sardinia. Since 1998 the area around Villasimius has been part of the Cabo Carbonara marine nature reserve. There are some wonderful beaches and a spectacular saltwater lagoon within easy reach of the marina.


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  • Isola dei Cavoli (at the southern end of Punta Caterina). Day anchorage only.


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No dangers in the approaches, but beware of the isolated rocky reef of Scoglio Santo Stefano if approaching from the south. The marina entrance is at the end of a long breakwater extending some 350 metres north from the shore. Entry is from the NE.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marina de Villasimius

Marina de Villasimius/wiki/Villasimius#Marina_de_Villasimius
Marina icon Marina de Villasimius [[Villasimius#Marina de Villasimius|Marina de Villasimius]] 39°07.109'N, 009°30.424'E

The marina offers a total of over 700 berths on a combination of concrete quays and pontoons enclosed by breakwaters. Yachts of maximum length 50 metres can be accommodated. Maximum depth 6.5 metres. Water and electricity at all berths. WiFi. Slipway. Mobile (40T) and fixed cranes. Travel lift.; Tel: +39 (70) 7978006; Fax: +39 (70) 797276; VHF channel 09
Address: via degli Oleandri 10, localita Porto 09049 Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy
Hours: 24 hrs
Price list: For the latest prices see Price Listing.


Golfo di Carbonara

Golfo di Carbonara/wiki/Villasimius#Golfo_di_Carbonara
Anchorage icon Golfo di Carbonara [[Villasimius#Golfo di Carbonara|Golfo di Carbonara]] 39°07.461'N, 009°30.213'E

Many boats anchor in this area and stay here for a while. It offers very good anchorage and protection from the East wind. The water is very clear with a sandy bottom. Just move on the other side of the peninsula when the wind turns around.

Warning: In 2009, the local police/coast guard were fining yachts anchoring within a mile or so of the entrance to Villasimius marina, but they since have stopped this practice.

Cala Giunco

Cala Giunco/wiki/Villasimius#Cala_Giunco
Anchorage icon Cala Giunco [[Villasimius#Cala Giunco|Cala Giunco]] 39°06.970'N, 009°31.604'E
On the eastern side of the Santa Caterina peninsula, Cala Guinco is a wonderful site, where yachts can anchor in 5.0 - 10.0 metres off a long sandy beach backed by a huge salt water lagoon. Idyllic, but completely open to all winds from N round to SE although right at the N end of the beach is a bay with a hooked headland that gives protection from W-N-E.

Cala Pina

Cala Pina/wiki/Villasimius#Cala_Pina
Anchorage icon Cala Pina [[Villasimius#Cala Pina|Cala Pina]] 39°10.127'N, 009°34.428'E
This small anchorage is about 5 miles N of Cala Giunco. The water is exceptionally clear, anchor on sand in 4-5 metres. Open to E-S. There is a small holiday village behind the beach with a beach bar, space for perhaps 6-8 yachts.


Water Water at all berths
Electricity Electricity at all berths
Toilets At the marina
Showers At the marina
Laundry The marina has a self-service laundry facility under the marina office. 2 x small machines + 1 x large + 2 x dryers
Garbage At the marina
Fuel Fuel station at end of eastern breakwater (0800 - 2200)
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers There is a small chandlery/fishing equipment/snorkels etc store in the marina
Repairs Boatyard in the marina. Hauling out and winter storage for yachts up to 20 metres. Engine, mechanical and electrical repairs. GRP, steel and wood repairs.
Internet WiFi at the marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


There is a mini-market in the campsite adjacent to the marina - a short walk along the beach from the marina to a car park, then about 150m on the left; or a long walk along the road and back into the campsite.

Eating out

Both marina and campsite have bars & restaurants.


  • Shuttle bus serving the local area, mostly aimed at hotels etc
  • ARST buses from Villasimius to Cagliari


The stroll across the peninsula to the saltwater lagoon on the east side is a must. There are also wonderful walks to the end of Punta Caterina, with spectacular views out over the sea to the Isola dei Cavoli.

The lagoon, Villasimius


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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