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42°53.521'N, 017°27.057'E Chart icon.png
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Žuljana from the N

The bay and harbour of Zuljana lie on the S coast of the Pelješac Peninsula on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, three miles SE of the bay of Trstenik, 12 miles due E of the island of Korčula and eight miles N of the island of Mljet. The hamlet sits at the end of a steep valley between high mountains and has some beautiful beaches in the near vicinity.

Visiting yachts can either tie up alongside or stern/bows-to on the inside of the short jetty on the S side of the bay (place for one smallish sailing boat, if at all), or anchor off the beach. An even better anchorage is in the bay of Vucine round the headland immediately S of Zuljana (although care is needed to avoid the numerous rocks in the approach). The shelter is good in the prevailing winds, but the bay is completely open to westerlies, which send in a heavy swell. It is not a good place to be in a very strong bora (which fortunately only usually occurs in winter), as it tends to funnel down the valley.


See Southern Dalmatia.


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See Croatia.



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The bay is tucked into NE corner of the three-mile-wide bay of Zuljana. The hamlet is clearly identifiable from the valley in which it sits, between two steep mountain. There are numerous rocks and islets off Vucine Bay in the approach from the S and there are similar rocks close inshore in the approach from the NW. An approach from due W avoids all these dangers. Numerous fishing contraptions in the bay, but no nets.


Žuljana waterfront

Žuljana Jetty

Žuljana Jetty/wiki/%C5%BDuljana#.C5.BDuljana_Jetty
Harbour icon Žuljana Jetty [[Žuljana#Žuljana Jetty|Žuljana Jetty]] 42°53.462'N, 017°27.146'E
The best place to moor is alongside or stern/bows-to the inner, E side of the stone jetty at the S end of the bay, where depths range from 2.0 metres at the root to 6.0 metres at the end. This spot is occasionally busy with charter flotillas, which visit the bay on a regular basis in the season.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Idyllic scenery in Vucine bay

Vucine Bay

Vucine Bay/wiki/%C5%BDuljana#Vucine_Bay
Anchorage icon Vucine Bay [[Žuljana#Vucine Bay|Vucine Bay]] 42°53.136'N, 017°26.927'E
If there is no space at the Žuljana Jetty, anchor off here in the beach in 5.0 - 6.0 metres. Holding here is good in sand. The tree-lined cove of Vucine, round the headland immediately S of Žuljana is an idyllic anchorage, with a sandy bottom and water clear as glass. Great care is needed, however, to avoid the numerous rocks in the approach and it is wise, unless you have local knowledge or a large-scale chart, to proceed slowly with someone on the bow. Anchor wherever there in space. The bottom is sand and good holding. Shelter in both Zuljana and Vucine is good in the prevailing winds but poor in westerlies.




In the Village/wiki/%C5%BDuljana#In_the_VillageProvisions icon In the Village [[Žuljana#In the Village|In the Village]] Supermarkets and small provisions shop.

Eating out

  • In the Village
 /wiki/%C5%BDuljana#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Žuljana# | ]] Café/bar and a restaurant.


  • Buses to local destinations
  • Ferries to Korčula


The main appeal of Zuljana is its beautiful beach, which is very popular in summer. The bay of Vucine is also wonderful and equally popular with tourists. At least at anchor one is away from the worst of the crowds.


For other useful websites, see Croatia.


See Croatia.


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