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Vela Luka
Port of Entry
42°57.500'N, 016°42.932'E Chart icon.png
lat=42.95833 | lon=16.71553 | zoom=13 | y
Vela Luka harbour from the SW

The harbour of Vela Luka lies at the head of a deep inlet at the W end of the island of Korčula in Croatia, around four miles ESE of the islet of Proizd/wiki/Vela_Luka#ProizdIsland icon Proizd [[Vela Luka#Proizd|Proizd]] 42°59.048'N, 016°36.955'E at the extreme W tip. Vela Luka is the second largest settlement on the island after Korčula (town) and is the main ferry port for car and passenger ferries to and from Split on the mainland.

Owing to its sheltered position and excellent natural harbour, Vela Luka has always been the main fishing harbour on the island, a position which it still retains even though the quays are increasingly populated by tripper boats and visiting yachts. The town is commercial rather than picturesque, but its position at the W end of the island makes it a convenient overnight or provisioning stop when on passage through the islands.


See Southern Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


Županijska lučka uprava Vela Luka

VHF: 09
Phone: +385 (20) 813 520
Fax: +385 (20) 813 526
Email: [email protected]
Address: Ulica 58 br. 15, 20270 Vela Luka - Hrvatska

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


There are no dangers in the immediate approach to Vela Luka. However, the shoals around the headland have depths of only 6.0 metres. The islet of Osjak/wiki/Vela_Luka#OsjakIsland icon Osjak [[Vela Luka#Osjak|Osjak]] 42°57.643'N, 016°40.918'E on the S side of the bay can be left on either side. Once nearing the head of the inlet, the long ferry jetty with a red light structure on it is conspicuous on the S shore.


Vela Luka is a year-round port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia.

Customs and Immigration offices are at the E end of the harbour, close to the town quay.


The quay at Vela Luka is busy in summer

Town quay

Town quay/wiki/Vela_Luka#Town_quay
Harbour icon Town quay [[Vela Luka#Town quay|Town quay]] 42°57.733'N, 016°42.923'E
Port of Entry
Visiting yachts normally berth on the town quay at the E end of the harbour, 500 metres past the ferry jetty on the S shore, just before the inlet turns N and narrows significantly. There is space here for around 25 yachts berthed stern or bows-to. There are two laid lines per berth. Depths are 3.0 - 4.0 metres. Cost for the quay for 15 metres was 300 kuna (May 2015).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Harbor buoys

Harbor buoys/wiki/Vela_Luka#Harbor_buoys
Buoy icon Harbor buoys [[Vela Luka#Harbor buoys|Harbor buoys]] 42°57.622'N, 016°42.743'E
There are mooring buoys to the right of the fuel dock. Cost for a mooring buoy was 150 kunas in May 2013. If you use a mooring buoy you are allowed to then go to the quay to fill up with water. Shelter here is good in all conditions except strong W winds, which send in an uncomfortable swell.

U. Plitvine

U. Plitvine/wiki/Vela_Luka#U._Plitvine
Anchorage icon U. Plitvine [[Vela Luka#U. Plitvine|U. Plitvine]] 42°58.006'N, 016°42.080'E
There is a good anchorage in the wide cove on the NW side of the harbour approaches, U. Plitvice, where it is possible to find shelter in all conditions except strong SW winds. It is more comfortable at anchor here than on the Town quay with W winds. Anchor in 8.0 - 9.0 metres at the head of the cove, taking a line ashore if necessary. Holding is good in sand and weed.

A smaller yacht may be able to anchor right at the top of Vela Luka inlet, in the part that turns N after the town quay. However, while depths are 2.0 - 4.0 metres the inlet is very narrow here and there is little room to swing since there are small boats on moorings all the way round. It is only really comfortable anchored fore and aft and even then you may get some disapproving glances from local boat users.


Water On Town quay and fuel berth/wiki/Vela_Luka#On_.5B.5B.23Town_quay.7CTown_quay.5D.5D_and_fuel_berthWater icon On Town quay and fuel berth [[Vela Luka#On Town quay and fuel berth|On Town quay and fuel berth]]
Electricity On Town quay/wiki/Vela_Luka#On_.5B.5B.23Town_quay.7CTown_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon On Town quay [[Vela Luka#On Town quay|On Town quay]]
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins near the Town quay
Fuel INA/wiki/Vela_Luka#INAFuel icon INA [[Vela Luka#INA|INA]] 42°57.708'N, 016°42.882'E Fuel berth just W of town quay (0600 - 2200)
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet WiFi in internet cafes
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals  /wiki/Vela_Luka#.26nbsp.3BCar icon   [[Vela Luka# | ]] Rental outlets in the town


In the Town/wiki/Vela_Luka#In_the_TownProvisions icon In the Town [[Vela Luka#In the Town|In the Town]] Supermarkets and other provisions shops in the town; Fruit and vegetable market.

Eating out

 /wiki/Vela_Luka#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Vela Luka# | ]] Several restaurants and café/bars.



While the town is not unpleasant, Vela Luka lacks the attractions of its neighbour at the other end of the island,Korčula (town) and is best regarded as an overnight or provisioning stop. There is a cave, Vela Spila, on a hill above the town where Neolithic remains have been found. These and other exhibits are preserved in the town’s museum.


Also see Croatia.


See Croatia.


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