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Greece Astypalea S.jpg
Satellite View of Astypalea

Astypalea (Αστυπάλαια) or Astipalaia or Stampalia is an isolated island with an area of 96.85 km2 withabout 1600 inhabitants. While it belongs to the Dodecanese group, geographically and historically it is closer associated with the Cyclades.

Chora is the larger town in Astypalea. It surrounds the Quirini castle. The town is charming with its white washed buildings and many nooks and crannies. Many of the old buildings are in disrepair and, like in so many other Greek islands, are unfortunately not being repaired but are being replaced by concrete monsters. People have become too affluent to want to keep up the old houses. This is still a nice, off the beaten track island, well worth a visit.

Near the castle is the lovely church of Παναγία Πορταΐτισα (Panayia Portaitisa - Our Lady of the Gate). It has a very nice roof and a well kept garden. The castle itself is in a sad condition. Only two of its churches have been kept, the rest are in ruins. The view is wonderful. Walk through the old ramparts and then down through the town and back to Skala. All together you will like Astypalea. It still has many old houses and it is low key.


1040 Nísos Íos to Vrakhonisídha Kandhelioússa
3922 Astipalia (Stampalia) Island
G32 Eastern Sporades, Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey
G34 Southern Cyclades
54410 Nisos Astipalaia
54412 Nisos Amorgos & Plans in Astipalaia
42 Andros to Chalki Island
423 Paros to Astypalia


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The cove at Kounoupi


Island icon Kounoupi [[Astypalea#Kounoupi|Kounoupi]] 36°31.861'N, 026°27.902'E
There is an anchorage on the west cove of this uninhabited islet to the SE of Astypalea. It affords some shelter from the meltemi.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & telephone +30 2430 61 208
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 23

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approaches to Astypalea are straightforward but,

Warning: there can be very violent gusts near the lee coastline.


Skala is the main harbor but there are several other well protected anchorages however, they all suffer from the fierce gusts.


Chart of Skala


Harbour icon Skala [[Astypalea#Skala|Skala]] (Σκαλα or Περίγιαλος) 36°32.883'N, 026°21.372'E

Skala or Perigialos is a safe harbor but subject to violent gusts in a strong meltemi. A new breakwater extension provides secure berthing for around 6-8 yachts med moored to the quay. Water and electricity points are installed and have now been connected (June 2013). Diesel can be ordered by telephone via a small truck from the nearby gasoline station.

It is also possible to moor stern to or alongside the outer quay but it is sometimes crowded and close to the ferries,and not at all protected from the Meltemi. Alternatively, one or two yachts can anchor at the northern end of the bay, staying well clear of the anchors of yachts moored on the quay. Good holding in sand. The Hellenic Coast Guard is friendly, moderately helpful and their port fee is miniscule (2.12 EU for 45' in 2011)

I was told by a fisherman that entering or leaving the harbour with SE winds/waves can be tricky. An alternative, I was told, is Maltezana Bay or, of course, the bays on the north side of the islands narrow isthmus - Agios Nikolaos or the North East Cove -but these are both a few kilometers from any kind of civilization. - April 2014 --LifePart2 Canada Icon.png

Skala is an attractive town and has a number of restaurants and a few stores with limited provisions. The gas station is not too far but up-hill. The town of Chora is about 15 minutes walk up the steep road.

An alternative to Skala is Livadia Bay about 1.5 nM to the S.
New yacht harbour
Chora & Skala
Chart of Ayios Andreas

Ayios Andreas

Ayios Andreas/wiki/Astypalea#Ayios_Andreas
Harbour icon Ayios Andreas [[Astypalea#Ayios Andreas|Ayios Andreas]] 36°34.35′N, 26°20.46′E
This a new artificial harbor on the inner NW side of the island. According to the local fishermen, it provides all weather shelter. Facilities for water and electricity have not yet been connected (April 2014). There is room for a handful of yachts to dock against the wall. There is also good anchorage just outside the little harbour. The bay provides good shelter from West and South sector winds, but will get a bit of chop from Easterlies, and swell from Northerlies. There is a 6km road to Skala and the Hora, and also to Analipsi. There are no other facilities of any sort. Also the ferry to other islands departs from here.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Livadia Bay

Livadia Bay

Livadia Bay/wiki/Astypalea#Livadia_Bay
Anchorage icon Livadia Bay [[Astypalea#Livadia Bay|Livadia Bay]] 36°32.46′N, 26°20.7′E

This is a large sandy bay just 1.5 nM around the castle south of Skala. It is much less susceptible to the gusts and very comfortable. Good holding.

It is a very attractive sandy beach, low key, with just a couple of restaurants and a few bathers. No provisions. Chora is about a 30 minutes pleasant walk (2.5 km).
Livadia Bay
A comfortable anchorage
Chart of Maltezana

Maltezana Bay

Maltezana Bay/wiki/Astypalea#Maltezana_Bay
Anchorage icon Maltezana Bay [[Astypalea#Maltezana Bay|Maltezana Bay]] (Μαλτεζάνα) 36°34.5′N, 26°23.2′E

The bay of Maltezana provides good shelter for N to SW winds but it is somewhat exposed to the SE. There is a small quay and you may, if there is room, be able too moor at its edge. Otherwise anchor off-shore at 4 m, the bottom is sand and light weed, good holding.

Anchor well behind the moorings as these are attached to multiple cement blocks interlinked with massive chains on the sea bed. This could easily foul an anchor.

There are 5 moorings available. Pay the chap from the Greek day tripper boat along the quay for their use.

Ashore there is a very good Italian/pizzeria restaurant, Kokkino piperi, and a good mini-market.

Another good restaurant is Almira (run by Dimitri and Manolis) on the waterfront near the quay.
Maltezana, the harbor
Maltezana, the quay
Maltezana, anchored off-shore
Chart of Vathi


Anchorage icon Vathi [[Astypalea#Vathi|Vathi]] (Βαθύ) 36°37.08′N, 26°24.0′E

Vathi or Vathy or Mesa Vathi (Μέσα Βαθύ) is a landlocked inlet on NE of the island. It provides very good shelter with all winds. Thick weed bottom makes anchoring in some places difficult.

Many fishing boats use the inlet/wiki/Astypalea#inletAnchorage icon inlet [[Astypalea#inlet|inlet]] 36°37.1′N, 26°24.5′E and it can be very crowded near the taverna (which is best with N and SW winds) but there is plenty of room off the E shore (best for SE winds).

The Galini taverna is excellent. The sea is somewhat brackish.
Vathi, E Side
Mesa Vathi
Chart of Agrilithi Bay

Agrilithi Bay

Agrilithi Bay/wiki/Astypalea#Agrilithi_Bay
Anchorage icon Agrilithi Bay [[Astypalea#Agrilithi Bay|Agrilithi Bay]] (Αγριολίθι) 36°34.77′N, 26°25.4′E
Agrilithi or Agriolithi Bay is a very secure anchorage on the SE side of the island. The violent gusts and the considerable amount of surf, coupled with an ugly kiln and a large rusted crane make this cove less than attractive but if you proceed further in it is rather pleasant. According to the local fishermen, this and Vathi are the most secure anchorages with S winds.
The Cove of Agriolithi
North Cove

North Cove

North Cove/wiki/Astypalea#North_Cove
Anchorage icon North Cove [[Astypalea#North Cove|North Cove]] 36°35.6′N, 26°16.89′E
This attractive cove looks promising for an anchorage protected from the S wind.
The Northeast Side of Astypalea

NE Cove

NE Cove/wiki/Astypalea#NE_Cove
Anchorage icon NE Cove [[Astypalea#NE Cove|NE Cove]] 36°35.1′N, 26°24.1′E
This delightful, but deserted cove provides good shelter from the South and East, but gets some swell coming in when winds are westerly. Open to the North. The holding is good, and the depths are deeper than suggested on the chart - you can go right in and anchor in 3-4 meters on sand. The little cove to the East has a small dock to which you can tie a dinghy. There is a road going in to Analipsi - probably about 3km, but I didn't walk it.


Water Skala: as of 2013
Electricity Skala: as of 2013
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel Skala: it can be ordered by telephone via a small truck from the nearby gasoline station
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés. Many in Skala] offer free, but slow, service
Mobile connectivity Good 3G or 4G signal
Vehicle rentals Skala: there is one outlet

Chora/wiki/Astypalea#ChoraCar icon Chora [[Astypalea#Chora|Chora]] 36°32.751'N, 026°21.136'E at least one outlet


Skala/wiki/Astypalea#.5B.5B.23Skala.7CSkala.5D.5DProvisions icon Skala [[Astypalea#Skala|Skala]] There are several mini-super markets very near the harbour.

Chora/wiki/Astypalea#ChoraProvisions icon Chora [[Astypalea#Chora|Chora]] 36°32.751'N, 026°21.136'E Many good stores.

Eating out

  • Chora
in Chora/wiki/Astypalea#in_ChoraEatingout icon in Chora [[Astypalea#in Chora|in Chora]] There are many attractive restaurants and bars.
Maistrali/wiki/Astypalea#.27.27Maistrali.27.27Eatingout icon Maistrali [[Astypalea#Maistrali|Maistrali]] Restaurant has the best seafood, free WiFi and Computer inside.
Steki/wiki/Astypalea#.27.27Steki.27.27Eatingout icon Steki [[Astypalea#Steki|Steki]] Good mezedes.
in Skala/wiki/Astypalea#in_SkalaEatingout icon in Skala [[Astypalea#in Skala|in Skala]] There are several restaurants, two to the W end of the waterfront street and also have free WiFis.
Kokkino piperi/wiki/Astypalea#.27.27Kokkino_piperi.27.27Eatingout icon Kokkino piperi [[Astypalea#Kokkino piperi|Kokkino piperi]] Italian/pizzeria restaurant, serves good food.
Galini/wiki/Astypalea#.27.27Galini.27.27Eatingout icon Galini [[Astypalea#Galini|Galini]] Taverna, is excellent and operates year round.
in Livadhia/wiki/Astypalea#in_LivadhiaEatingout icon in Livadhia [[Astypalea#in Livadhia|in Livadhia]] There are two tavernas.


There are six flights a week to Athens and 3-4 ferries and hydrofoils to Kos and Rhodes.


Greece Astypalea a.jpg
Aerial View of Astypalea
Astypalea 9.jpg
Panayia Portaitisa
Astypalea Chora1.jpg
Double Church in Chora


The name comes from a mythological figure, Astypalea who was the daughter of Phoenix and Perimedes and the sister of Europa. She had two sons with Poseidon: Ancaeus, king of Samos and an Argonaut, and Eurypylos, king of Kos. The history of Astypalea is long. The Archaeological Museum exhibits several nice and legible inscriptions as well as some good photographs of the Roman mosaics found near Maltezana and a set of classical coins from Chios. The island, which was part of the Byzantine Empire, was taken by the Venetians after the fall of Constantinople in 1207 during the 4th crusade. The Venetian family of Quirini owned the island until 1269 when It reverted to the Byzantines. The Quirinis built the large castle that today dominates the harbor. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the island became part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1921 it was taken over by the Italians, who held it until 1948 when the Dodecanese were united with Greece. Today it is a very attractive and fairly remote island.

Places to Visit

Other than Chora with the Quirini Castle and the Panayia Portaitisa Church. There are the convents of Panayia Flevaritissa and of Livia.

There is also the grotto Dracospillia near Vathi with stalagmites and stalactites and Negro's Grotto near Vatses, formerly a pirate's den.

An excursion to the Castle of St. John on the NW shore of the island is also interesting. The road map is not very accurate on the details and the tourist guide's description of a "lush valley" is really a dry river bank with a few anemic oleanders. There are also any sandy and remote beaches.


[email protected] can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • What a delightful little island - no hint of tourism or money grabbing. We were here for Easter, and were invited in for a friends and family party by the owners of AL Dente restaurant up in the Hora. Incidentally, they also cooked the best meal we have had in months - Octopus in red wine sauce, squid with linguini, and cheese croquettes - with a half liter of red wine, all for 18 euro for 2. The Greek Orthodox church for the Easter Saturday service was fascinating too! See our blog for a fuller description: Our Big Fat Greek Easter - April 2014 --LifePart2 Canada Icon.png

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