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Greece Lipsi S.jpg
Satellite View of Lipsi

Lipsi (Λειψοί) is a small but neat island. Its town and harbour is very attractive and well kept. It seems that many of today's inhabitants had at one time immigrated to Australia and have now returned. They brought with them a certain amount of affluence and a more cosmopolitan outlook than one would expect on such a small island.

The island has a well-protected harbour at the head of an inlet halfway along its southern coast and several good anchorages around its shores. It has a modest tourist trade that has, so far, not altered the island’s quiet and relaxed ambience.


2682 Kolpos Patalion to Nisos Nisiros
3927 Patmos, Arki and Lipso
G34 Southern Cyclades
54400 Samos to Rhodos
451 Leros to Rhodos


See Aegean Sea.


Lipsi has a relaxed pace of life


Cove in Aspronisi


Island icon Aspronisi [[Lipsi#Aspronisi|Aspronisi]] (Ασπρονήσι) 37°18.4′N, 26°48.3′E

Aspronisi is a rock with a tiny white beach and amazingly crystal clear water. It a suitable lunch-stop anchorage. While it does afford some protection from the meltemi it is too exposed for an overnight stop.

Fantastic geology above & below the water. Mind you don't get your anchor caught under one of the strata. And keep your eyes & ears peeled for Eleonora's falcon.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, tel. +30 22470 41 133
  • Olympia Radio - channel 24

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


There are numerous small islands lying off the southern approaches to Lipsi Harbour, which can create confusing changes in wind direction in the approach from this quarter. When the meltemi is blowing, there are usually very strong and unpredictable gusts in the entrance to the inlet and it may be sensible to take your sails down prior to entry in these conditions.


Lipsi Harbour

Lipsi Harbour/wiki/Lipsi#Lipsi_Harbour
Harbour icon Lipsi Harbour [[Lipsi#Lipsi Harbour|Lipsi Harbour]] (Λειψοί) 37°17.7′N, 26°45.5′E

The small harbour of Lipsi (Λειψοί), is in a dog-leg inlet roughly halfway along the south side of the island. There is a white light structure (Fl W 3s 6M) at the N entrance. A white chapel with a blue domed roof is conspicuous on the N shore of the outer part of the inlet. The inlet is well protected from the prevailing winds but there can be very strong gusts during the meltemi.

There are two mooring options in Lipsi harbour: in the harbour itself there is space for around 12-14 yachts stern-to the concrete quay that forms the harbour breakwater (you will be dropping anchor here in 3.5 - 4.0 metres and there are depths of around 6.0 metres at the quay). Holding here is good in mud and sand. Alternatively, a floating pontoon outside the harbour in a small cove to the NW can accommodate around six yachts in total moored alongside on either side (more if rafted up). Depths here range from 3.0 metres at the root to 3.5 metres at the end. On the pontoon, you have the advantage of being in better shelter and head-on to the prevailing winds, although you will probably experience an uncomfortable swell. In July 2017, a 40 foot monohull and a 35 foot motor cat were asked to leave the floating pontoon by the Hellenic Coast Guard, who said the pontoon is only for small vessels for reasons of safety. The harbour experiences some chop with the meltemi but it is not usually bothersome. When the harbour is full or in the case of very large yachts, one can also anchor moor to the outside of the breakwater, although this position is subject to swell with the meltemi.

Water (non-potable) and electricity are available on the quay (there are only two stations, one at either end of the quay), but not on the pontoon (July 2017). Charge for electricity is €5 and water €12 for 1000 litres (June 2014).

It is also possible to anchor off in two small coves about half a mile W of the quay. One is under the conspicuous white chapel with the blue domed roof/wiki/Lipsi#white_chapel_with_the_blue_domed_roofAnchorage icon white chapel with the blue domed roof [[Lipsi#white chapel with the blue domed roof|white chapel with the blue domed roof]] 37°17.8′N, 26°45.3′E and the other is just N of it just N of it/wiki/Lipsi#just_N_of_itAnchorage icon just N of it [[Lipsi#just N of it|just N of it]] 37°17.9′N, 26°45.5′E . Anchor in 6.0 -7.0 metres over sand, avoiding the patches of weed. Good holding and shelter from the prevailing winds, although the wind does gust with the meltemi.

To the E of the harbour is a fairly large bay/wiki/Lipsi#fairly_large_bayAnchorage icon fairly large bay [[Lipsi#fairly large bay|fairly large bay]] 37°17.5′N, 26°45.8′E that affords excellent protection from southerlies. The water here is muddy and the bottom is mostly mud and weed. Anchor in 5.0 metres and be sure to test the holding.

The town is very pleasant and tranquil with many attractive places to eat, especially in the summer months. There are also some good walks in the surrounding countryside.
Yachts on the quay in Lipsi
Yachts on the pontoon in Lipsi
Anchorage under the church

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Katsadiá & Papandriá

Katsadia & Papandria (Lera Lipsi)

Katsadia & Papandria (Lera Lipsi)/wiki/Lipsi#Katsadia_.26_Papandria_.28Lera_Lipsi.29
Anchorage icon Katsadia & Papandria (Lera Lipsi) [[Lipsi#Katsadia & Papandria (Lera Lipsi)|Katsadia & Papandria (Lera Lipsi)]] 37°16.683'N, 026°46.390'E
There are two coves here: Katsadiá/wiki/Lipsi#Katsadi.C3.A1Buoy icon Katsadiá [[Lipsi#Katsadiá|Katsadiá]] (Κατσαδιά) 37°16.9′N, 26°46.3′E and Papandriá/wiki/Lipsi#Papandri.C3.A1Anchorage icon Papandriá [[Lipsi#Papandriá|Papandriá]] (Παπανδριά) 37°16.8′N, 26°46.2′E . These coves are also known as Limni or Lira, because of the little island named Lira (Λύρα) or Lera at its entrance, it is on the southern side of the Lipsi which is not heavily inhabited. Both are wonderful coves, well protected from the meltemi and have very clear, emerald-green waters over a sandy bottom. A few bathers come during the day and there are one or two tents with overnight campers. It is a favorite anchorage of many yachts as there are two other coves near by. Anchor in 6.0 metres over a sandy patch in either cove. Very good holding (but not everywhere) despite the very strong gusts. One can walk to town about 40 minutes away. There is also a cove further east that looks attractive and some boats do anchor there. The bottom is very hard sand covered with weed in places and it can be difficult for the anchor to dig in.
Papandria from up the hill
Platys Yialos

Platis Yialos

Platis Yialos/wiki/Lipsi#Platis_Yialos
Anchorage icon Platis Yialos [[Lipsi#Platis Yialos|Platis Yialos]] (Πλατύς Γιαλός) 37°18.8′N, 26°44.5′E

Platis Yialos or Platys Gialos lies at the NE side of the island. It is protected from southerlies and from the NW but it is exposed to the NE. It is a very pleasant cove, a bathing favorite of the locals (only 3 km from the town). The bottom is sand and affords good holding. Anchor in 4.0 -5.0 metres. There is a small taverna which operates only during the day.

Watch out for local fishing boats which string out nets across the bay.


Anchorage icon Moschatou [[Lipsi#Moschatou|Moschatou]] (Μοσχάτο) 37°19.2′N, 26°43.2′E
Moschatou (Μοσχάτου) or Moschato is a very well protected anchorage on the NW side of the island. It consists of four coves but the N cove was completely taken over by a fish farm, now defunct. The Southern/wiki/Lipsi#SouthernAnchorage icon Southern [[Lipsi#Southern|Southern]] 37°19.069'N, 026°43.210'E and the SW afford good all weather protection. Anchor in 5.0 metres and take two lines ashore, left and right, to prevent the boat swinging onto the rocks. A dirt road leads to Platis Yialos.
NW cove
NE cove
N cove
Sunset in Moschato


Anchorage icon Chochlakouras [[Lipsi#Chochlakouras|Chochlakouras]] 37°17.1′N, 26°47.1′E
This a pleasant enough cove which offers some protection from the meltemi. Anchor on sand in 4.0 -5.0 metres, good holding.

SE Cove

SE Cove/wiki/Lipsi#SE_Cove
Anchorage icon SE Cove [[Lipsi#SE Cove|SE Cove]] 37°18.3′N, 26°46.6′E
This pleasant and deserted cove is exposed to the N and is not a suitable anchorage during the meltemi. It does however offer excellent protection from southerly winds. Anchor in 5.0 -6.0 metres over sand. Good holding, although I was told by local fishermen that there have been problems here.


Water Lipsi Harbour: there are water points on the quay, although the water is non-potable. Water is available at 0900 and 1700
Electricity Lipsi Harbour: on the quay, but only two stations, one at either end
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Lipsi has now gone ‘ecological’ all trash bin have been removed. An attendant will supply visiting yachtsmen on arrival on Lipsi Harbour with color-coded bags for recycling of garbage. The bags are collected around 1000 each morning. Alas the result of this well meaning initiative is more trash along the beaches and coves. --Istioploos 22:11, 8 February 2013 (GMT).

Now there are bins in several anchorages. --Istioploos 22:53, 10 February 2017 (GMT)

Fuel harbor: there is a gas station S of the harbor but it is rarely open and if so only 14:00 to 15:00.
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers None
Repairs Only very limited
  • Internet café in the town
  • Wifi (24 hour) at the bakery café to the west of the harbourmaster’s office
Mobile connectivity Good mobile phone signal (G4) almost everywhere on the island
Vehicle rentals Motorbikes can be rented from outlets around the north side of the harbour


  • A small mini-market near the quay
  • Some shopping for provisions up the hill in the village
  • A bakery to the left of the path up to the village

Eating out

  • Many restaurants around the harbour, reasonably priced fish at the Theologos
  • Yiannis Taverna, 100 metres west of the yacht quay, is excellent value and usually very popular with cruisers.
  • At the small square in the village a grill, the Nave or Manolis Taste, has very good local grilled chicken
  • The small café with blue chairs and tents just to the right of the yacht quay has no name but it is very popular with the locals. Now (2010) it has a name: Nikis' & Louli's. It serves, in my opinion, the best grilled octopus this side of the Aegean --Istioploos
Nikis' & Louli's (Blue Chairs and Tents) Café


There are daily hydrofoils in the summer to Kos, Samos, Patmos, and Leros.


The Cathedral in the Town
Chapel by the Harbor
Fishing Boats in the Harbor
Country Side, near the Town
Lipsi town beach

Lipsi is a favorite "off the beaten track" destination for ecologically minded tourists. There are no ‘sights’ here. Just enjoy the beautiful beaches and take long walks. The island’s meandering lanes are good places to spot birds of prey, even the rare Eleanora’s falcon.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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  • Lipsi is one of the least spoiled islands in the Dodecanese and a personal favorite, even though the harbour is very gusty in the meltemi --Athene of Lymington 08:57, 14 July 2010 (UTC)

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