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GPS: 21°36.56′S, 35°28.03′E
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Chartlet: Local chartlet
The Bazaruto Archipelago
A Bazaruto beach
Note the tricky channels within the bay.

An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to the Bazaruto Islands in Mozambique.


The Bazaruto Archipelago consists of five idyllic islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and Bangue. The Archipelago is truly one of the most beautiful destinations on the African continent. The area is now protected as a conservation area and national park, including the coral reefs surrounding the islands, making it the only official marine reserve in the country. The park is one of the largest in the Indian Ocean and a crucial achievement in global marine conservation. A nearly untouched paradise on earth, the archipelago has earned its reputation as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

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Islands in the Group

  • Bazaruto Island
  • Benguerra
  • Magaruque
  • Santa Carolina
  • Bangue


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