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Greece Agathonisi S.jpg
Satellite view of Agathonisi

Agathonisi (Αγαθονήσι - Good island) or Gaidaros (Donkey), or Gaidouronisi (Donkey island), is a favorite of many cruisers. It is a small island with about 150 inhabitants living in two villages: 125 in the Megalo Chorio (Μεγάλο Χωριό - Big Village), and 25 in the Mikro Chorio (Μικρό Χωριό - Small Village), its tallest point is 189 m above sea level. Its area, combined with neighboring islets, is 14.5 km2.

While Agathonisi belongs to the Dodecanese prefecture, most of its goods come from nearby Samos (only 15 nM to the N). It is an island out of the main tourist stream and it has many protected coves as well as a small but well sheltered harbour and ferry port, Ayios Yioryios.


2682 Kólpos Petalion to Nísos Nísiros
1546 Samos Strait to Güllük Körfezi
G32 Eastern Sporades
54400 Nisos Samos to Nisos Rhodhos
54403 Samos Strait to Nisos Kalolimnos
422 Naxos to Samos & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor


See Aegean Sea.





  • Coast Guard - VHF Channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF No signal

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Approaches to Agathonisi are straightforward except:

Warning: There is a reef to the E of the islet on NE of the island. It is right on the course coming from Samos. There are also some rocky ledges on the west coast which are only just above water. Stay at least half a mile off.


There are many coves in Agathonisi but only one harbor, Port Ayios Yioryios or San Giorgio.


St. Georgio Region

Port Ayios Yioryios

Port Ayios Yioryios/wiki/Agathonisi#Port_Ayios_Yioryios
Harbour icon Port Ayios Yioryios [[Agathonisi#Port Ayios Yioryios|Port Ayios Yioryios]] (San Giorgio) 37°27.2′N, 26°57.95′E

The small harbor, Port Ayios Yioryios or San Giorgio, is at the south of the island at the end of a large bay whose western entrance has a light house (Qk Fl W 4M). It is very well protected from the meltemi, but exposed to southerly winds. The main ferry quay on the east side, where most yachts moor, has depths of 5.5 metres all along. However, the northern third is reserved for coastguard use and the southern third is used by the ferry. Yachts can berth alongside, avoiding the nasty black rubber fenders, but only on the middle third. It is possible to berth alongside the southern third, but you should be prepared to move off for 10 minutes or so when a ferry is due. (Note: it is preferable to go alongside rather than doing an anchor moor, as the depths are considerable – 12 -15 metres – and the holding suspect in weed). There is a further, low quay at the end of the inlet, which has depths of only 1.5 metres and is really only suitable for small craft.

Alternatively one can anchor just off the beach at the head of the inlet. Drop your anchor in 5-6 metres towards the east side of the sandy patch and let out no more than 25 metres of chain to avoid swinging into the buoyed-off swimming area. Because of the tightness of the swinging space here, it is usually only possible for one yacht to anchor close in; later arrivals will need to anchor further out, ensuring their anchors penetrate the thick weed. However, there are two yellow-painted metal bollards set into the rocks just east of the beach, and two or three yachts could anchor here with care, taking stern lines back to the bollards to prevent swinging.

Ashore, there are three tavernas of which Glaros (owner Yiannis, 2000) is popular with long term cruisers. Another of the tavernas has a very small very basic grocery store.

A new fuel station has opened in 2000 right across the quay but you still need to use jerry cans as they do not have a long hose.

From Port San Giorgio one can walk to either Megalo Chorio (about 30 minutes) or Mikro Chorio (20 minutes). At Megalo Chorio there is a Post office and two basic grocery stores.
Anchorage at Ayios Yioryios
Ayios Yioryios quay at ferry time

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Sketch of Tsangaris


Anchorage icon Tsangaris [[Agathonisi#Tsangaris|Tsangaris]] 37°27′N, 26°58.2′E

In the same bay as Port San Giorgio and to its east, there is the Tsangaris (Τσαγκάρης - cobbler) cove, it is reasonably protected from the meltemi, although there is a westerly breeze in many summer afternoons. It is a tranquil anchorage from which one can easily visit San Giorgio with the dinghy.

It is best to drop the anchor as close to the SE shore (reasonable holding) and take 2 stern lines to the NW shore which shelters the boat from the afternoon breeze.

A short walk up the hill there is a nice double chapel of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Irene (about 15 minutes). Also, there is a path going north that eventually connects to the dirt road leading to Megalo Chorio (about an hour).
Sketch of Spelia


Anchorage icon Spelia [[Agathonisi#Spelia|Spelia]] 37°27.3′N, 26°57.8′E

Another good cove is west of Port San Giorgio, also known by the locals as Spelia (Σπηλιά - Cave). It is reasonably protected from the meltemi. It is less isolated than Tsangaris because a dirt road, leading to San Giorgio, was bulldozed in 1995.

It is best to drop the anchor as close to the SW shore on a patch of sand and take a line ashore to a rock at the NE shore (under the road).

There may be a few campers at the small beach. San Giorgio is about a 10 minute walk.

Warning: Check the holding of your anchor because there are patches of loose weed.
Spelia anchorage from ashore
Satellite View of Gaidouravlako


Anchorage icon Gaidourávlako [[Agathonisi#Gaidourávlako|Gaidourávlako]] 37°27.1′N, 26°57.7′E

The cove of Gaidourávlako (Γαϊδουραύλακκο - oxen trough) is just S of Spelia. It is more isolated and wider. It is reasonably protected from the meltemi.

Anchor in the middle of the cove at 4-5 m. Holding is better than at Spelia but it is further away from San Giorgio (long dinghy ride). It is useful to take a line from the bow to a rock on the S side of the cove, this prevents swinging and eases the strain on the anchor.
Gaidouravlako from the Shore
Satellite View of Catholic


Anchorage icon Catholiko [[Agathonisi#Catholiko|Catholiko]] 37°28.3′N, 26°59.3′E

On the north side of the island there is the small anchorage, Catholiko (Καθολικό - Catholic) which provides year round shelter (protected from both the norther meltemi and the southerlies) .

Anchor offshore. Good holding.

There a few houses and small fishing harbor. No facilities. The concrete road leads to Megalo Chorio (1 hour on foot). A fish farm spoils some of the charm of this anchorage.
Catholiko Bay
Satellite View of East Bay

East Bay

East Bay/wiki/Agathonisi#East_Bay
Anchorage icon East Bay [[Agathonisi#East Bay|East Bay]] 37°27.3′N, 26°59.5′E

About 1.2 nM east of the Port San Giorgio bay there is another large bay with several coves. These are not as well protected as the coves in the San Giorgio bay and are only good for a brief stop.

The water is somewhat polluted by the large fish farm at the head of the bay.


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage There are bins in the port
Fuel San Giorgio: available by mini tanker on the quay
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet N/A
Mobile connectivity Good 3G and at times 4G signal
Vehicle rentals N/A


San Giorgio/wiki/Agathonisi#.5B.5B.23San_Giorgio.7CSan_Giorgio.5D.5DProvisions icon San Giorgio [[Agathonisi#San Giorgio|San Giorgio]] One of the tavernas has a very small and very basic grocery store.

Megalo Chorio/wiki/Agathonisi#Megalo_ChorioProvisions icon Megalo Chorio [[Agathonisi#Megalo Chorio|Megalo Chorio]] Tthere are two basic grocery stores.

Eating out

San Giorgio

Glaros (now transformed to the Seagull/wiki/Agathonisi#.27.27Glaros.27.27_.28now_transformed_to_the_.27.27Seagull.27.27Eatingout icon Glaros (now transformed to the Seagull [[Agathonisi#Glaros (now transformed to the Seagull|Glaros (now transformed to the Seagull]] The owner Yiannis is very friendly to yachties.



Ayios Panteleimon in Mikro Chorio
The Chapel of Saint John the Baptist
and Saint Irene over Tsangaris

There are many walks in this relatively unspoiled island. Over Tsangaris there is a nice chapel and the walk from Megalo Chorio to Catholiko is fun. galo Chorio there are two basic grocery stores


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