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WorldMediterraneanAegean SeaTurkeyMarmaris
Port of Entry
36°51.000'N, 028°16.500'E Chart icon.png
lat=36.85 | lon=28.275 | zoom=13 | y
Turkey Marmaris r.jpg
Chart of the Marmaris Region

Marmaris is a major yacht harbor in SE Turkey within a landlocked bay. It is very busy and noisy at peak holiday periods. The town was attractive but it has been overrun by rowdy tourists. Fortunately the old town retains some of its older charm. It is surrounded however by the worst of sprawl with eating establishments catering to foreign tastes proudly advertising their non-turkish specialties such as: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, fish & chips, and full English breakfasts while broadcasting ear splitting rap "music". The Turkey I have grown to love has been displaced here. Even the wonderful Turkish ice-cream, dandurma, has been replaced by the insipid international brands. During the tourist season the beach is wall to wall raw human flesh with a very strong smell of sun tanning cream. Definitely best experienced out of season.

Marmaris old town
Chart of Marmaris Bay


1055 Rhodes Channel and Gökova Körfezi
1545 Marmaris Limani & Karaagac Limani
G35 Dodecanese and Coast of Turkey
54421 Kardeiga to Ilbiz Burnu
311 Bodrum Boğazı - Marmaris
3121 Ports in Marmaris
452 Rhodos to Castelorizo


See Turkey.




  • Authorities listen to VHF channel 16

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


It is best to approach Marmaris via the channel (Sark Boğazi) between Keçi Adasi to the W and Yildiz or Nimara Adasi to the E, staying in the middle of the channel.

Warning: There can be very strong gusts in Sark Boğazi when there is a strong southerly wind.


All three marinas also have a Customs man who does check ins/out for a fee of course. Otherwise one reports to the "doctor", passport police and customs in the Ferry Terminal and then to the Harbourmaster in the town - in this order for checking in. For checking out it is in the reverse order but the doctor is omitted. A Transit Log can be bought at the Chamber of Shipping Offices in the Arcade around the corner from the Harbourmaster's office. We have always found it prudent to purchase a new Transit Log when checking in or out if we are staying in Turkey as the Log is only valid fo 1 check in and 1 check out. It is quite a walk from ferry terminal to the Harbour master so great to have it ready for use.

Also see Turkey.


Chart of Marmaris Harbor

Marmaris Harbor

Marmaris Harbor/wiki/Marmaris#Marmaris_Harbor
Harbour icon Marmaris Harbor [[Marmaris#Marmaris Harbor|Marmaris Harbor]] 36°51.08′N, 28°16.64′E

There are two possibilities in Marmaris harbor: the Netsel Marina, with all the amenities, and the municipal yacht quay. This latter is always busy with local and daily tour boats, hence, very difficult to get a berth.

In addition to Netsel Marina, there are two more marinas in the area: Albatros Marina and Yacht Marina.

For those who wants to stay in anchor, there are two options; in front of the beach W of main harbour or in front of Yacht Marin. Both anchorages are generally safe and hold pretty well with sand buttom but be aware of Eastely or Southerlies that enter the bay from Yalanci Bogaz (where Yat Marin is located); they can reach over 50 kts..

Yacht Marina is located about 5 nM E from Marmaris. Many foreign yachts have wintered there.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Chart of Ekincik Liman

Ekincik Liman

Ekincik Liman/wiki/Marmaris#Ekincik_Liman
Anchorage icon Ekincik Liman [[Marmaris#Ekincik Liman|Ekincik Liman]] 36°49.1′N, 28°33.4′E

Ekincik is 20 nm East of Marmaris almost half way to Göçek or Fethiye and is a cove with several anchorages and a restaurant quay with laid moorings. It is the most convenient place to stay for visiting the near by delta of the Köycegiz Çay (river). Up river is the ancient Caunus, the picturesque village of Dalyan, and the green Köycegiz Golü lake.

In the last several years many Turkish and foreign journalists under the influence of Mr. Kurt owner of Sardis Tours (one of the day-trip operators) have staged a partially successful campaign to block development along the beach of the estuary of the Dalyan river which is, along with Zakynthos, one of the main breeding grounds of the threatened sea turtles Caretta caretta.

There are two areas that you can anchor, both which can get crowded. The SW cove is usually the least crowded. If you anchor there you should take a very long line to a tree. The NE cove is the most crowded but it also affords the best protection from the meltemi. Depths are 8-15 m and the bottom is sand with good holding. During the day there is continuous traffic of day-trip boats to the river.

In the E cove, the My Marina restaurant has constructed a very attractive quay with laid moorings, water and electricity and space for up to 20 yachts. Depth on the outer T >3m, along the wall 1.5 - 2.5m. Obviously, if you use the moorings, you are expected to dine in the restaurant. Restaurant is attractive and only a bit expensive. You should have a long line at the bow ready on arrival for the "sailors" (who meet arriving yachts in a RIB) to take through an eye in the mooring line and pass back to you.

Ekincik is 18 nM east of Marmaris bay and the only protected anchorage between Marmaris and Göcek or Gulf of Fethiye.
The My Marina quay
Ekincik Liman


Water Water at either the Netsel Marina, Albatros Marina , or the yacht quay
Electricity Electricity at either the Netsel Marina, Albatros Marina , or the yacht quay
Toilets At the marinas
Showers At the marinas
Laundry At the Netsel Marina
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in the marinas
Fuel There is a fuel dock at the Netsel Marina
Bottled gas No bottled-gas seller in the city of Marmaris will refill U.S./Norwegian-type tanks nor French LeCube Butagaz tanks. Instead, the supermarket located inside Marmaris Yacht Marina, a few kilometers SE of the city, will refill within 48 hours both your U.S./Norwegian bottles and Campingaz bottles. Charges are per kilo. Prices are high but this might be the only such location between Smyrna (Izmir) and Phoenike (Finike) that offers this service. For yachts not docked in the marina, it is possible to anchor outside or even anchor in Marmaris and freely tender into the heart of the marina with your bottles.
Chandlers Several in town
  • Marmaris Yacht Marina is located very close to the city of Marmaris, 2 miles by boat and 8 kms by car/bus far from center of Marmaris. In addition to it's extended boat handling facilities the Marina boasts 24 Hours security. An Outdor swimming pool, cafe&bar, restaurant serving both international and Turkish Cuisine. Also Library & Laundry services included.
    If you are looking for repairs and maintenence of all kinds, says my personal experience me you probably will not find a better place than Marmaris Yacht Marina. Here you feel the business and competition between suppliers on the body, and the services are probably the best you can come by in the eastern Mediterranean. The suppliers also have access to seemingly unlimited supply of parts and equipment, so everything happens remarkably effective.
    That said, the Marmaris Yacht Marina ultra professional shipyards. You get nice and close contact with the suppliers you use, but the marina staff is so busy that you might find this place a bit impersonal. Too bad. That's what's missing here.
    If you should have any major work done - go to Marmaris Yacht Marina!--Camelot 08:00, June 7, 2014 (GMT) Norway Icon.png
  • Albatros Marina a small marina between Netsel and Yacht Marina (2,5 km east of Marmaris city center)offers all kind of technical services with its competent team, dry docking including large catamarans up to 60 ft. Marina has WC, showers, water/electricity (free), fuel, WiFi, a restaurant and small market. Staff speaks english, french, german and italian.
Internet In Internet cafés and in the marinas
Mobile connectivity Good 4G signal
Vehicle rentals


There are many supermarkets in city center, most of them are open 7/24 during the high season.

Eating out


  • There are many restaurants. It is best to stay within the old town
  • Two of the best (no hassle) are in the Marina area on way into Old Town


  • 60 km to Dalaman Airport -€126 in 2009
  • In the summer daily ferries to Rhodes 50 mins in Catamaran


Places to Visit

Entrance to Dalyan River
Lycian tombs, Dalyan River
Mud baths, Sultaniye
Temple ruins and ancient harbour, Caunus
From Ekinçik Liman

A visit to the river and Caunus is a must. It seems that as soon as you anchor a day trip boat will come and you can make arrangements for a day excursion. The cost can be steep ($170 in 1997 for a party of 3). You can contact Mr. Abidir Kurt of Sardis Tours on the VHF channel 6 or on his mobil phone +90 532 281 6411.

The river, Köyceğiz Çay, is breathtaking but now there are appreciably fewer birds and other wildlife. They used to be, being scared by the constant traffic and noise of the day trip boats.

Half way to Dalyan is Caunus which was an important Carian city and was a member of the Delian League. Today one can see the remains of the acropolis, theater, several temples, and baths, as well as the many Lycian tombs carved on the slopes.

The town of Dalyan is picturesque but it is overwhelmed with tourists and overpriced restaurants serving indifferent food (however, statue of a sea turtle taking off is impressive and worth a stop).

Although it is not part of the standard tour a visit to lake of Köycegiz Golü is worth taking. The waters of the lake are of a deep green color. It is also worthwhile to visit Sultaniye on the W side of the lake. It is a hot spring spa and totally unspoiled by tourism. Many people go to a building which has a pool where they plunge into the water which reaches 41° C. After they soak in the pool, they plunge again into the cool lake. In Sultaniye there is a wood-burning bakery where one can buy very tasty bread.


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