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WorldMediterraneanAegean SeaTurkeyHisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu
36°46.687'N, 027°59.515'E Chart icon.png
DirsekSelemiye KoyuSig KoyuKeçi BüküBencik LimanBüyük CatiBekar LimanDelikliyol Limani
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Chart of Hisarönü Region- For details click on a name or an area

This deep gulf is also known as the Gulf of Doris or the Gulf of Symi. It is very indented and has many lovely anchorages, yet it is not too crowded.


1055 Rhodes Channel and Gökova Körfezi
G35 Dodecanese and Coast of Turkey
54400 Samos to Rodhos
311 Bodrum Boğazı - Marmaris
3113 Hisarönü Körfezi - Yeşilova Körfezi
451 Leros to Rhodos


See Turkey.





Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


In general, the approach into the gulf and its anchorages is easy and presents no dangers.


The closest port of entry is Datça.



There are no ports in the gulf other then Marti Marina, but there are many lovely anchorages.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Anchorage icon Dirsek [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Dirsek|Dirsek]] 36°41.176'N, 027°58.908'E
Dirsek is not a very attractive cove.
Chart of Selemiye Koyu

Selimiye Koyu

Selimiye Koyu/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#Selimiye_Koyu
Anchorage icon Selimiye Koyu [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Selimiye Koyu|Selimiye Koyu]] 36°43.1′N, 28°06.3′E

Selemiye Koyu is also known as Port Losta. There are several restaurants in this attractive cove that provide free docking (layed moorings) with water and electricity.

The most popular and upscale is Sarunya/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#.27.27Sarunya.27.27World icon.png Sarunya [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Sarunya|Sarunya]] 36°42.5′N, 28°05.3′E .

Sig Koyu

Sig Koyu/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#Sig_Koyu
Anchorage icon Sig Koyu [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Sig Koyu|Sig Koyu]] 36°43.6′N, 28°05.4′E
This is a delightful isolated cove just W of Delikliyol Limani and N of Selemiye Koyu. Anchor in 7 m over sand.

Delikliyol Limani

Delikliyol Limani/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#Delikliyol_Limani
Anchorage icon Delikliyol Limani [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Delikliyol Limani|Delikliyol Limani]] 36°43.73′N, 28°7.33′E
A cove E of Selemiye Koyu.
Chart of Keçi Bükü

Keçi Bükü

Keçi Bükü/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#Ke.C3.A7i_B.C3.BCk.C3.BC
Anchorage icon Keçi Bükü [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Keçi Bükü|Keçi Bükü]] 36°46.2′N, 28°07.3′E

This lovely bay is dominated by the large Marti Marina. Call ahead on channel 73. You will be met by a Joker boat at the entrance of the marina and shown to berth. The marina provides all the services.

In addition to Marti Marina you can moor for free (provided you eat there) at the dock of Zuhal's Restaurant (just 1 nM N of Marti) and at Kadirs Restaurant at the SW tip of the bay. There are also three other restaurants at the southern end of the inlet, all with jetties, laid moorings, water and electricity and even (in some cases) free wifi.

Also you can anchor behind the little island with the Byzantine fort.

Danger: Watch out for the very shallow region on the SE end of the bay.
Keçi Bükü
Chart of Bencik Liman

Bencik Liman

Bencik Liman/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#Bencik_Liman
Anchorage icon Bencik Liman [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Bencik Liman|Bencik Liman]] 36°46.68′N, 28°2.48′E

There are many places to anchor in this deep heavily wooded bay. You will have to anchor fairly deeply in 6-10 m. The holding is good on mud and weed, but the water is murky so that you cannot see the bottom. Take a line to a tree to minimize swinging and interfering with other boats.

At the N end of the bay there is a river which leads to a fancy combining/hotel while in the E side there is another private summer resort known as the "Solar Research Station." Sharks have been reported but I have not seen one.

Warning: Care must be taken entering the bay because of reefs and shallow areas. Study your chart carefully.
Chart of Büyük Cati

Büyük Cati

Büyük Cati/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#B.C3.BCy.C3.BCk_Cati
Anchorage icon Büyük Cati [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Büyük Cati|Büyük Cati]] 36°47.5′N, 28°0.9′E

Büyük Cati is totally land locked cove, surrounded by pine trees, and it is very calm although the water is kind of murky. It is a lovely place almost unreal. Anchor in 4 m, good holding. It is best to take a stern line to a tree.

To the E of Büyük Cati there is a smaller cove, Kuçuk Cati, also very nice.
Büyük Cati
Bekar Liman

Bekar Liman

Bekar Liman/wiki/Hisaronu_Korfezi_to_Teke_Burnu#Bekar_Liman
Anchorage icon Bekar Liman [[Hisaronu Korfezi to Teke Burnu#Bekar Liman|Bekar Liman]] 36°52.26′N, 28°1.94′E
Bekar Liman is a small cove in the 7-islands region. The entrance to the cove is only 2.7 m deep but inside the cove it is deeper, about 3.5 m. The holding is good but you must take a stern line to a tree.


Water In Marti Marina and in most restaurant docks
Electricity In Marti Marina and in most restaurant docks
Toilets In Marti Marina
Showers In Marti Marina
Laundry In Marti Marina
Garbage There are bins around Marti Marina and in restaurants
Fuel Only in only in Marti Marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In Marti Marina
Repairs Marti Marina operates a travel-lift and there are at least two different repair shops
Internet In Marti Marina
Mobile connectivity Reasonable 3G
Vehicle rentals Can be arranged from Marti Marina


Most provisions can be purchased in the Marti Marina store.

Eating out

Good food at Zuhal's and Sarunya restaurant.


Taxi to Marmaris can be arranged from Marti Marina.


Marti Marina is only 20 minutes by car from Marmaris. Also, near by there is a stable where one can go horseback ridding.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Turkey.


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