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WorldMediterraneanAdriatic SeaCroatiaIstriaRovinj
Port of Entry
45°04.721'N, 013°38.131'E Chart icon.png
lat=45.07868 | lon=13.63551 | zoom=14 | y
Rovinj old town from marina

The picturesque and popular town of Rovinj is one of the most visited in Istria and lies 12 miles S of the harbour of Porec and 18 miles N of Pula. Originally established, like many of the ports along the Istrian coast, on a small offshore island, the town lies today at the end of a small peninsula at the NW end of a shallow bay protected from N and W by the island of St Katarina. Originally settled by Illyrian tribes, the town was later incorporated into the Roman province of Illyria under the name Ruvinium. Like most of Istria, Rovinj passed through various hands until pirate raids led it to seek the protection of the Venetian Republic in 1283, a situation which lasted until Napoleon’s forces invaded Istria in 1797. It was during this period that the town enjoyed its heyday, with the construction of the town walls and numerous impressive buildings. The town’s attractive location and well-preserved old town made it an important tourist destination during the period of post-war Yugoslavia and since the establishment of the independent Republic of Croatia in 1995, Rovinj has reputedly become Istria’s second most popular tourist destination. Visiting yachtsmen can berth temporarily on the customs quay to clear in but must then seek a berth in the ACI-owned Marina Rovinj, which has 386 berths for yachts up to 25 metres. It is also possible to anchor in an emergency in the bay S of the marina, although depths are considerable and shelter indifferent here.


British Admiralty
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See Croatia.


See Croatia.


Sveta Katarina

Sveta Katarina/wiki/Rovinj#Sveta_Katarina
Island icon Sveta Katarina [[Rovinj#Sveta Katarina|Sveta Katarina]] 45°04.645'N, 013°37.711'E


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Sitting high on its peninsula and topped with the spire of the Church of St Euphemia, Rovinj is unmistakable from several miles off. The rocky and forested island of Sv. Katarina in the centre of the bay is also conspicuous. A yacht arriving from N or S can pass either side of the island (although note that a reef extends for around 100 metres on the E side of the island, marked with an E cardinal mark).

The customs quay for clearing in or out, is on the N side of the bay immediately below the town. Tie up alongside (not stern to as the Pilot Guide suggests). The Harbourmaster is on the first floor of the building at the end of the quay. Enter by the door on the street facing the cafe. The police office is through the ground floor door facing the quay. Police are meant to be open 24 hours, but the office may be locked up if they are called away. There is no separate customs office. The ACI marina of Marina Rovinj is on the S side of the bay. Shelter is good in all conditions except strong SW winds, when berths in parts of the marina can become dangerous.

Limski Kanal

Contrary to a common belief a navigation in Limski Kanal/wiki/Rovinj#.5B.5Bwikipedia:Lim_.2528Croatia.2529.7CLimski_Kanal.5D.5DWorld icon.png Limski Kanal [[Rovinj#Limski Kanal|Limski Kanal]] 45°7.933′N, 013°37.383′E is allowed (see and

A 5 kn speed limit is in effect there. Reportedly there is a tavern at the bottom of the bay and a few mooring buoys.


Rovinj is a port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia.

Yachts arriving directly from Slovenia or Italy can check in at the customs quay, which is at the N end of the bay below the old town next to the ferry berth. Yachts are not permitted to tie up here except for the purpose of clearing in. If not clearing in, go straight to the marina, which offers 386 berths for yachts up to 25 metres in depths of up to 15.0 metres. See Marina Rovinj for full details.


Customs quay from tower of St. Euphemia

Town Quay

Town Quay/wiki/Rovinj#Town_Quay
Harbour icon Town Quay [[Rovinj#Town Quay|Town Quay]] 45°04.825'N, 013°38.091'E
Port of Entry
You can moor up on the town quay north of the old town. There are about 16 bright yellow buoys to which you tie a bow line. Then take a stern line to a ring on the quay. The cost in June 2013 is 16 kunas a metre.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Marina Rovinj

Marina Rovinj/wiki/Rovinj#.5B.5BMarina_Rovinj.5D.5D
Marina icon Marina Rovinj [[Rovinj#Marina Rovinj|Marina Rovinj]] 45°04.575'N, 013°38.108'E
This is is an ACI run marina


Warning: Anchoring in Rovinj Bay is prohibited except in case of emergency.

Uvala Lon

Uvala Lon/wiki/Rovinj#Uvala_Lon
Anchorage icon Uvala Lon [[Rovinj#Uvala Lon|Uvala Lon]] 45°04.270'N, 013°38.013'E
In the south bay there are now about 30 mooring buoys run by the port authority. In contrast to other buoys in Croatia, they are with a long line on the top, they are easy to pick up. You make fast to the line on top. Cost (in June 2013) 12 kunas per metre boat length - in contrast to town quay of 16 kunas per metre boat length.


Water In the Marina Rovinj
Electricity In the Marina Rovinj
Toilets In the Marina Rovinj
Showers In the Marina Rovinj
Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage Bins in the Marina Rovinj and near the town quay
Fuel Fuel dock at N end of bay
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Chandlery in the Marina Rovinj
Repairs Some repairs in the Marina Rovinj
Internet N/A
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Eating out

  • Restaurant in the Marina Rovinj
  • Numerous bars and restaurants in the town


  • Buses to Rijeka, Trieste, Ljubljana and Zagreb
  • International airports at Pula 35 kms, Trieste 110 kms and Rijeka 130 kms.
  • High speed ferry (summer only) to Venice.



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

The old town of Rovinj is one of the most charming in Istria, with steep and narrow cobbled streets winding through the town past mediaeval houses up to the high platform of the church of St. Euphemia, with superb views from its bell tower over the town and the Adriatic Sea. St. Euphemia is a local saint who was martyred by being thrown to the lions during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century AD. As one would expect from such a popular tourist destination, the streets are lined with craft shops and atmospheric bars and restaurants. The main Venetian entrance to the town, the Balbi Arch, remains as the land gate into the old town. If you are fortunate enough to be in Rovinj on a Sunday in August, you may see the main street of Grisia turn into an open-air art exhibition, when artists from all over Istria and further afield exhibit their works. For those of an energetic disposition, the Zlatni Rt forest park to the south of the harbour has lovely forest walks and pebble coves for cooling off. Cycle hire is easy in Rovinj and offers another way of seeing some of the outstanding natural beauty of the coastline. By boat, it is also possible to visit Sv. Katarina island (which is packed in summer) and its lovely gardens or take a trip into the unusual fjord-like Limski Kanal three miles N of the town.

Old town of Rovinj
Mediaeval streets of Rovinj
Old town gate, Rovinj
The Grisia art festival in Rovinj


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For other useful websites, see Croatia.


See entry for Croatia.


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