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Port Name? (Port of Entry)?

This template is to be used for ports and possibly for anchorages. For example For example Pythagorio, Almeria, Bodrum, Castelsardo, etc..

Note: There is a newer template Port2 that is simpler and less error prone than this one. You may consider using it instead.

The items in this template are for your guidance and assure a certain homogeneity and consistency across the CruisersWiki but are not cast in concrete. Use your judgment.

Items in magenta are to be substituted including the {{MagentaText|xx}} template or the <span style="color:Magenta">xx</span>.

Please remove instructions in green, including these lines, after reading them. Also, keep in mind that this template is Protected which means that you cannot alter it, however, if you think that any changes to the template are desirable, contact the wiki administrators by making an entry describing the proposed changes and your reason in the discussion (second right button at the top of this page).

COPY all of the dashed box below and paste it on the newly created port page:

{{GreenText|Please remove the below item if you have provided some content material for this page}}

{{infobox |DD|mm.m|N/S|DD|mm.m|E/W|
| name=
| gallery=
| chartlet=
| maplat=
| maplon=
| mapzoom=
| image= imagename.jpg
| imagetext= {{Magenta|Pic or Map of Port Name?}}
}} {{TOCleft}}
{{GreenText|Add here any background, cruising, and historical comments.}}

==Local Weather==
{{GreenText|Give local weather conditions or refer to another page (a region or island group) that covers these conditions.}}

Sources for Weather forecasts:

{{GreenText|Please provide a good map or chart that clearly shows details (depths, where to dock, scale etc.) of the harbor.}}

{{GreenText|Give charts applicable to this port or refer to a Chart section of another page (Country or Region) that lists the charts.}}
; {{MagentaText|Source}}
: {{MagentaText|Chart Number - Chart Name}}
: {{MagentaText|Chart Number - Chart Name}}
; {{MagentaText|Source}}
: {{MagentaText|Chart Number - Chart Name}}

==Radio Nets==

''Also see [[World MM Nets|World Cruiser's Nets]]''.

==Approach and Navigation==
{{GreenText|Provide any navigation notes especially any dangers or peculiar local conditions here.}} 

==Check-in facilities (for Customs and Immigration)==
{{GreenText|If this is '''not''' a ''port of entry'' '''omit''' this section, otherwise submit details about facilities for checking in -  location of immigration & customs, etc.}}

==Berthing Options==
{{GreenText|Describe here the berthing options of this port. Are there moorings or you have to anchor? Do most boats moor side-to, stern-to, or bow-to? Etc.}}

===Marinas & Yacht Clubs===
{{GreenText|If there are any marinas please either give a short description or better yet, provide a dedicated page ([[Template:Port|Marina Template]]).}}

{{GreenText|List anchorages '''except the ones covered under Offshore Islands''' below. If there are more then 2 paragraphs for a given anchorage, create a dedicated page for it ([[Template:Port|Port/Stop Template]]). We use headings for these so that other pages can link to them. Remove if not applicable.}}


==Offshore Islands and Groups==
{{GreenText|This section does not apply for most ports, if that is the case for this one remove it. You may, however, list ismall islands near this port.}}

==Yacht Repairs and Services==
{{GreenText|List services. If no services are available on the island write "None" and remove all the subsections ('''Marine Stores''',  & '''Repairs/Yards''', & '''Fuel, Water, & Electricity'''.}}

====Marine Stores====
{{GreenText|Submit addresses and contact details of marine related businesses that are of interest to cruisers.}}


====Fuel, Water, & Electricity====
; Fuel
: {{MagentaText|Give details on fuel}}
; Water
: {{MagentaText|Give details on water}}
; Electricity
: {{MagentaText|Give details on electricity}}

==Things to do Ashore==
{{GreenText|List places of interest, tours, etc.}}

====Grocery & Supply Stores====




====Motorbike & Car Rentals====

====Garbage Disposal====

{{GreenText|List transportation (local and/or international.)}}

==Routes/Passages To/From==
{{GreenText|List popular passages/routes, timing, etc.}}

==Cruiser's Friends==
Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

==Forum Discussions==
List links to discussion threads on [[Cruising Forums|partnering forums]]. (''see link for requirements'')

==External Links==
{{GreenText|List links external to the wiki such as in [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipaedia Wikepedia].}}

==References & Publications==
{{GreenText|Books, Guides, etc. Use the Reference template or not at your discretion. For example:}}
: {{GreenText|<code>{{Reference|Rod Heikel|Greek Waters Pilot|Imray Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire|9780852889718}}</code>, expands to}}
: {{GreenText|Rod Heikell, <cite>Greek Waters Pilot Imray</cite>, Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718}}

* {{Reference|Author|Title|Publisher|ISBN number}}
* {{Reference|Author|Title|Publisher|ISBN number}}

{{GreenText|You may want to remove the above entries and use instead a link to the Country or Region that lists the relevant references. If so enter, after removing  {{MagentaText|xx}},  the following: }}

''See [[<span style="color:Magenta">Country or Region</span>#References_&_Publications|<span style="color:Magenta">Coutry or Region</span>]]''.

{{GreenText|If you do not use the above link, please remove it.}}

==Personal Notes==
Personal experiences?

====Last Visited & Details Checked (and updated here)====
''Date of member's visit to this Port/Stop & this page's details validated'':

{{GreenText|If you provide a lot of info and this page is almost complete, change {{Page outline}} to {{Page usable}}.}}

{{Page outline}}

{{GreenText|Add all the contributor addresses.}}


{{GreenText|Add all the pages that are "parent" to this one.}}

{{Navbar| [[XXX]] }}

[[Category:Ports - <span style="color:Magenta">Country?</span>]] 

{GreenText|If any anchorages are described in this page keep the item below, otherwise delete it.}}

[[Category:Anchorages - <span style="color:Magenta">Country?</span>]]
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