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Arki and Marathi
37°22.995'N, 026°44.268'E Chart icon.png
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Greece Arki S.jpg
Satellite View of Arki & Marathi

Arki (Αρκοί) is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese, situated three miles north of Lipsi and eight miles ENE of Patmos. The island has about 47 inhabitants, all in one hamlet in a deep inlet on the SW coast, where there is a small and rather shallow harbour, Port Augusta. It is not a very mountainous island, but very rocky and most of the inhabitants raise animals: sheep, goats, cows, and a few horses.

Marathi (Μαράθι) is an even smaller island half a mile to the SW of Arki with about 10 inhabitants.


2682 Kolpos Patalion to Nisos Nisiros
3927 Patmos, Arki and Lipso
G34 Southern Cyclades
54400 Samos to Rodhos
423 Paros to Astypalia


See Aegean Sea.


Aerial View of Marathi & Arki


Chart of Marathi


Buoy icon Marathi [[Arki and Marathi#Marathi|Marathi]] (Μαράθι)) 37°22.005'N, 026°43.614'E

Marathi is a small island just across from Glipapas and Steno there is a nice anchorage, very popular with the charter yachts. It is well protected. There are three small tavernas ashore. The Marathi and the Pandelis have been here for some time. They have placed several laid moorings for visiting yachts. Both provide good food. Of the two, Pandelis (tel. +30 22470 32 609, email) is the more sophisticated and helpful. They usually have very fresh fish brought within hours of getting caught. Pandelis' wife Katina bakes fresh bread every day and grows many of the vegetables she cooks. Their biologist daughter Toola speaks impeccable English.

The cove is a bustling place. All afternoon boats of all descriptions come and go: sailboats, fast inflatables, caïques, day-trippers from Patmos, small cruisers. Yet the place is surprisingly pleasant and quiet in the evening. The island has a nice beach with very few houses, two of them renting rooms, three restaurants, and three tents. There is no road here, just goat paths.

In 2010 the power company connected Marathi with Arki and the ugly electricity poles are an eyesore detracting from the beauty of the island. To add further damage in 2011 these poles were equipped with powerful flood lights illuminating the goat paths and completely spoiling the magic nights of this previously enchanted little island.

By 2014 Marathi's popularity has far exceeded its capacity. Now instead of just sailboats it is crowded with large motor cruisers and mega yachts. These are all crewed boats and their crew, in complete disregard of the swimmers and speed laws, continue to come and go, at high speed, from the shore to their mother ships. This is so especially in July and August. As a result the cove now during the day is not only disturbed by the continuous wakes but it is a dangerous place to swim. During the night the same cruisers and mega yachts add their illumination to the above mentioned "street lights". The enchanted island is gone and has become a noisy and uncomfortable cross road. It is best to visit the island either early or late in the season. --Istioploos 05:57, 11 September 2014 (BST)

Take any mooring.
The Marathi Cove from the N
The Marathi Cove from the W


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 22470 31 231 (Patmos)
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 24 & 25
  • GSM/GPRS - Weak voice (Vodafone) but good (Cosmote) signal in Marathi. There is no Vodafone signal in Glipapas and Steno but if you climb up the road the signal is good, but there good (Cosmote) signal

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approaches are straightforward, but with a strong meltemi there can be very strong gusts in the channel between Arki and Marathi. The dog-leg inlet of Port Augusta, the main harbour on Arki, is very narrow and it is wise to take your sails down and get everything ready for mooring before you enter.


There are several coves but Port Augusta is the only harbour.


Chart of Port Augusta

Port Augusta

Port Augusta/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#Port_Augusta
Harbour icon Port Augusta [[Arki and Marathi#Port Augusta|Port Augusta]] (Αυγούστα) 37°22.74′N, 26°44.15′E
Port Augusta lies at the head of a narrow, dog-leg inlet on the SW side of the island. There is a light (Fl R 3s 3M) at the N entrance. Once inside, the inlet is very well protected from all winds. There is a small quay with space for 8/10 yachts anchored stern or bows-to. Depths at the quay range from 2.5 metres at the west end (where, however, a shallow patch about 20 metres off makes it tricky to drop your anchor) to 3.5 metres at the east end. The village itself very quiet, with just one café opposite the quay and two tavernas in the main square. There is also a miniscule provision store. The quay has no water or electricity, but showers are available in the village (price Euros 3). In the summer the quay is sometimes full as a flotilla from Patmos uses it.
The inlet of Port Augusta
The quay
The quay

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Glipapas and Steno

Just south of Port Augusta there are two small inlets known as Steno and Glipapas. They are both well protected from the meltemi but open to the S. With the meltemi, there can be very strong gusts at the entrance to the inlets.

Chart of Steno


Buoy icon Steno [[Arki and Marathi#Steno|Steno]] (Στενό) 37°22.53′N, 26°44.34′E
Steno or Porto Stretto is very narrow and shallow at its end. Anchor facing SE and take a shore line in the rocks at the NW shore. Alternatively, the Taverna Apolafsis has laid four moorings, marked by floating plastic containers, and a small jetty for dinghies to tie up. However, only the outer three moorings are suitable for most yachts, since the depth here is just two metres. The other one is in shallower waters. Mooring here is free of charge, although there is a moral obligation to have at least one meal at the establishment. The proprietors Angeliki, Fanourios, and their grown son Isidoros (Sideris) are very friendly.
Moorings and jetty of the Taverna
Chart of Glipapas


Anchorage icon Glipapas [[Arki and Marathi#Glipapas|Glipapas]] (Γλίπαπας) 37°22.441'N, 026°44.456'E

Glipapas or Porto Grosso is a favorite. Anchor right over the sand patch at 3-5 metres and let out plenty of chain. It gets very deep, over 10 m, quickly.

Here one can spend several days, the water is crystal clear and every morning and dusk there is the music of the animal bells as they move. You can also, if you wish, go ashore in your dinghy on the beach at the NW end and walk up to the Taverna Steno.

Warning: With the meltemi, there can be very strong gusts at the entrance to the inlets.
Anchorage at Glipapas

SE Cove

SE Cove/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#SE_Cove
Anchorage icon SE Cove [[Arki and Marathi#SE Cove|SE Cove]] 37°22.4′N, 26°45.2′E
There is an attractive looking cove on the SE of the island.
Tiganakia: From Makronisi looking over the channel to Tsouka


Anchorage icon Tiganakia [[Arki and Marathi#Tiganakia|Tiganakia]] 37°21.6′N, 26°45.06′E

Tiganakia (Τηγανάκια - small frying pans) is group of small islands to the S of Arki. They are surrounded by lovely water with sandy bottom. This is good place for a lunch and swimming break but too exposed for an overnight stop.

The exceptions to this is the channel between SW headland of Arki and the islet of Avaptistos as well as the channel between the small island of Makronisi and the islet of Tsouka. Visited in July 2017, approx 7.5m depth (mostly sand) some weed and small low rocks. Long lines not essential as plenty of room for a dozen yachts; wind changes in evening to a southerly and strengthens causing a mild swell.

Warning: Always have a lookout at the bow because the area is not well charted and there are many shallow spots. ONLY 2m depth just 300m due south of cove. At least one boat didn't know and was stuck for 30 minutes
Tiganagia from Arki
Tiganagia the anchorage
Tiganagia the cove
From Makronisi looking N to Arki


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets In the restaurants
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins in Port Augusta and on the road up the hill from Glipapas and Steno
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet WiFi in the Pandelis taverna in Marathi
Mobile connectivity Spotty 3G signal
Vehicle rentals N/A


Port Augusta/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#.5B.5B.23Port_Augusta.7CPort_Augusta.5D.5DProvisions icon Port Augusta [[Arki and Marathi#Port Augusta|Port Augusta]] A miniscule provision store.

Eating out

Port Augusta/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#Port_AugustaEatingout icon Port Augusta [[Arki and Marathi#Port Augusta|Port Augusta]] There are three very modest tavernas, the taverna from the N is operated by a very friendly young lady.
Apolafsis/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#.27.27Apolafsis.27.27Eatingout icon Apolafsis [[Arki and Marathi#Apolafsis|Apolafsis]] The taverna opened in 2002, their food is good and the prices are reasonable.
Pandelis/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#.27.27Pandelis.27.27Eatingout icon Pandelis [[Arki and Marathi#Pandelis|Pandelis]] On the N side. This is the oldest taverna in Marathi and it is definitely worth a visit. They have excellent food and are very friendly to yachties. A telephone call (+30 22470 32609) to Pandelis Emilianos will ensure that excellent fish (Pandelis receives calls from the local fisherman goes with his speed-boat meets them and gets the fish before they even go to port) will be available when you arrive.
Piratis/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#.27.27Piratis.27.27Eatingout icon Piratis [[Arki and Marathi#Piratis|Piratis]] On the S side. Serves fairly good food.
There is a third taverna between the other two. Not very popular.


There is a small ferry that calls in Port Augusta several times a week.


Greece Arki Villa.jpg
WWII Guard House 1
Arki Augusta.jpg
Fishing Boats in Augusta
Greece Arki Troller.jpg
Troller in Glipapas
Greece Arki Caique.jpg
Perama Caïque in Augusta

Places to Visit

There is an Italian WWII guard house/wiki/Arki_and_Marathi#WWII_guard_houseWorld icon.png WWII guard house [[Arki and Marathi#WWII guard house|WWII guard house]] 37°24.1′N, 26°43′E at the N tip of the island. It is a good 1-1½ hour walk from Augusta but the view of the Samos-Ikaria Channel and beyond is spectacular.

A hike up the rocky path to the church of the Metamorphosis on the top of the island (access from the NE corner of the square) is rewarded with great views over Arki, Samos and Lipsi.

It is reputed that there is a castle and a cave in Arki but I have not located them yet. --Istioploos


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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  • Arki and Marathi are two of my favorites small islands in the Aegean. Unfortunately new high intensity lights have been installed in Marathi and now, 2011, are operating all night long and completely spoil the magic of the place. --Istioploos.

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