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43°40.365'N, 015°54.866'E Chart icon.png
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Brodarica - Flickr - jns001 (7).jpg
Krapanj from the mainland

Krapanj is a small island of Croatia in the central Dalmatian county of Šibenik-Knin.

It is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Adriatic Sea covering 0.36 km². It is also the most densely inhabited island and has the lowest elevation (1.5 m above sea level). It lies 300 m offshore of the village of Brodarica, the closest point on the mainland. Brodarica along with Krapanj itself forms a single municipality (3000 inhabitants) which is a suburb of Šibenik.


See Northern Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


See Croatia.



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Krapanj harbour 160925-141713-DSC02875-crop.jpg
Krapanj harbour and the hotel's moorings

Approaching from NW take care of:

  • The shoal extending from the Grmine cape on the mainland at N side of the passage (marked by a N cardinal mark)
  • The shoal stretching for about a mile NW from the N tip of the island (marked by a red lateral mark)

Approaching from SW beware of:

  • The shoals along the SW and S coasts of the island


Šibenik is the nearest all-year port of entry.



Both moorings lie along the narrow (300m) passage between the island and the mainland oriented from NW to SE.

Two yachts moored in the harbour

Krapanj harbour

Krapanj harbour/wiki/Krapanj#Krapanj_harbour
Harbour icon Krapanj harbour [[Krapanj#Krapanj harbour|Krapanj harbour]] 43°40.361'N, 015°55.161'E

The harbour is located at the SE tip of the island. There are two options for berthing there:

A the end of the 100m stone L-shaped breakwater there is a space for one or two yachts to moor alongside. This location might be used by the island's ferries as "non-operating mooring", so it may be prudent to ask their staff for permission (watch for a label "Gradski parking").

Note: there is stone step extending from the breakwater just below the water, so these scrap tires hanging along the quay become quite useful.

Also, a shallow draft vessel could probably find a single berth on the S side of the N jetty. There are only about 2 metre depths here, shallowing quickly towards the shore. The N side of the pier is used by a ferry and the E one is frequented by tripper boats.

There is yet another tiny harbour on the island which is located at the S inlet on the island, but it's very shallow and can only be used by local craft.
A small yacht moored. The ferry landing is at the other side of the jetty
Krapanj 01 crop.jpg
View towards the Hotel Spongiola moorings

Hotel Spongiola mooring

Hotel Spongiola mooring/wiki/Krapanj#Hotel_Spongiola_mooring
Harbour icon Hotel Spongiola mooring [[Krapanj#Hotel Spongiola mooring|Hotel Spongiola mooring]] 43°40.521'N, 015°54.908'E

Approx. 25 berth along both sides of a pontoon and the S side of a small concrete pier. The mooring has some minor protection from NW from a short pier but otherwise is open in the direction of the channel.

Laid moorings, water and electricity posts are along the pontoon. Prices are a bit lower than in a standard marina, with extra discount if paid by cash. Among the hotel's facilities are restaurant, wellness centre, beach, indoor swimming pool.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The closest marina is Marina Solaris on the mainland 3 nM N.


The closest anchorages can be found in the well-protected Morinje bay on the mainland 1/2 mile E.


Water At the hotel's mooring
Electricity see above
Toilets see above
Showers see above
Laundry none
Garbage At the S corner of the harbour and at the hotel's mooring
Fuel None
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Mobile connectivity Average
Vehicle rentals


  • Djelo grocery shop in 50m NW of the ferry quay
  • Konzum supermarket across the channel in Brodarica 50m N of the ferry quay (take a ferry)


Regular ferry to the village of Brodarica on the mainland which is linked to Šibenik by a local bus.

Eating out

  • A few restaurants in the village


Krapanj-zdenac u samostanu "Sveti Kriz".jpg
At the cloister of the monastery

This picturesque small island was known in the past for sponge harvesting and oil making.

Apart from the island and village itself there are few things to see for a curious visitor:

  • Krapanjski samostan sv. Križa -- the monastery of St. Cross which hosts some cultural antiquities including "The Last Supper" by the 16th-century Italian artist Francesco da Santa Croce and a Renaissance painting "The Black Madonna On The Throne". There is also a small museum there with a collection of sponges, corals, amphorae and ancient tableware
  • Muzej i uljara sv. Lovre -- a museum at the 500 old oil mill
  • Sponge gallery



Krapanj port sign 160924-200110-DSC02824.jpg
Krapanj harbour sign

See Croatia.


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