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WorldMediterraneanAdriatic SeaCroatiaŠibenikD-Marin Mandalina
43°43.147'N, 015°53.938'E Chart icon.png
Mandalina Marina
Radio VHF channel 17
Phone +385 (22) 460 800
Mobile +385 (91) 391 7516 (24/7)
Fax +385 (22) 460 802
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 429, 79 of them are for superyachts
Max. length 140 metres
Max. draft 30 metres
Fuel Fuel station 0.2 miles away
Water Yes, on berth (extra charge)
Electricity Yes, 240v (extra charge)
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes
Internet WiFi (extra charge) (extra charge)
Cable TV No
Hours ?
Address Obala Jerka Šižgorića, 1, 22 000, Šibenik, Croatia
More notes about the marina
Plan of Mandalina Marina (from 2012)

D-Marin Mandalina (aka marina Mandalina) lies in the bay of Sibenik on the Adriatic coast of Croatia on the E side of a five mile long inlet entered through a narrow strait, the Kanal Sv. Ante. The entrance is situated five miles SE of Vodice and 11 miles NNW of Primosten. A rather upmarket and expensive marina (even by Croatian standards), it offers 350 berths for yachts up to 75 metres in depths of up to 15 metres.


The marina is situated at the SE end of the bay of Sibenik, 0.5 miles from the centre of the city (but the walk is quite unpleasant, especially after dark, you'd better get a taxi - there are some always available at the entrance to the marina). The city of Zadar is around 62 km to the NW and Split is 60 Km to the SE.


See Sibenik for navigation along the Kanal Sv. Ante into the Šibenski zaljev (Sibenik bay).

Once into the bay of Sibenik, turn S when safely along the shore of the bay. The marina lies on the southern side of a long peninsula that extends NW from the southern end of the bay.


Call Mandalina Marina on VHF channel 17 prior to entry. Alternatively, telephone or e-mail to enquire about berthing or advance reservations.


Yachts berth on stern/bows-to on one of five long pontoons extending out from the shore. Finger pontoons at all berths. Larger yachts (up to 75 metres) lie alongside. From 2012 onwards larger yachts will berth on a new quay and pontoon to the W of the existing marina.

Berthing assistance is available.


  • Restaurant
  • Café/bar
  • Minimarket
  • Laundry service
  • Airport transfers
  • Concierge service


Phoebus Service base with a chandler is located in the marina. It is a branch of a large NCP boatyard. Telephone: +385 (22) 312 931 ; fax: +385 (22) 312 932; [email protected].

Hard standing for up to 50 yachts. Travel lift (50T). Crane (5T). Engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood and fiberglass hull repairs. Sail repairs. Paint works. Divers.




  • Konzum/wiki/D-Marin_Mandalina#KonzumProvisions icon Konzum [[D-Marin Mandalina#Konzum|Konzum]] 43°43.165'N, 015°54.078'E A smaller store in the marina (Mo-Sa 07:00-21:00; Su 07:00-20:00)
  • Konzum Super/wiki/D-Marin_Mandalina#Konzum_SuperProvisions icon Konzum Super [[D-Marin Mandalina#Konzum Super|Konzum Super]] 43°42.802'N, 015°54.755'E A large supermarket in the mall in 1.3 km SE from the marina (08:00-22:00)


See Šibenik


For the latest prices see [Price Listing.


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