List of islands in the Baltic Sea

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This is a list of islands in the Baltic Sea.


Listed by Size

  1. Gotland (2,994 km², belonging to Sweden)
  2. Saaremaa (2,673 km², belonging to Estonia)
  3. Öland (1,342 km², belonging to Sweden)
  4. Lolland (1,243 km², belonging to Denmark)
  5. Åland main island (1,017 km², belonging to Finland)
  6. Hiiumaa (989 km², belonging to Estonia)
  7. Rügen (935 km², belonging to Germany)
  8. Bornholm (588 km², belonging to Denmark)
  9. Kimitoön (560 km², belonging to Finland)
  10. Falster (514 km², belonging to Denmark)
  11. Usedom (445 km², split between Germany and Poland)
  12. Wolin (265 km², belonging to Poland)
  13. Møn (218 km², belonging to Denmark)
  14. Hailuoto (201 km², belonging to Finland)
  15. Muhu (198 km², belonging to Estonia)
  16. Fehmarn (185 km², belonging to Germany)
  17. Värmdö (181 km², belonging to Sweden)

Listed by population

  1. Usedom (76,500 people, split between Poland and Germany)
  2. Rügen (73,000 people, belonging to Germany)
  3. Lolland (68,224 people, belonging to Denmark)
  4. Gotland (57,381 people, belonging to Sweden)
  5. Värmdö (48,000 people, belonging to Sweden)
  6. Bornholm (44,100 people, belonging to Denmark)
  7. Falster (43,537 people, belonging to Denmark)
  8. Lidingö (43,400 people, belonging to Sweden)
  9. Kotlin (42,800 people, belonging to Russia)
  10. Saaremaa (40,312 people, belonging to Estonia)
  11. Öland (23,000 people, belonging to Sweden)
  12. Åland main island (22,000 people, belonging to Finland)
  13. Wolin (17,000 people, belonging to Poland)
  14. Fehmarn (14,000 people, belonging to Germany)
  15. Møn (12,000 people, belonging to Denmark)
  16. Hiiumaa (10,000 people, belonging to Estonia)
  17. Muhu (1,822 people, belonging to Estonia)

The Baltic Sea proper is bordered to the north by the Bothnian Sea and, further north, the Gulf of Bothnia, neither being part of the Baltic Sea proper. The eastern basins the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga are likewise not considered part of the Baltic Sea proper. Whether islands situated in, or on the borders to, these basins (Åland Islands, Hailuoto and Kotlin) shall be included in the list is therefore a matter of definition.

The Danish islands Zealand (7,000km² 2,200,000 people), Funen (2,984km² 400,000 people), Als (312 km² 51,300 people) and Langeland (284 km² 13,300 people) lie in the Danish straits connecting the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat.

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