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WorldMediterraneanAegean SeaGreeceCreteAyios Nikolaos
Port of Entry
35°11.200'N, 025°43.000'E Chart icon.png
Crete AyNik Marina.jpg
Radio VHF channel 72
Phone +30 28410 82384
Fax +30 28410 82386
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 255
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel By Delivery
Water On berth1
Electricity Yes, 220v1
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes2
Internet WiFi
Cable TV No
Hours ?
Address Aghios Nikolaos 72100, Crete, Greece
1Water and electricity metered and charged separately
2 coin operated

The marina is in the charming town of Ayios Nikolaos - see here for a PDF map of the town.

Plan of Aghios Nikolaos Marina


Call on channel 72 to be assigned a berth or if no answer tie up alongside the reception quay outside the marina and visit the marina office.


Easy entrance. Marina is often quite full and there is not a lot of room, so you may have to tie up on reception quay to port of entrance, unless hailed by staff and given directions to a berth. The marina office is in a brown building to the north of the pontoons (hours 0830 to 1630 daily except Saturdays 0830 to 1300. Closed Sundays). The 'marineros' also have an office in a small white hut at the root of the reception quay. Only the inside of this quay, the first three pontoons and the long breakwater to starboard are suitable for sailing and motor yachts, the rest is for small fishing boats. The long breakwater appears to be reserved for big boats.


Berthing assistance is available and at present (June 2009) is good. All berths on the pontoons are supplied up with two laid mooring lines, the pickup lines of which are conveniently colour coded green and red.


  • Small toilet and shower building, with three 'suites' each for men and for women. Each 'suite' contains WC, shower and washbasin. Hot water most of the time, but not at end of rush hour.
  • Internet connectivity has improved with upgrading of the connection from 1 Mb/sec to 2 Mb/sec, though users are urged not to 'hog' the bandwidth in the interests of other users (unless, of course, posting updates on World Cruising Wiki).
  • Clubhouse belonging to yacht (dinghy) club but available on request for yotties' use (in the winter only)
  • Two music groups operate in winter, one marina based (amateur) the other town based (Rainbow Choir) and good
  • Barbeque most Sundays in the winter organised by yotties
  • Country walks every Thursday in the winter organised by local English lady and a yottie
  • Right beside town for shops, etc Lidle supermarket about 1 km away, local supermarkets 100 m, wholesale wine store near Lidle.
  • Two chandlers, neither well stocked. One can be seen from the marina but is the more expensive. Other is in Elounda several kilometres away.
  • There is no fuel dock, but 'marineros' will arrange fuel delivery by truck to reception quay.
  • The laundry has a coin-operated washer and a coin-operated dryer (€3 for each). There are often long queues to use these.


  • 65 ton travel-lift for Haul-out
  • Boat repairs
  • Sail repairs


  • Vehicle entrance is gated and needs a pass key
  • Free access by pedestrians - many people walk their dogs on the grass (and don't collect the poo)
  • 24 hour on site watch from hut, including regular patrols


The marina is about 100 m from the center of the town.


  • Ferries to Piraeus and the Dodecanese, also flight to Athens from Iraklio.
  • Bus available to Iraklion every hour for €6.20 (timetable), but easier for two or more people to hire a car. You can often split the cost with other yotties who drive you there and use the car for the day. Some yotties who winter there regularly own a car.
  • Car hire - George Aretakis Tel: 28410 22404 Plora Travel - around €40/day for a compact if you say you are at the marina.
  • In winter, flights to Athens are often delayed or cancelled due to high winds (runway is East-west, winds are North-south). Airfare to Athens is expensive in winter - may be cheaper in summer €60/70


Current prices.


  • Mare Monte If you only eat out once in Crete, it MUST be HERE. - Summercruise 08:37, 14 July 2009 (UTC)


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  • Staff are friendly and helpful. Marina is owned by the state and run by the town council. There is no general manager.
There is a serious design fault with the marina protection. Culverts are built into the northern part of the main breakwater in order to allow a flow of water and so keep the marina clean; there is no way to close these and they are too big. In strong winds from N to E (not a common direction, thankfully) this allows a big surge throughout the marina. In December, for a few hours, it was not possible to get on/off yachts on the outer end of the first pontoon unless you were very nimble (and brave). These surges occur only over winter and even then there are only three or four serious surges over the whole 6 months of winter --Ubuysa

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