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42°21.4′N, 18°42.07′E Chart icon.png
Yacht on the quay at Bigova

Bigova is a small hamlet in Montenegro nestling at the head of a sheltered inlet at the SE end of the Zaliv Traste (Bay of Traste), around seven miles SE of the entrance to the Gulf of Kotor. Apart from two restaurants and a small shop, there is little in the hamlet other than some holiday apartments and some 30-40 houses around the shores of the inlet. The inlet has become an increasingly popular stop for visiting yachts, attracted by the good shelter and peaceful surroundings and the mooring buoys helpfully installed by one of the restaurants. Shelter here is good in all but strong N/NW winds, which blow across the bay and send a heavy swell into the inlet.


See Montenegro.


See Montenegro.


See Montenegro.




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Don't approach too close to Greben Kalafat

The approach to Bigova from N (the Gulf of Kotor) is straightforward, although the hamlet will not be seen until well into the Bay of Traste. From S, the dangerous reef of Greben Kalafat in the centre of the bay SE of the headland of Rt Traste should be given a wide berth (at least 250 metres), since the pole marker on it (with a single black ball on top) marks the centre of the reef, not the edge. If you're as close as shown in the photo, you'll have little more than 2.0 metres under your keel! Also, the headland of Rt Traste, which you round from S to enter the inlet, should be given a similar clearance (around 250 metres) as there are shoals extending off it.


There are three berthing options for a visiting yacht in Bigova 2 are within the harbor and the other is to anchor off.

Village quay

The NW side of Bigova jetty and dinghy landing
The SE side of Bigova jetty is unsuited

Alongside on the NW side or on the end of the quay. Depths range from 2.5 metres close inshore to 3.5 metres on the end (note that on the NW side the depths shoal rapidly towards the shore, so go bows-to if mooring here). There are only three bollards on the quay, two concrete ones on the NW side and a single iron one on the SW corner.

It is not possible to lie alongside the SE side since there are permanent fishing boat moorings there and only the one bollard to secure to.

Mooring buoys

There is a total of eight mooring buoys (both black and orange) in the inlet which have been laid by one of the two restaurants in the village, the Grispolis Restoran. Most of the buoys are in 5.0 – 6.0 metres, but the ones close to the shore are in only 3.0 – 4.0 metres. They are mostly equipped with mooring strops to drop over your cleats. Obviously, if you pick up one of the buoys you are expected to eat at the restaurant (although this doesn't seem to be strictly enforced).


The anchorage at Bigova

There is plenty of room to anchor N of the mooring buoys in 6.0 - 7.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed. There is a small jetty just NW of the main jetty which is useful as a dinghy landing spot (and is often garnished with a local beauty sunning herself in the summer).

Yacht Repairs and Services


Fuel, Water, & Electricity


Things to do Ashore


The Grispolis Restoran

The surroundings of the village are very rural and there are pleasant walks out along the lanes leading NW and SE from the inlet.



Grocery & Supply Stores

There is a snall village shop about 200 metres along the road going S. It stocks only very basic supplies.


  • The Grispolis Restoran is right on the quay and diners have a good view of the inlet and the sunset.
  • The Pod Volat restaurant is 50 metres along the road S from the quay (currently undergoing refurbishment in May 2014) --Athene of Lymington



Motorbike & Car Rentals


Garbage Disposal

Bins near the quay.




Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Montenegro.


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