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WorldShips Papers

Ships Papers

Although this may vary from country to country (always check the latest information for the country you are entering, which can be found linked on the List of Countries A to Z page), this is intended as a general guideline.

General Guidelines

  • It probably pays to have plenty of copies of all of these papers. You may or may not get them back at each country you enter, so you should only hand over copies (except for things like passports, for which you have to provide an original, and you will get it back).
  • Laminated copies may work best, or at least copies sprayed liberally with a water repellent such as plastikote, in case they go for a short swim.

Papers, per ship

  • Boat registration papers -- national registration certificate for the ship, issued by the nation in which the ship was registered.
  • Insurance papers or certificate of currency.
  • Radio Licence or certificate for the radio station on board (often referred to as an "apparatus licence") -- usually this will only be required for an HF radio.
  • Cruising Permit if applicable.
  • Crew list, to be signed by each crew member.
  • Health certificate from last port.
  • Useful to have a stamp made up with the details of the boat, so that any other paper can be stamped, making it look official.

Papers, per skipper/master

  • Sailing certificate/qualifications. The requirements for this may vary depending on the nationality of the ship.
  • Radio Licence or certificate.
  • If the skipper is not named the owner of the ship, then a letter from the owner naming you as skipper.

Papers, per crew member

  • Passport
  • Any necessary visa for the country being entered


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