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Map of Mikres Cyclades

Iraklia (Ηρακλειά) or Heraklia is the westernmost of the group of small islands S of Naxos known as the Small Cyclades (Μικρές Κυκλάδες - Mikres Kyclades). It has a cave with stalactites but I have never seen it. There are a few remnants of early Cycladic settlements but they are hard to find. Until 15 years ago the island was one of the most remote places in Greece. It was serviced by a caïque once a week bringing the mail. Even today it is not on the well beaten track.

There are two villages on the island: Ayios Georgios the port and the more populated Panayia (about 200 inhabitants) in the middle of the island, about 1 hr uphill walk from the port. It is an attractive village with clean, humble, houses of Cycladic architecture. The easiest way to visit Panayia is to follow the paved road. On the way back you can take a short cut overland but if you do keep to the left at all cross roads, to avoid getting lost.


Satellite view of Iraklia
1040 Nísos Íos to Vrakhonisídha Kandhelioússa
G33 Southern Cyclades (West)
54332 Nisoi Paros & Naxos
423 Paros to Astypalia


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  • Schinousa Schinousa /wiki/Schinousa Island icon – island |Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF no signal

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


All approaches to Iraklia are straightforward.



Chart of Ayios Georgios

Ayios Georgios

Ayios Georgios/wiki/Iraklia#Ayios_Georgios
Harbour icon Ayios Georgios [[Iraklia#Ayios Georgios|Ayios Georgios]] (Άγιος Γεώργιος) 36°51.9′N, 25°28.3′E

Agios Georgios or Ayios Yioryios is a fairly secure little port protected from both the meltemi and the southerlies, it is only open to the north-east. The only problem is that it is small. Avoid using the ferryboat quay as ferries can come in the middle of the night. If you have to use it, do ask about the expected ferry arrival. One yacht can moor alongside the outer end of the jetty and a second on the south-east side of the quay (or 2-3 on an anchor moor).

Alternatively there is room for probably no more than one or two yachts to anchor off in 3-5m. The bottom is sand with some rocks and provides good holding. Again be aware of the ferries and make sure that you do not swing within their maneuvering radius. If the wind is gusty, either take a line to the north-west shore or set a second anchor to minimize swinging.

Until a few years ago there was no Coast Guard (Limenarchio) presence here. But now there is one, very bored, officer stationed here. He is very eager to collect harbor dues from the not so frequent visiting yacht.
The harbor of Ayios Georgios

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Livadhi Beach

Livadhi Beach

Livadhi Beach/wiki/Iraklia#Livadhi_Beach
Anchorage icon Livadhi Beach [[Iraklia#Livadhi Beach|Livadhi Beach]] (Λιβάδι) 36°51.2′N, 25°28.5′E

Livadhi Beach is the first cove just to south ofAyios Georgios. It looks like it might be a nice anchorage although there is an underwater power cable and it is very shallow close to the shore.

The bottom in the south corner of the bay is sand with good holding. The power cable occupies the centre of the bay, which is rocky. Excellent shelter from west and south westerlies. June 2014 --Straitshooter


Anchorage icon Pigadhi [[Iraklia#Pigadhi|Pigadhi]] 36°50.079'N, 025°28.667'E
Pigadhi or Pygadhi (Πηγάδι) is a deep inlet near the south-east end of the island. It is open to the east-northeast and has considerable swell when the meltemi blows.

Airplane Cove

Airplane Cove/wiki/Iraklia#Airplane_Cove
Anchorage icon Airplane Cove [[Iraklia#Airplane Cove|Airplane Cove]] 36°51.4′N, 25°27.2′E

This is a cove also known as Spilia (Σπηλιά) near the north-west end of the island. At about 7 m depth there used to be the remains of a World War II German fighter plane, easily seen with a snorkel.

The cove is exposed to the meltemi and the holding is not very secure. It is however very well protected from the southerlies although with a strong south-west there is some swell.

Anchor near the head of the bay in 7 m. You may need to set a second anchor to avoid swinging. With north winds use only in settled weather.


Water None
Electricity None
Toilets None
Showers None
Laundry None
Garbage There are bins around the harbor.
Fuel None
Bottled gas
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals None


Ayios Georgios/wiki/Iraklia#.5B.5B.23Ayios_Georgios.7CAyios_Georgios.5D.5DProvisions icon Ayios Georgios [[Iraklia#Ayios Georgios|Ayios Georgios]] Limited food shopping.

Eating out

Periyali/wiki/Iraklia#PeriyaliEatingout icon Periyali [[Iraklia#Periyali|Periyali]] near the harbor has very fresh fish since the sister of the proprietor captains her own boat.
There are two other tavernas.


There is a small ferry to/from Naxos and Amorgos.


Places to Visit

  • A walk to Panayia, the village in the middle of the island, about 1 hr uphill walk from the port. It is an attractive village with clean, humble, houses of Cycladic architecture. The easiest way to visit Panayia is to follow the paved road. On the way back you can take a short cut overland but if you do keep to the left at all cross roads, to avoid getting lost
  • Visit to the caves, the largest in the Cyclades. Ask the locals for directions


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See Greece.


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