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Cres Town waterfront

Cres Island lies in the Kvarner Gulf off the E coast of the large peninsula of Istra in Croatia, between the peninsula and the islands of Krk and Rab. Its northern extremity is 11 miles SSW of the large commercial port of Rijeka. Cres is joined at the town of Osor along its SW coast by a lifting road bridge to the smaller island of Losinj. Although not quite the largest of the Croatian islands in terms of land area, it is the longest, with a climatic range and vegetation that range from Mediterranean at the southern end to almost sub-alpine at the northern end. The island’s main harbour, Cres Town, has a yacht jetty and 473 berth marina, but apart from the small harbours of Valun four miles SW of Cres Town and Martinscica and Osor on the SW coast, the rest of the island has only anchorages, particularly at its SE end. The island’s main attractions include the 15th and 16th-century Venetian architecture of Cres Town and Osor, the tiny but beautiful settlement of Valun. The Eco-Centre Caput Insulae at Beli in the NE part of the island, which was dedicated to the preservation of Croatia’s endangered population of griffon vultures is no longer open (June 2013). Travelling around the island, you may be lucky enough to spot one of these magnificent creatures, conspicuous for their three-metre wingspan.


British Admiralty
BA202 - Croatia, Kvarner, Kvarnerić and Velebitski Kanal
BA2719 - Croatia, Rt Marlera to Senj including Approaches to Rijeka
Croatian chart
MK 6 - Cres Island
M23 - Adriatic Sea


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Cres Town is not a port of entry. The nearest port of entry is Mali Losinj on the island of [Losinj]].


The principal berthing options for yachts visiting the island are the town quay, jetty or Marina Cres in Cres Town, the quays at the small harbours of Valun, Martinscica and Osor or the numerous anchorages at the SE end of the island.


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  • Cres TownCres Town/wiki/Cres_Town Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • MartinšćicaMartinšćica/wiki/Martin%C5%A1%C4%87ica Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • OsorOsor/wiki/Osor Harbour icon – harbour |
  • ValunValun/wiki/Valun Harbour icon – harbour |

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Note: U. (short for Uvala) = cove.

U. Vrc

U. Vrc/wiki/Cres#U._Vrc
Anchorage icon U. Vrc [[Cres#U. Vrc|U. Vrc]] 44°38.995'N, 014°30.366'E
The cove of U. Vrc is situated at the SE extremity of Cres Island and is the most northerly of a series of attractive and sheltered anchorages around this deeply indented section of the coast. In the approach from N, keep at least half a mile offshore to avoid the shoal of Plicina Matesic ling half a mile NE of the cove. In the approach from S, there are shoals extending for 600 metres off the headland of Rt. Kolorat and a further shoal patch extending 300 metres off the short headland immediately E of the small islet at the entrance to U. Ul, the cove just S of U. Vrc. The best shelter in U. Vrc is in the narrow inlet extending due to N at the end of the bay, although depths here are little more than 2.0 metres. Moderate to deep draft yachts will have to anchor in 4.0 - 6.0 metres in the centre of the cove. U. Vrc is sheltered from winds from N through W round to S, but open E and NE.

U. Ul

U. Ul/wiki/Cres#U._Ul
Anchorage icon U. Ul [[Cres#U. Ul|U. Ul]] 44°38.703'N, 014°30.549'E
The cove of U. Ul lies immediately S of U. Vrc and extends SW for a distance of half a mile from the entrance. See approach details for U. Vrc for dangers. U. Ul is entered from NE, leaving the small islet at the entrance to the port. Depths in the inlet range from 5.0 metres at the entrance to 2.0 metres at the head. The shelter is good from all directions except NE. The bottom is sand and good holding.

U. Kolorat

U. Kolorat/wiki/Cres#U._Kolorat
Anchorage icon U. Kolorat [[Cres#U. Kolorat|U. Kolorat]] 44°38.264'N, 014°31.727'E
The cove of U. Kolorat lies like an inverted ‘V’ just W of the headland of the same name. A shoal patch extends for 600 metres off the headland of Rt. Kolorat and needs to be avoided if approaching from S or W. A yacht can anchor in either arm of the inlet depending on wind direction. The E inlet is sheltered from all directions except NW; the W inlet is sheltered from all directions except N. Depths in both inlets range from 7.0 metres at the entrance to 2.0 metres at the head. The bottom is sand and mud and good holding.

Luka Jadriscica

Luka Jadriscica/wiki/Cres#Luka_Jadriscica
Anchorage icon Luka Jadriscica [[Cres#Luka Jadriscica|Luka Jadriscica]] 44°36.834'N, 014°30.394'E
The inlet of Luka Jadriscica is a narrow cleft extending for just over a mile into the extreme SE tip of Cres Island near the hamlet of Pogana. There are extensive shoals off the coast on either side of the inlet and a yacht should not approach closer than a mile until level with the entrance. In particular, the headland to the W of the entrance has rocky shoals for over half a mile offshore. Once in the inlet, the shelter is excellent from all directions except SE. Proceed as far as depths allow and then anchor at the head in 3.0 - 6.0 metres. The bottom is sand and weed and good holding once through the weed. There are several jetties off the village on the E side of the inlet and it may be possible to berth stern/bows-to the southernmost of these, where there are depths of 3.0 - 5.0 metres.

U. Martinscica

U. Martinscica/wiki/Cres#U._Martinscica
Anchorage icon U. Martinscica [[Cres#U. Martinscica|U. Martinscica]] 44°37.505'N, 014°27.814'E
The bay of U. Martinscica (not to be confused with the harbour of the same name) is situated on the SW coast of Cres Island, three miles NW of the entrance to Luka Jadriscica. The headland to the W of the bay has shallows extending for 250 metres off it. Also, the central headland which divides the bay into two has a reef extending for almost 500 metres due to S off it. The best anchorage is in the E fork of the bay, where there are depths of 2.0 - 5.0 metres. The shelter is good from all directions except S and SE. The bottom is sand and good holding.

U. Kaldonta

U. Kaldonta/wiki/Cres#U._Kaldonta
Anchorage icon U. Kaldonta [[Cres#U. Kaldonta|U. Kaldonta]] 44°38.010'N, 014°27.313'E
The cove of U.Kaldonta is situated just under a mile NW of U. Martinscica, on the N side of the elongated peninsula that encloses the latter bay. Shelter here is good from S and SE but the anchorage is completely open from NW round to SW. Depths are 3.0 - 5.0 metres. The bottom is sand and good holding.

U. Ustrine

U. Ustrine/wiki/Cres#U._Ustrine
Anchorage icon U. Ustrine [[Cres#U. Ustrine|U. Ustrine]] 44°44.646'N, 014°23.354'E
Ustrine is a wide and shallow bay, almost a mile wide, on the W coast of Cres Island, three miles N of the town of Osor. The village of Ustine sits on the top of the hill in the centre of the bay. At the NW corner of the bay is a small cove offering good shelter from all directions except S. Depths are 3.0 - 6.0 metres. The bottom is sand and weed and good holding once through the weed.


Water On the Cres Town Breakwater, Cres Town Jetty, on the quey at Valun, and in Marina Cres
Electricity On the Cres Town Breakwater, Cres Town Jetty, on the quey at Valun, and in Marina Cres
Toilets In Marina Cres
Showers In Marina Cres
Laundry In Marina Cres
Garbage Bins near the Cres Town harbour and in Marina Cres
Fuel Fuel in Cres Town and in Marina Cres
Bottled gas Gas replacement at fuel dock in Marina Cres
Chandlers in Marina Cres
Internet WiFi In tMarina Cres and in the Cres Town Boatyard
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in Cres Town


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  • Buses to Opatija, Rijeka and Zagreb
  • Ferries to Brestova on Istra, Rijeka and Krk Island



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Places to Visit

Cres Town is very picturesque and Italianate, with tall, pastel-coloured houses clustered around a small outer and tiny inner harbour. The narrow, tortuous lanes of the old town are full of arches and winding, dead-end alleyways. Like many similar towns in Croatia, the residents make up for their lack of gardens with balconies or front steps that are a riot of foliage. With transport (and if not planning a visit by yacht), the charming village of Valun four miles SW of Cres Town is worth a visit. It lies at the foot of steep cliffs and the very steep access road leads down to a small quay with around a dozen laid moorings and four or five restaurants around the harbour. The town of Osor, where a narrow canal divides Cres Island from its neighbour, Losinj, is a former Roman settlement, later deserted during the Venetian occupation and now a growing tourist destination. The village is most atmospheric and enlivened with some superb bronze sculptures around the main square, including one by Ivan Mestrović. A short walk along the coast brings you to Bijar cove, a small bay with a ruined Franciscan monastery with Glagolitic inscriptions on its bell tower. The Eco-Centre Caput Insulae at Beli in the NE part of the island is no longer open (June 2013). Beli village itself is charming.

Small craft harbour of Cres Town
Waterfront of Valun
The village of Beli
Typical beach on Cres


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