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Reggio di Calabria
Port of Entry
38°07.595'N, 015°39.013'E Chart icon.png
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The Strait of Messina from Space

Reggio Calabria is the main port of the Italian mainland in the Strait of Messina. It is bustling city, a little run down, but with a nice waterfront esplanade. In December 28, 1908 Reggio was devastated by an earthquake. In 1972 a local diver found of the coast of Riace two of the most spectacular Ancient Greek bronze statues. These are now the price of the Reggio Calabria's Museum. Yachtsmen transiting the Straits of Messina find a convenient (if expensive) berth in the small yacht basin at the NE end of Reggio di Calabria commercial harbour.


British Admiralty
1941 - Capo Passero to Capo Collonne
1018 - Approaches to Stretto di Messina
917 - Stretto di Messina
22 From Cape Vaticano to Reggio Calabria with Gulf of Gioia and Messina Strait
23 From Reggio Calabria to Bovalino Marina


Weather conditions in the Straits of Messina can vary considerably from those encountered in the Tyrrhenian or Ionian Seas to N and S respectively. The funneling effect of the land to either side can turn a typically light NW summer sea breeze into quite brisk winds at the N end of the Straits which, equally, can accelerate over the easternmost tip of the island of Sicily, creating testing conditions in the narrows between Capo Peloro and Punta Pezzo. With the light southerlies that are more frequent in spring and autumn, moderate to brisk headwinds will be experienced by a yacht headed S through the Straits from just off Scilla on the mainland coast as far as Reggio di Calabria and up to 10 miles beyond, where the Straits open out into the Ionian Sea. Gusting off the high land on either side is not uncommon with moderate to strong winds from any quarter. Finally, any wind against tide results in very uncomfortable conditions in the Straits, especially during spring tides, and yachts transiting the Straits should aim to accomplish at least the narrowest section between Messina and Capo Pelora at or near slack water.

Sources for weather information:

  • There is a continuous (computerized voice) weather forecast on VHF 68 - first in Italian and then followed with an English translation
  • The same forecast is given in Italian and English on VHF coastal stations following a notification on channel 16
  • Navtex weather forecasts are broadcast from stations at Roma, Cagliari (Sardinia) and Augusta (Sicily)



Add here VHF channel for the coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

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Warning: There are strong currents, which build heavy seas, in the Strait of Messina believed to be the location of the mythological Scylla and Charybdis. Consult the tide tables before a passage through the Strait. There are strong overfalls in the entrance to Reggio di Calabria with any wind against tide conditions. The large apartment blocks behind the harbour are conspicuous in the approach and there are usually ferries entering or leaving the harbour to guide you in. The harbour is entered from NNE.

Warning: Also be aware that south of Reggio local fishermen deploy lines with floats that are particularly hard to see during a night passage.


Reggio di Calabria is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.


Chart of Reggio Calabria Harbor

There is only one suitable berthing place for yachts, a small basin at the NE corner of the large commercial harbor: the Yacht Harbour "marina". The commercial port itself is very industrial and dirty and at times malodorous, but the yacht basin area is well cared for.

Note: Since last the reports, there is an additional set of pontoons in the SE corner of the commercial harbour (the NE basin is apparently full to capacity most of the time) you will be guided there if the NE basin has no place. This is outside the Lega Navale and Guardia Costiera buildings, pontoons are clearly visible on Google Earth. It is run as a concession by an ormeggiatore who lives on a boat on the E quay. The prices are steep - quoted € 65 for 13 Meters (incl. water and electricity, good toilet facilities a few minutes walk, nearby WiFi in a pub), slightly negotiable. The regular hydrofoil ferry to Messina docks and turns around close by and sends a surge in making it a bit uncomfortable at times, but really even moderate winds at F5 from north makes the place uncomfortable. The local celebrity taxi driver, Saverio, is likely to turn up and offer you all sorts of help and provisions even if you don't want all of them. He does have access to useful things like unusual gas bottles, engine oil, spares, etc.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The yacht basin in Reggio di Calabria

Yacht Harbour

Yacht Harbour/wiki/Reggio_di_Calabria#Yacht_Harbour
Marina icon Yacht Harbour [[Reggio di Calabria#Yacht Harbour|Yacht Harbour]] 38°07.676'N, 015°39.096'E

The "Yacht Harbour" is located in the basin to the NE of the large commercial harbor. The berths here were formerly operated by the local yacht club and are now in a concession to the Compagnia Portuale "Tommaso Gulli". There are a total of 57 berths here, all with laid moorings, for yachts up to 15 metres. Depths 3-5m. The moorings have water, electricity, toilet, and shower facilities. There are ostensibly 10 berths reserved for visiting yachts. They do not answer the VHF but you can telephone on +39 965 47914. If no attendant comes to your help, grab a mooring line and go stern-to.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (09665) 656 111or +39 (09665) 47 914; VHF channels 09 & 16 (seldom answered)
Address: Via Candeloro, 89122 Reggio Calabria RC, Italy


Warning: Anchoring is not permitted in Strait of Messina.


Water Available for every berth on the marina quay
Electricity On every berth of the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry In the town
Garbage There are bins around the harbor
Fuel There is a fuel station on the SE quay of the basin
Bottled gas Camping Gaz in a store a few blocks from the museum
Chandlers Very limited
Repairs Mobile cranes (up to 50T). Limited engine and electrical repairs.
Internet Free secure wifi internet in the marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Good food and shopping in the town, about 15 minutes on foot from the marina. Wonderful cheeses and cold-cuts.
  • North of the museum there is a good bakery

Eating out

  • Several good restaurants in town
  • Pleasant patisserie/cafés on the esplanade


  • Rail links to Naples, Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice and Florence
  • Ferries to Messina and the Aeolian Islands
  • Internal flights from airport (6 km to south) to Rome and Milan
  • Daily buses to Rome



The city was founded by Greek colonists in 720 BC. It then it belonged to the Roman Empire and its successor the Byzantine. In the middle ages it was the capital of Duchy of Calabria. Then, in 1127, it fell under of the Kingdom of Sicily under Roger II. which was succeeded by the Kingdom of Naples. Following the Italian Unification in 1860 it became part of the modern Italian state.

Places to Visit

The one thing that any visitor to Reggio Calabria should not miss seeing the two absolutely incredibly well preserved early Classical Greek bronze statues, the Riace Bronzes. These were found by a diver in the beach of Riace. The details are here

Since 2009 the museum seems to have been moved and is now (2013) in the Consiglio Regionale dela Calabria, Via Cardinale Portanova. It is walkable from the marina

The Town of Reggio Calabria
Riace Warrior A
Riace Warrior B


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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