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Map of Kea

The island of Kea (Κέα) or Tzia (Τζιά) belongs to the Cyclades and it is the nearest to Athens from that group of islands. It is a mostly barren island with about 2,000 inhabitants who raise mostly livestock. Its tallest peak is Mt. Profitis Ilias 561 m (1840 ft.). The steep sides of the island are characterized by large stone fences to keep the animals within individual boundaries. In the last few years there have been a sizable number of Athenians who have bought properties and built fancy villas in the areas of Otzia in the north, Melisaki in the west and Koundouros in the southwest. Most of these villas are attractive stone built and blend in with the prevailing environment. During weekends there are large numbers of motor cruisers in Vourkari - Korissa (main port) and in the Koundouros cove.

The picturesque main town of Kea is Ioulis or Chora, is about 6 km way-up inland. The total population today is about 2,000 people. Despite the island's proximity to Athens, its beaches are surprising clean.

Kea West is an informative web forum with local news on Kea. is the Municipality of Kea web site with Greek, English, German and Italian language selections.


1038 Stenó Sífnou to Stenó Kafiréa
G31 North Cyclades
54344 Saronic Gulf and Gulf of Petalion
421 Karystos to Naxos


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  • Kythnos Kythnos/wiki/Kythnos Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - HF channel 27

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Most approaches to Kea, with the exception of the approach to Koundouros (Kavia), are without danger.

Danger: Be very careful in entering Koundouros Bay about 1/4 nM W of the N promontory is a reef which is not always visible. Also there are many rocks extending from the N promontory. Always give it a wide margin and enter the bay close to its S entrance.


The island's main harbor, Korissia together with the smaller yacht harbor of Vourkari, are in the large bay of Ayios Nikolaos at the NE side of the island. In addition to these harbors there are several very attractive coves.


Chart of Vourkari Anchorage


Harbour icon Vourkari [[Kea#Vourkari|Vourkari]] (Βουρκάρι) 37°40′N, 24°19.5′E

Vourkari is the main anchorage for yachts. It is at the NE side of the Ayios Nikolaos Bay.


It is very well protected from the meltemi but with strong westerlies there is a very uncomfortable and possible dangerous swell. In that case move to Korissia. Confused wind was experienced during S moderate gale – strong W gusts experienced in E–W oriented quay.


Yacht can either anchor off-shore or moor stern-to at the quay. Depths are shallow immediately against the quay and you may have to hop through your dinghy to get ashore. The cove is deep; there is good holding but because of the depth use at least 40 m of chain. In the summer months, the anchorage is very crowded, especially during weekends. Make sure that you arrive early. Also keep in mind that most boats are on permanent moorings with a small swing radius.

Local people (e. g. restaurant owner) are helpful during visitor's mooring operations. People are kind and very helpful here (e. g. extension cord lent free of charge).

Provisions, supplies

Two small stores next to quay.

Recently water and electricity can be taken from the stand, paid by pre-paid card. For both water and electricity you would need two cards. Ask for them in the local shops. Amount of water sufficient (tanks filled, deck cleaned and still running), but we were short of electricity (water heater kept on unintentionally).

Prices (May 2013)

Berthing to quay was free-of-charge. Price for pre-paid water/electricity was 2,50 €.


There are a number of restaurants, an art gallery, few bars and two small stores ashore. They all tend to be overpriced. There are better stores in Korissia. It is the regrettable practice of the restaurants to dump their cooking oil in the sea. This not only pollutes the nice bay but can stick to tenders and ropes. Another improvement though is the biological sewer treatment. Now the small port is much cleaner and odourless. Nevertheless, during the summer months Vourkari is crowded and noisy, especially during the night. For quieter sleep conditions it is advisable to anchor within the large bay.

There are Bronze Age excavitations opposite to the quay across the bay. You can see a wrecked sailing yacht on the way there.

Beautiful Chora is reachable by around 20 minutes of taxi drive.
The quay in Vourkari
Anchoring off at Vourkari
Chart of Korissia


Harbour icon Korissia [[Kea#Korissia|Korissia]] (Κορησσία) 37°39.7′N, 24°18.9′E

Korissia is the commercial harbor within the large Bay of Saint Nicholas where the ferries dock. There is room, however for approximately 20 yachts with depths getting shallower todards the beach. You are better off anchoring on the E side of the cove away from the maneuvering ferryboats. It is a busy place with several restaurants and stores. There is an excellent bakery here. Deeper into the bay there is the picturesque Vourkari (Βουρκάρι) fishing and tourist spot. Many charter sailing and private motor yachts moor here. Plenty of restaurants, few bars, an art gallery, Food Marquette (expensive), water and electricity on the dock (fuse problems though). You can contact harbourmaster Nikos tel:6977694014

Fuel (diesel & gas) can be ordered from Mr. Triantafyllos by calling: +30 22880-21400 and +30 6977-300130. He also sells ice cubes.

Alternativelly (as of 2016) you can call EKO station (seen almost each day on the quay) at +30 22880 21250 Mob:+30 698 74 48 956.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

A new Athletic Nautical Club of Kea - NAOK is being formed. It is anticipated to be operational by Spring 2009 with its premises on the old "Coaling Station" (a.k.a Cocca) area, on the small beach in front of the unused now electricity generating plant, in the north side of the Bay of St. Nicholas. For more: Website

Nautical Athletic Club of Kea - NAOK
Proposed NAOK Athletic facilities

--Beracuda 12:02, 10 September 2008 (UTC)


Chart of Koundouros


Anchorage icon Koundouros [[Kea#Koundouros|Koundouros]] (Κούνδουρος) 37°34.7′N, 24°16.6′E

After Vourkari, Koundouros or Kavia Bay or Ayios Emilianos is the most popular yacht anchorage in the island. It is well protected from the meltemi but it is totally exposed to the S. In the case of southerlies the cove is not tenable. The near by cove of Pises may offer some protection, otherwise, go to Vourkari.

Anchor close to the NE, and if possible take a line ashore and tie to a rock under the little church. Good holding. In 1996 we were holed-in here during a force 8 gale. Just like in Vourkari, during the summer weekends, the bay is crowded with motor cruisers from Athens. It can be hard to find a spot for anchoring. Also it can and usually does get rather noisy. It is best to avoid weekends, but if you must do arrive early.

There are a couple restaurants within walking distance, otherwise there no other facilities. The town of Kea is about 45 minutes by taxi. You can call a taxi (card phone on the road at the E cove) by calling Mr. Antonis at +30 693 25 9435.
Moored Koundouros in with a shore line


Anchorage icon Pisses [[Kea#Pisses|Pisses]] (Ποίσσες) 37°36′N, 24°16.4′E
Pisses is a small bay about 2 nM N of Koundouros Bay. It is not well protected from the meltemi but it offers some shelter from the SW wind. Sandy bottom, good holding. There is small restaurant ashore.
The anchorage of Poles


Anchorage icon Poles [[Kea#Poles|Poles]] 37°33.42′N, 24°19.87′E

Poles or Polais is a lovely cove on the SE side of the island. It provides fairly good shelter from the meltemi but it is exposed to the SE. In the middle of the cove there is a small island connected to the shore by a shallow reef. The best place is to the E of the island. Sandy bottom, good holding. During weekdays, even in the summer you are liable to have this wonderful place all to yourself but it is popular with the Athenian crowd during weekends.

Ashore are the ruins of the ancient Karthea (Καρθαία), they have been recently cleaned and a cobblestone path from the beach was created. Well worth the walk.
Poles from ancient Karthea


Anchorage icon Khalindhoniki [[Kea#Khalindhoniki|Khalindhoniki]] 37°39.7′N, 24°24.1′E

This is a small and very pleasant cove S of Cape Spathi on the NE side of the island. Good shelter from the meltemi but it is exposed to the SE. Anchor at about 5 m on sandy bottom, good holding. Again, could be crowded during weekends in the summer months. There are a few houses ashore. One can visit the monastery on top of the hill (about 20 minutes on foot), which affords a splendid view.

Now there is a road and the little beach has been "developed" with umbrellas and beach chairs. Many motor cruisers congregate here during the summer, so it is a less desirable anchorage then it used to be. --Istioploos 16:01, 1 September 2014 (BST)

Cove S of Poles

Cove S of Poles/wiki/Kea#Cove_S_of_Poles
Anchorage icon Cove S of Poles [[Kea#Cove S of Poles|Cove S of Poles]] 37°31.9′N, 24°18.1′E
This a small and wonderful cove between Poles and Cape Tamelos. It is a delightful anchorage but only for calm weather. Sandy bottom, good holding. The shore is deserted.


Anchorage icon Orgias [[Kea#Orgias|Orgias]] 37°40.715'N, 024°21.041'E
This is a small cove on the N side of the island. Only for calm weather.


  • Vourkari: can be taken from the stand, paid by pre-paid card
  • Korissia: on the dock
  • Vourkari: can be taken from the stand, paid by pre-paid card
  • Korissia: on the dock
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins in many places
  • Vourkari and Korissia delivery from a mini-tank can be arranged, call: +30 22880-21400 or +30 6977-300130
Bottled gas In supermarkets and hardwarebstores
Chandlers Korissia: there are two hardware stores. Both have basic marine supplies
Repairs N/A
Internet Internet cafés in Chora, Korissia, and Vourkari
Mobile connectivity Good 4G signal in most of the island
Vehicle rentals Korissia: car & motorscooter rental


Food stores and supermarkets in Korissia (good bakery) and Vourkari.

Eating out

Maroula/wiki/Kea#MaroulaEatingout icon Maroula [[Kea#Maroula|Maroula]] has excellent but expensive food.
You can sometimes find fresh lobster but prices are inflated.
Several restaurants.
There are two restaurants here, one by the sea, the other on the road to the east.
  • Kambi, and of course, in Chora
Several restaurants.


Daily (weather permitting) ferries from Korissia to Lavrio and Rafina.


Greece Kea TownHall.jpg
The Town Hall
Greece Kea AyMarina.jpg
The 4th c BC Tower of Ayia Marina

Places to Visit

Vourkari (Aghia Eirene)

In the small peninsula just N of Vourkari is the excavated Bronze Age site of Aghia Eirene. However, there is not much to see as it is enclosed and not always open to the public.


Inspect white houses attached to two adjecend hills looking like two sugar cube piles from distance. Inside, you will find a labyrinth of narrow streets, stairs and passages.

Near the town of Kea there is an Archaeological Museum with a comprehensive exhibits from stone age, and ancient Kea as well as from Karthea (Poles). Across the museum is the delightful miniscule neoclassical Town Hall.

Do not ommit Lion of Kea (37°38.46′N, 24°20.88′E), a sculpture in-situ carved from rock E from the village (follow the trail to cemetery and proceed).

Aghia Marina

A few kilometers from the town of Kea at Aghia Marina (Αγία Μαρίνα) there is a 4 story 4th century BC tower worth a visit.


Also nearby at Karthaia are the remains of the temples of Apollo and Athena.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


We welcome users' contributions to the Wiki. Please click on Comments to view other users' comments, add your own personal experiences or recommend any changes to this page following your visit. This is an island I visit often because my brother Beracuda has a summer house here. --Istioploos

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