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Danga Bay
01°28.440'N, 103°43.390'E Chart icon.png
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Danga Bay, Malaysia
Small info.png Latest News
DANGA BAY MARINA and the nearby anchorage has closed, the land has been taken over by a housing development.

Danga Bay lies in an inlet off West Johor Strait, two miles west of the causeway. It is an alternative to rather expensive Singapore marinas. As of March 2011, there is no slip fee. Electricity is metered. Leaving the boat unattended will incur a RM50 mending fee per week.

The marina has sturdy floating docks, but no seawall around it. In Westerly winds there is enough fetch to build uncomfortable waves.

Other marinas in Malaysia, close to Singapore are: Sebana Cove (private resort), Puteri Harbour (private resort) and Marina Tanjung Pengelih (public, Port of Entry).

Danga Bay lies in an inlet off West Johor Strait, two miles west of the causeway. It is an alternative to rather expensive Singapore marinas. As of March 2011, there is no slip fee. Electricity is metered. Leaving the boat unattended will incur a RM50 mending fee per week.

The marina has sturdy floating docks, but no seawall around it. In Westerly winds there is enough fetch to build uncomfortable waves.

Other marinas in Malaysia, close to Singapore are: Sebana Cove (private resort), Puteri Harbour (private resort) and Marina Tanjung Pengelih (public, Port of Entry).

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See Malaysia.


See Malaysia.


See Malaysia.


Within Danga Bay area VHF ch. 72 for call channel, then go to talk channel of your choice. <<--- 2011/03: no action on 72!

The popular South East Asian Maritime Mobile Net on 14.323.00 mgh starts at 00.25 UTC (0825 local) and weather is given at 00.55 (0855). Net controller, Richard, invites you to give your position and generally ask any questions related to cruising. As the name implies, it's a net specifically for yachts/ships at sea and calls using either your HAM call sign, or if you prefer, just your boat name will also be welcomed.

Also see Cruiser's Nets


If your height of mast is less than 25 meters from waterline, sail 13 miles up the western arm of Johor Straits, going past Raffles, (the super expensive Singapore marina) and under the center span of the Tuas Bridge, (a.k.a the "Second-Link" bridge), which has a minimum vertical clearance of 25 meters at HWS, which is shown clearly painted above the center span and confirmed on C-Map. Proceed upstream keeping close to the Malaysian mainland all the way to waypoint Lat. 01.27.740 Long. 103.43.380 and make a turn to port at the entrance to Danga Bay, (just after the fisherman houses on stilts on your right and floating fish farm on your left.).

From the entrance, which is about half a mile wide, you can see the prominent roof-line of the complex noted above and four 15 story apartment blocks at the end of the bay, which are part of the Danga Bay development. Do not cut the western corner into the bay, where there are some rocks awash and sandbanks, which are shown on charts and C-Map. Stay close to the eastern shoreline, passing nearby three jetties for small fishing boats and head directly to the marina in the position shown above.

Directions on the website of Danga Bay



To depart Malaysia and cross into Singapore by bus, go to level one of the bus station building as above. Get stamped out and return to bus departure area. The first waiting line is for the Express bus,

the next for the #170 or #160, then further along is the yellow bus Causeway Link waiting area. Keep your bus ticket handy and when you cross over the causeway get off at the Singapore checkpoint, fill in the arrival card and go to the "Foreign Passport" check-in line at the far right as you enter. Get stamped in, go through the security area and return to the bus and show your ticket. Upon returning to JB you do the same all over again. The bus stops at the Malaysian checkpoint near where you started. Don't forget to take all belongings with you out of the bus at each checkpoint. A good idea is to take a bundle of extra Malaysian/Singapore arrival/departure cards with you for your next visit to Singapore to speed up the check-in/out procedure by completing the cards beforehand.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Danga Bay Marina

The marina provides transportation to Harbor Master, Customs, Immigration, 3x/week.

Check-in can be done with Immigration at the eastern side of the causeway, which is only required if you're not already stamped into Malaysia. Check-in with Customs, who are next to Immigration, is required by all boats and they will issue Port Clearance after check-out with the Harbor Master (Jabatan Laut), which is 1km along the waterfront from the anchorage, towards the causeway. It's a large compound of blue-roofed buildings and you can see the white Jabatan Laut workboats and ships from the bus, which can stop at the end of the compound, or it's about a 25 min walk along the waterfront or 10 mins in a dinghy. Immigration check-out is not required if stopping at further Malaysian ports, or until final checkout in Langkawi for Phuket or other destinations.

Immigration/Customs are open every day, but Harbor Master is closed Saturday afternoon and all day on Sunday.

All three departments are very relaxed and friendly and it's okay if it takes you 2 -3 days to check-in.

Immigration/Customs offices used only for yacht check-in/out are situated next to each other on the eastern side (the other side ) of the causeway. They are a little hard to get to at the moment due to construction of the new causeway bridge, so here are two different ways to get there in case one of them ceases to exist during bridge construction. At the moment the easiest most direct way is to walk past the check-out booths for cars crossing the causeway, (just past the causeway bus station described below and shown on the detailed location map available on your arrival at the anchorage). Keep walking to the truck checkpoint and cross the railway line by the overhead pedestrian bridge, which takes you to the Marine Police compound. Upon exiting the bridge walk diagonally across the temporary cross-over bridge to the outdoor steps that go up to the next level of the cliff face. At the top turn left and walk 100 meters to the Immigration building and Customs immediately alongside.

The second route takes a bit longer but is perhaps more direct if you are in the vicinity of City Square. Enter the overhead pedestrian bridge in JalanTun Abdul Razak, which crosses the railway line from City Square to the rail station, and continue on the bridge until it exits at a gravel-stone pathway with a mesh-wire fence either side. Follow the path about 300 meters to the end and cross over the construction area to the roadway. On the other side of the road is the entrance to "Kustom Komplex" with a sign reading "Welcome to the gateway the South ". Customs are in the building on your right and Immigration is in the same arrival area immediately alongside.

Slips for around 100 boats on sturdy floating docks. The marina is being expanded.

Address & Contact Details

Marina will hold mail. For parts, please contact marina before shipping.

Use the following mailing address:

Dangha Bay Marina Club
Your Boatname
Your Name
"Yacht In Transit"
21350 Jalan Batu 4 1/2
Jalan Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru

The marina monitors VHF channel 74


List anchorages. If there is more then 1-3 paragraphs for a given anchorage, create a dedicated page for it (Port/Stop Template). Remove this section if not applicable.

  • [[large Anchorage1]]
  • [[large Anchorage2]]


Water port or marina name/wiki/Danga_Bay#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3Eport_or_marina_name.3C.2Fspan.3EWater icon port or marina name [[Danga Bay#port or marina name|port or marina name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Electricity port or marina name/wiki/Danga_Bay#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3Eport_or_marina_name.3C.2Fspan.3EElectricity icon port or marina name [[Danga Bay#port or marina name|port or marina name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Toilets Washroom facilities are not complete and very basic
Showers Washroom facilities are not complete and very basic
Laundry The Malay word for laundry is "Dobi". The laundry man comes around a couple of times a week to collect and deliver laundry at the marina. Cost (June 09) is about 1.5 Ringit per kilo.

I'm told that there's several to choose from in Jalan Dobi, which is shown on the location map, a couple of blocks south of the Indian Temple.

Garbage Bins are available at the top of the marina dock
Fuel Until a fuel dock is completed in 2008, fuel is available through AZ Danga Marine by contacting the owner, Faizal on 013-7714411. Diesel in quantities of 200 liters or more can be delivered in 44 gallon drums by pickup truck and pumped via 100ft hose from the top of the jetty to a yacht tied up in one of the pontoon berths.

Diesel in smaller quantities can be delivered in 25 liter jerry cans and emptied into tanks. Supply your own jerry cans if you don't want to put into tanks immediately.

Update 2011-03-29: No fuel dock, Diesel fuel run by pick up is Tuesdays and Thursdays. 50 liters max per boat, per trip. RM 1.80/liter

Petrol and separate two-stroke outboard oil is also available, plus engine oil for diesels, oil filters, fuel filters, drives belts or any other automotive spares can be obtained if sample or full details given. Locally made copies are often available, much cheaper than the original brand name.

Bottled gas Empty Petronas or Shell bottles purchased in Malaysia can be exchanged for full bottles through AZ Danga Marine by contacting the owner, Faizal on 013-7714411 who will arrange collection/return. At the time of going to print a source of refilling other brands of gas bottles is yet to be found, but contact Faizal for the latest update. (Faisal's wife, "Kin", is at the boat booking area at top of dinghy dock every day).
Chandlers {None in JB, below listings are all in Singapore. Possibly the best and easiest to get to is Marintech Marketing, shop 14, level 2, Jalan Besar Plaza., 101 Kitchener Road, (cnr. of Jalan Besar), which is only a 15 min. (1km) walk from Slim Lim Tower along Jalan Besar, to corner of Kitchener Road , or if making a special trip, take the MRT from Kranji to Farrer Park station, which is in Kitchener Rd, just one block to corner of Jalan Besar. Tel: (65) 2988171 Speak to Jessie. E-mail: [email protected] They are open Mon-Friday and closed Sat/Sun.
Repairs Service shop or marina name/wiki/Danga_Bay#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EService_shop_or_marina_name.3C.2Fspan.3EService icon Service shop or marina name [[Danga Bay#Service shop or marina name|Service shop or marina name]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Internet Free wireless access to the internet is now available at the Danga Bay Marina.

There are three Internet shops, the best being "Surf Link Cafe" on ground level at the base of the only overhead pedestrian bridge in Jalan Ah Fook , (I love that name :-) almost next to the Public Bank Tower and directly opposite City Square. ....so about two and a half blocks up from the bus stop. Rates are RM2.00 minimum for the first 40 minutes and 5 cents per minute thereafter, or RM3.00 per hour. There are a dozen reasonably fast and reliable computers.

The next is "Time Internet", at the ground level of City Square, but rates are RM4.00 per hour, which is also the minimum charge, regardless of how much time under one hour. (Rip-off stuff!!).

The last is on the ground level of Komtar, a little hard to find, tucked away in the far end passageway at the opposite end from the supermarket. Rates are RM3.50 per hour and RM2.00 for half hour.

Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlet/wiki/Danga_Bay#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3ERental_outlet.3C.2Fspan.3ECar icon Rental outlet [[Danga Bay#Rental outlet|Rental outlet]] DD.dddDD.ddd description, location, tel. +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Money Changers These are everywhere in Jalan Ah Fook, there are at least eight of them side by side opposite the Compact Hotel, one block back from the bus stop. They will not change US$100 bills printed in 1966 because of past forgery problems. There are ATM machines in all banks. Two are close to the bus stop at Indian Temple.
Post Office Is at the next bus stop after the Aminah Hospital, which is the large red brick sprawling building that the bus passes, about 1km before the centre of town. So you need to either break your journey in the bus and get another one into town or walk the remaining 1km.
Telephones Telephones are at Telecom Malaysia, in Jalan Abdulla Ibraham, around the corner from Plaza Kota Raya. Look for the tall communications tower on left hand side. Overseas calls can also be made from IDD shops along Jalan Ah Fook opposite the Indian Temple area.


The nearest is Giant - from Danga Bay Marina just take any westbound bus and say 'Giant' and it's about 3km. Well-stocked with quite a lot of 'western' and local products. Rum is available at 25 Ringits a bottle.

The Giant is not so good for fruit & vegetables. For these, go 5 minutes further on the bus and get off at Kip Mart, where there is an excellent market selling fruit, veg. meat and fish. Here is also another supermarket, specializing in local products.

Several nearby, take a westbound bus to the Giant supermarket and you'll find them in the street just where the bus drops you. bus

Only two in central JB and both limited to basic items. (No stainless). One is opposite City Square in Jalan Ah Fook, just one and a half blocks up from the bus stop, between the Indian Temple and Public Bank Tower. There's a good range of galley items and bits & pieces of tools and general hardware.

The other, Teck Guan Hardware, is a small single shop three doors in off Jalan Tun Abdul Rajak and facing the Mobil Service Station, which is opposite the bus station for buses to cross the Singapore causeway.

Automotive parts, parts and rebuilds of diesel injection pumps and engines, oils, greases

A possible walk from Danga Bay, the parallel streets "Jalan Lembah" and "Jalan Glasiar" house lots of stores for automotive parts, repairs and supplies.

Walk West on Jalan Skudai, past the ruins of "Festive Street Mall" to the mall with the tall "Tune Hotel". Cross Jalan Skudai (a closed FORD dealer building is on the North side of the street). Follow the newly built turn to Jalan Tun Abdul Razak.

Also see this map

Beer, Wines and Spirits

Available from the Giant supermarket (see 'supermarkets' for directions), or duty-free from The Zon - take your boat papers and you'll need to convince them you're leaving imminently. The Zon in next to Customs and Immigration in JB.

General Shopping

City Square, Plaza Kota Raya and Komtar are the main malls in central JB. Other large malls about 2 - 3 km's out of town by bus or taxi are City Plaza, Pacific Mall, Pelangi Leisure Mall, Plaza Pelangi, which are all within a few miles of each other. Buses leave only in front of the other side of City Square in Jalan Tun Abdul Rajak, opposite the JB Railway Station.

HF, VHF, GPS, etc.
  • The basement at Sim Lim Tower has many stores with the widest range of equipment.
  • Blazer Electronics shop 17, or Suneast Pte Ltd shop 19/20
  • in Slim Lim Square (opposite), Overseas Communications System shop 79, level 3,
  • The Com Shop, shop 10, level 4, (Most of them have a great deal on the latest model Icom waterproof hand held VHF's for about S$230. 00)
  • World Space Radio: Wavelength Communications, shop 26, level 2, Sim Lim Square, Tel: (65) 332 2273. E-mail: [email protected]
  • Or at the ground floor, Mustaffa Centre, Syid Alwi Road, (Between Jalan Besar & Serangoon Rd) Mustaffa's is a 5 level department and is worth a visit for all kinds of stuff.

Anchor and Chain

An expert job of re-galvanising anchors and/or chain can be done at very competitive rates of RM3.00 per kg at a factory 30 km from Danga Bay. Speak to Faisal from AZ Danga Marine, 013-7714411, who will arrange to remove the anchor and/or chain only and take care of delivery and return within 48 hours. The average 60 meter chain is around 120 kg, (or 2kg per meter), plus the anchor if applicable, but you will receive a computer read out of the actual weight from the weighbridge at the factory. I've just had mine done and the quality looks really good. Danga Bay anchorage is so well protected and the holding so good that you might want to consider using only a secondary anchor with rode and chain during the re-galvanising period.

Eating out

3 Restaurants in the main building.



Buses stop for getting on/off at designated bus stops and you need to wave them down or they will not stop. The bus stop to get into JB is a blue painted shelter directly opposite the southern entrance gate to Danga Bay. All buses passing there go to JB and come every 2 to 3 minutes, so don't worry if you just miss one The exact fare of RM1.60 per person, one way to JB is required. Change may be available after 0900 at the ticket counter in front of the kiddy rides on the waterfront inside Danga Bay.

The journey is 5Km and ends in Jalan Ah Fook (that's not a miss-print :-) in the city centre, next to the Indian Temple, which is also the main bus stop for returning to Danga Bay. There are many buses with different numbers/destinations shown in front, but all of them seem to pass Danga Bay, however, it would be wise to check with the driver first. The return arrival at Danga Bay is at the vehicle entrance gate, a little further down from the pick-up point. You need to press the stop-buzzer or inform the driver well before the arrival point.


Taxis pass frequently, but many do not have meters and try to up the price with foreigners. The metered fare is around RM5.00 to the centre of town, depending on the amount of traffic. Tell the driver to follow the direct waterfront route all the way and not take the so-called "fast freeway route" which circles the city.

Transportation to Singapore

By bus: Choice of three services, all departing from the JB - Singapore causeway bus station in Jalan Tun Abdul Rajak, next to the JB Raiway Station. The first choice is the Express bus JB to Queen Street depot, for RM2.40, but firstly ticket must be purchased from only one company, Sin Thai Mah Travel on the ground level raised walkway of the Merlin Tower building opposite the JB - Singapore bus depot and facing the Mobil Service Station You cannot pay for a ticket on the bus. Express return from Queen Street depot to JB is Sing$2.40

Second choice are the regular buses # 170 or # 160, which stop at various locations en-route to Queen Street Bus Depot, Singapore, which is the destination for both above bus services and one block from Slim Lim Tower and Slim Lim Square, the favorite haunt of yachties looking to get the very latest and best in marine and home electronics. Fare from JB to Singapore on #170 & #160 is RM1.80 Exact fare needed to pay directly to driver. Return fare to JB is Sing$1.80. Change is given when ticket bought at Queen Street depot.

Third choice is the yellow "Causeway Link" bus from JB to Kranji MRT station for RM0.80 cents, then train to destination of your choice. At some stage most people go to Orchard MRT to visit the big malls in Orchard Rd.

You can also walk about 1km, or catch a bus down Bencoolen St to Orchard Road from the Slim Lim Buildings.



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

Besides restaurants, there is little in walking distance. The marina provides a good briefing package, with shops and bus routes to them.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)



See Malaysia.


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