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Port Spilia
38°39.74′N, 20°45.71′E Chart icon.png
Greece Meganisis Spartakhori.png
Plan of Port Spilia

Port Spilia is the second harbour of the island of Meganisi in the Ionian islands of Greece. Lying at the head of a deep inlet at the NW end of the island, the harbour provides berthing for around 50 yachts on its various quays and pontoons, although the depths in the inlet are too great for most yachts to anchor. The harbour gets very busy in July and August and its two tavernas are kept busy non-stop catering for the crews from visiting flotillas and private yachts. Shelter is good in most conditions, although strong northerlies send in a surge which could be dangerous in some parts of the harbour, especially on the quay at the SE end.


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The approach to Port Spilia is free of dangers, except in the approach from due N, along the E side of the island of Skorpios, where a reef, Ifalos Heiromiti, lies about half a mile due E of Skorpios’ southern extremity. A large, modern hotel is conspicuous on the headland immediately W of the harbour entrance.


There are several berthing options in Port Spilia, depending on the size and draft of your yacht and the wind conditions:

NW Quay

NW quay and taverna pontoons

This quay extends for 100 metres from the ferry landing slip and then continues along the outer side of the breakwater of the small fishing boat harbour (with the quaint blue sign warning that it is for ‘pescatorial’ craft only). There are about 25 laid moorings along the first part of the quay and a further 10 along the breakwater. Depths are around 3.0 metres at all berths. Water can be obtained here with difficulty and electricity is available via the numerous sockets scattered along the quay. However, note that they all connect via 200 metres of 10amp cable to the Porto Spilia Taverna, so one careless crew switching on a hairdryer or electric kettle will blow the lot!.

Taverna Pontoons

The Porto Spilia Taverna, immediately S of the small fishing boat harbour, has three (rather flimsy) pontoons at which around 25 yachts can berth. Depths range from 2.0 - 3.0 metres towards the root of the most northerly pontoon to more than 20 metres at the end of the most southerly one. All are supplied with laid moorings and the southernmost pontoon with electricity points. As a result of the depths, the bow lines towards the end of the southerly pontoon are very heavy. None of the pontoons would be very comfortable in bad weather, the southernmost one particularly so, and could even be dangerous in a northerly gale.

In high-season, especcialy on Saturdays, call to make reservations. Once restuarant is full with reservations you'll be send away from berthing at the pontoons.

SE Quay

SE bay, Port Spilia

This is the quay to the E of the Spilia Taverna (the conspicuous white building to the E of the sandy beach). It has laid moorings for around 25 yachts, but depths at the quay are only 1.0 – 1.5 metres, so most yachts must go bows-to. There is just one electricity point here with two outlets (charge Euros 5 per day). Shelter here is good in settled weather, but strong northerlies (anything above force 4-5) send in an unpleasant swell. Anything above force 4-5 would probably be dangerous.

SE Fshing Boat Quay

A small fishing boat harbour has been constructed at N end of this SE quay, of which there is a section (just N of the slipway) with laid moorings for around eight yachts in depths of 3.5 – 4.0 metres. Again, there is just one electricity point here with two outlets (charge Euros 5 per day). Shelter here is better than the SE quay, but it is still uncomfortable in strong northerlies. Like the SE quay, it would probably be untenable in very strong northerly winds.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



The depths in the inlet of Port Spilia are too great for most yachts. Better anchorages are to be found on the NE coast of the island (see Meganisi).


Water On SE quays and pontoons
Electricity One stanchion on each of SE quays (so widely spaced) with two outlets each. Several more on southernmost pontoon of Porto Spilia Taverna. Connections on NW quay and fishing harbour breakwater via spider's web of cables from Porto Spilia Taverna
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry There's laundry up in the village of Spartakhori. They will pick up and deliver to the harbour 6981969377
Garbage Several bins around the quays
Fuel By tanker
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None.
Repairs N/A
Internet At Porto Spilia Taverna and Spilia Taverna
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A


  • Small grocery shops in Spartachori
  • Bread from Spilia Taverna

Eating out

  • Both Porto Spilia Taverna and Spilia Taverna are reasonable value (Porto Spilia being the better of the two, but is somewhat more expensive than the area average). Both are sometimes are busy with flotilla crews, especially on Fridays, and it may be necessary to book in advance to be sure of a place.



Places to Visit

View from Spartachori of Skorpios and Levkas
Street scene, Spartachori

The old village of Spartochori, situated on a steep rocky bluff above the port of Port Spilia, is most attractive and the steep climb up to it is rewarded with magnificent views over the harbour and Skorpios island. The SE part of Port Spilia has a small shingle beach and beach café where younger members of a yacht crew can while away the hours.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • Meganisi is considerably more developed than when we were last here in 2005, but (so far) without spoiling its unique character. It caters pretty well for the hundreds of yachts that now visit every month, but is understandably busy in high season.--Athene of Lymington 16:14, 12 July 2012 (BST)
  • In September 2013 we arrived in Meganisi and discovered (for the first time) that all the berths at Porto Spilia taverna were booked. Similarly, the pontoon at Karnayio Taverna round the corner was fully booked. It was a Friday and the forecast was for strong NW winds, but it is nevertheless a salutary warning that the island is now getting a little too popular. --Athene of Lymington
  • Visited on June 1 2014. Berthed at the S-most quay near the Porto Spilia tavern. Got welcome by the taverna employees, free WiFi, free showers, free electricity and water, and good food at reasonable price. There was still plenty of berths available by the end of the day. The views from the village are very nice, and it's only a short walk. --dimrub
  • Visited in september 2021, got sent away by Taverna because they were full with reservations

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