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The island of Kithnos

The island of Kythnos (Κύθνος) or Kithnos or Thermia (Θερμιά). The area of the island is 99 km2 and it belongs to the Cyclades.

Kythnos] is 30 miles due S of the large island of Evia and 25 miles SE of Cape Sounion at the NE limit of the Saronic Gulf. The island is a popular port of call for yachts sailing down from the harbours around Athens or from Lavrio in the Evia Channel and a regular stopping off point for yachts transiting the Corinth_Canall. There are two main harbours on the island, the main ferry harbour of Merikas on the W coast (which is not particularly yacht friendly) and the popular harbour of Loutra on the NE coast, which regularly accommodates up to 20 or so yachts on passage through the Cyclades. There are also a number of lovely anchorages on both the E and W coast of the island which can be used in the appropriate wind conditions. Kythnos is at the western fringe of the prevailing Aegean weather system and does not normally experience quite the same wind strengths as the islands further east.


1038 Stenó Sífnou to Stenó Kafiréa
G31 North Cyclades
54320 Cyclades to Crete
421 Karystos to Naxos


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  • Kea Kea /wiki/Kea Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Serifos Serifos /wiki/Serifos Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 27; No reception in Fikiadha and Kolimpithres

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


See entries for individual harbours and anchorages.


There is no port of entry on Kythnos. The nearest ports of entry are Ermoupolis on Syros to the E and Lavrio or the marinas around Athens to the N and W.



The port of Merikas


Harbour icon Merikas [[Kythnos#Merikas|Merikas]] 37°23.5′N, 24°23.7′E

The harbour of Merikas lies on the W side of the island, five miles S of the cape of Ak Kefalos at its northern tip. The main harbour used by the ferry boats, Merikas lies at the SE end of the bay of the same name and offers reasonable protection from the meltemi, which mainly gusts here from the NE. Visiting yachts can moor stern/bows to the quay (or even alongside in quiet periods) SE of the short ferry jetty, where depths are 3.0 – 5.0 metres and the holding good in sand and mud. Shelter is good in the prevailing NE winds, which blow a yacht off the quay, but poor with anything W in the wind. Strong westerlies would probably make the harbour untenable. The surroundings here are not very attractive, but Merikas is a useful port of call when strong NE winds make a passage round Ak Kefalos challenging.

Warning: Be aware that there can be substantial prop wash down the quayside from ferries when leaving which can, in extreme cases, cause damage to yacht mooring lines, fairleads and cleats.

There are several tavernas and a minimarket ashore. Buses go from here regularly to the Chora two miles uphill to the NE.
Chart of Loutra bay


Harbour icon Loutra [[Kythnos#Loutra|Loutra]] (Λουτρά) 37°26.530'N, 024°25.609'E

The harbour of Loutra is on the NE side of the island and is somewhat more yacht-friendly than the main ferry harbour. Although the prevailing NE winds blow down into the bay and cause a pronounced swell, the harbour, situated at the extreme W end of the bay, escapes much of the worst. The harbour is defined by a long NE breakwater with an L-shaped extension and, on the SW side, by a short jetty filled with local small craft. It is quite small, and yachts are advised to prepare anchors, lines and fenders before entering in view of the limited space to manoeuvre. Yachts can moor in one of three positions: stern/bows-to the quay of the NE breakwater using their anchors, where there is space for around 12 yachts; alongside the inside of the L-shaped extension, where there is space for two yachts; or alongside the outside of this extension, where there is room for four yachts. The last position experiences some swell with strong NE winds and is very uncomfortable in gales from this direction. The remaining positions afford very good shelter in all winds. There are plentiful water and electricity points along the quays. Toilet and shower is in marina office building, but it is not obvious if public.

There is a hot mineral spring known from ancient times. Visitors can take relaxing batch in freely accessible hot water bathtub opposite to the harbour (S end of the beach). Water contains iron that was also mined on the island – see remains of loading gantry N to the harbour. You can contact harbourmaster Stavros at +30 (6983) 461669

Beautiful Chora is reachable by taxi or 1½hour trip or, and from S end of the beach, you can rent a scooter from S.Margonis - who happend to be Stavros - to reach unspoilt little bays disseminating the island.

An alternative if the harbour is full is the anchorage of Ayias Irene's cove.

  • May 2013, 34 feeter
    • 9.11 €/night including water and electricity
    • we were unable to pay for second day (nobody in office)
Loutra, the harbor
The harbour from S
Yachts moored at the NE quay

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Fikiadha Anchorage


Anchorage icon Fikiadha [[Kythnos#Fikiadha|Fikiadha]] (Φικιάδα) 37°24.7′N, 24°23′E

Fikiadha is a beautiful anchorage, and is very well protected from both the meltemi and southerlies. Depending on the prevailing wind, anchor either on the N or S side of the little cove. Be careful, because there is weed at the bottom and sometimes anchors give the appearance of having caught but come undone when strained by a strong gust. Always check the anchor by snorkeling.

If the anchorage is full, you can drop your anchor near the NW and take a line to the N shore.

There is now a restaurant over the sandbar. Its food is of an indifferent quality.
Aerial View of Fikiadha & Kolimpithres
The Sandbar in Fikiadha
Fikiadha from the E
Chart of Kolimpithres


Anchorage icon Kolimpithres [[Kythnos#Kolimpithres|Kolimpithres]] 37°24.9′N, 24°22′E

Kolimpithres or Kolona is E of the sand bar which separates it from Fikiada is also a very attractive anchorage. It is very well protected from both the meltemi and southerlies. On a small beach on the N side of the cove, there is a hot spring in the shape of a small bathtub where you can relax. Unfortunately, it is very popular with motor cruisers from Athens during the summer weekends.

Anchor to the S and take a line to a rock on the N shore. The bottom is weed and not always good holding. Drop the anchor on a sandy patch and always check the anchor by snorkeling.
Anchorage of Kolimpithres
Chart of Apokrousis


Anchorage icon Apokrousis [[Kythnos#Apokrousis|Apokrousis]] 37°24.8′N, 24°23.8′E
This cove is just E of Fikiada (sometimes it is referred as Apokrisis or Apokriosis). It is well protected. Be careful, because there is weed at the bottom and sometimes anchors give the appearance of having caught but come undone when strained by a strong gust. Anchor in 4.0 metres and check the anchor by snorkeling.
Apokrisis or Apokrousis

Ayia Irene

Ayia Irene/wiki/Kythnos#Ayia_Irene
Anchorage icon Ayia Irene [[Kythnos#Ayia Irene|Ayia Irene]] 37°26.387'N, 024°25.936'E

This is a deep inlet at the SE end of the bay of Loutra. A yacht can anchor here in 3.0 – 6.0 metres and take a line ashore to rings in the rocks on the N side of the inlet. Shelter here is reasonably good in moderate winds, though a swell comes in with strong NE winds.

In the town are the main hot springs from which Kea derives its alternative name of Thermia. There are several tavernas around the harbour, a couple of good minimarkets in the village and car and scooter rental can be arranged.
Anchorage of Ayios Ioannis & Ayios Stefanos

Ayios Stefanos & Ayios Ioannis

Ayios Stefanos & Ayios Ioannis/wiki/Kythnos#Ayios_Stefanos_.26_Ayios_Ioannis
Anchorage icon Ayios Stefanos & Ayios Ioannis [[Kythnos#Ayios Stefanos & Ayios Ioannis|Ayios Stefanos & Ayios Ioannis]] 37°23.347'N, 024°27.865'E
These two bays are on the E coast of the island. They provide good shelter from the meltemi.


Anchorage icon Episkopis [[Kythnos#Episkopis|Episkopis]] 37°24.1′N, 24°23.6′E
Open to the W. Swell enters with the meltemi. Good only in calm weather.


Anchorage icon Kanala [[Kythnos#Kanala|Kanala]] 37°20.5′N, 24°26.1′E

Open to the SE. Not very good shelter from the meltemi. Good only in calm weather.

I arrived here on August 14, 2013 with a north wind of between 20 and 30 Knots The anchorage on the east side of the bay near the church was quite comfortable with no swell. The Paniyiri here was outstanding. --Daphnoula

Ayios Nikolaos

Ayios Nikolaos/wiki/Kythnos#Ayios_Nikolaos
Anchorage icon Ayios Nikolaos [[Kythnos#Ayios Nikolaos|Ayios Nikolaos]] 37°18.8′N, 24°24.3′E
Nice cove. Open to the SE. Not very good shelter from the meltemi. Good only in calm weather.


Water Loutra: vailable on the quay, there is an extra charge for this
Electricity Loutra: vailable on the quay, there is an extra charge for this
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the two harbours and in several anchorages
Fuel Can be delivered at Loutra and Merikas. Call +30 (6945) 316808 or +30 (22810) 31419
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet In internet cafés in Merikas and Loutra
Mobile connectivity Good 4G signal
Vehicle rentals Can be arranged in Merikas and Loutra.

Loutra: rent a scooter from S.Margonis


Several small stores in Loutra and Merikas.

Eating out

  • Chora
Steki/wiki/Kythnos#.27.27Steki.27.27Eatingout icon Steki [[Kythnos#Steki|Steki]] Excellent food (tel. +30 (22810) 31 204). You can call the taxi of Moschoula's (the proprietress) brother Yiannis, at +30 (6944) 271 609 or +30 (22810) 31 272. He can pick you up from Loutra or where the road ends in Apokrousis where you could go with the dinghy from Fikiadha.
Koutsikos/wiki/Kythnos#.27.27Koutsikos.27.27Eatingout icon Koutsikos [[Kythnos#Koutsikos|Koutsikos]] There are very good local meat dishes at the Koutsikos, on the road to Chora.
Araxovoli/wiki/Kythnos#.27.27Araxovoli.27.27Eatingout icon Araxovoli [[Kythnos#Araxovoli|Araxovoli]] In the harbor, good sea food.


There are ferries, several per day, to Lavrio and in the summer hydrofoils from Zea.


The Chora of Kythnos


The island was named after Kythnos, the leader of Dryopes from Evia. It was also known in antiquity as Ofiousa, Theramnia, or Thermia. It was peopled by the Ionian Greeks. It took part in the Persian wars. During Roman times it was used as a place foe exile. In 1207, after the Fourth Crusade, it was occupied by the Franks who called it Fermina, and in 1537 it was occupied by the Ottomans who called it Hamam Adasi.

Places to Visit

  • Visit Chora, two miles S of Loutra and the same distance E of Merikas.
  • Take a bath in the hot springs of Loutra
  • Visit the churches, some of which are quite old


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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