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Biševo is a small limestone island SW of Vis, and 4 nM off Komiža. Its area is 5.8 km², the highest point, Straženica, is 239 m high. In the centre of the island, there is a fertile field, the northern part of the island is covered with pine forests and the rest of the island is covered with maquis shrubland or bare rocks. The coastal sea belt is a rich fishing area. The main industries are viticulture and fishing.

Officially there are a number of settlements on the island: Porat, Potok, Polje, Nevaja, Mezuporat and Salbunora, while there are only 5-6 permanent residents there and slightly more, 20-30, in season.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Naselje Porat.JPG
Hamlet of Porat at the Biševska luka

Biševska luka

Biševska luka/wiki/Bi%C5%A1evo#Bi.C5.A1evska_luka
Anchorage icon Biševska luka [[Biševo#Biševska luka|Biševska luka]] (Porat) 42°58.915'N, 016°00.076'E
A beautiful cove on the W coast. Anchor at 5-10 m. Unsuitable with S and W winds. A couple of restaurants ashore.
Biševo Island on August 7, 2015.JPG
Yachts anchored at U. Mezuporat

U. Mezuporat

U. Mezuporat/wiki/Bi%C5%A1evo#U._Mezuporat
Anchorage icon U. Mezuporat [[Biševo#U. Mezuporat|U. Mezuporat]] 42°58.944'N, 016°01.228'E
An organised mooring managed by the Nautički centar Komiža. The only reason to go there is to see the Blue Cave. A visit to the cave is paid per capita, but 1-hour mooring is then free.





Eating out

Tomić/wiki/Bi%C5%A1evo#.27.27Tomi.C4.87.27.27Eatingout icon Tomić [[Biševo#Tomić|Tomić]] The restaurant was reportedly expensive back in 2012.
 /wiki/Bi%C5%A1evo#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Biševo# | ]] A second restaurant.


Ferry to Vis (see Državna brodska linija 612 Komiža-Biševo-Komiža).


A Benedictine monastery was founded on Biševo in 1050, but it was deserted two centuries later because of the danger of pirates. The church of Saint Sylvester is preserved near the ruins of the monastery.

Blue Cave

Blue Cave/wiki/Bi%C5%A1evo#Blue_Cave
World icon.png Blue Cave [[Biševo#Blue Cave|Blue Cave]] (Modra špilja) 42°58.831'N, 016°01.349'E
While on the steep shores of the island there are many caves, the most famous being this one. It's located at the starboard on the entrance to the U. Balun on the E side of the island. The approach to the cave is only possible by boat. It is 18 meters long, 6 meters deep, and 6 meters high. The entrance to the cave is only 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. During the summer between 10 am and 1 pm, sunbeams penetrate through the submarine opening in Blue Cave and are reflected from the white bottom floor, coloring the cave blue and objects in the water silver. The paid entrance to the cave is controlled by the Nautički centar Komiža (see near the bottom of the page). As per 2018 it's 100 Kn in season and 70 Kn off season per capita.


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See Croatia.


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