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Levitha and Kinaros
36°59.84′N, 26°23.12′E Chart icon.png
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Greece Levitha S.jpg
Satellite View of Levitha

Levitha (Λέβιθα) or Levithia (Λεβίθια) is a small low lying island with 4 (yes, four) inhabitants. Its nearest neighbor is Kinaros. During the summer months both islands are frequented by fishing boats and sailing yachts that take advantage of their protected coves. It is a very attractive and out of the way place - ideal for stopping between Patmos and Astypalea.

The inhabitants are all members of the Kamposos family (Demetris, Irene and their sons Tasos and Manolis). They live on a neat hamlet and raise animals. In the summer they also ran a small but very attractive and spotless restaurant for the visiting yachts. They grill to perfection fresh fish and meat.

The island has many goat paths and one can take very pleasant long walks. On top of the island there is an abandoned World War II Italian outpost.

For Kinaros see below.


1040 Nísos Íos to Vrakhonisídha Kandhelioússa
G34 Southern Cyclades (East)
423 Paros to Astypalia


See Aegean Sea.



Satellite view of Kinaros - Click for larger view


Island icon Kinaros [[Levitha and Kinaros#Kinaros|Kinaros]] 36°58.74′N, 26°17.16′E
There is only one cove in the small island of Kínaros (Κύναρος). It looks like a very good place and well sheltered from the northerly meltemi. There is only a single house here. The cove is narrow and one has to anchor in about 5 m depth and maybe take two lines ashore to keep the boat from drifting to the rocks.


  • Olympia Radio - VHF No signal
  • GSM/GPRS - No signal

Also see Cruiser's Nets


Approaches to either Levitha or Kinaros are straightforward but there can be very strong gusts.




Marinas & Yacht Clubs



There are 4 coves on the S side of the Levitha. All are protected from the meltemi.

Chart of the E Cove

East Cove

East Cove/wiki/Levitha_and_Kinaros#East_Cove
Anchorage icon East Cove [[Levitha and Kinaros#East Cove|East Cove]] 37°0.14′N, 26°28.06′E

This is the cove recommended by the pilot books. It has a small pier which is used by the fishermen. With strong westerly winds there is enough fetch across the bay to make it uncomfortable. The bottom has some debris that can foul the anchor. Best bet are the private set moorings.

Mr. Kamposos installed 10 permanent moorings which make life much easier. He does however charge a fee (€ 7 in 2011). Still €7 in 2018. Fantastic value for a lovely spot away from the crowds. 2018 -- Quimarche

The mooring buoys are very close together. The innermost often is taken to last. To access this, motor down the right hand side of the cove (south side) and there is depth to turn and pick up the buoy. Consider sending your dinghy to take your warp because there's probably just one chance at this! Fantastic spot, don't miss it.
The East cove at Levitha
Chart of the N Cove

North Cove

North Cove/wiki/Levitha_and_Kinaros#North_Cove
Anchorage icon North Cove [[Levitha and Kinaros#North Cove|North Cove]] 37°0.17′N, 26°27.78′E

This small cove is just about 1/2 nM W of the East Cove and is very well sheltered form the westerlies but it is open to the S wind. Drop the anchor as close as possible to the NE corner and back to the S. Then take a long line (about 80 m) from the bow to the W shore.

I weathered in 1998 a force 8 gale in this cove. --Istioploos Greece Icon.png

There is a path at the NE of the cove that leads to the hamlet and to the East Cove.
The North cove at Levitha
Chart of the West Cove

West Cove

West Cove/wiki/Levitha_and_Kinaros#West_Cove
Anchorage icon West Cove [[Levitha and Kinaros#West Cove|West Cove]] 36°59.88′N, 26°27.14′E
This is also a very attractive cove. Very clean but more subject to WNW gusts than the North Cove. It should be better protected from the S. wind.


Anchorage icon Vathi [[Levitha and Kinaros#Vathi|Vathi]] 36°59.97′N, 26°26.22′E
According to Heikell, this cove is protected from the meltemi. But it does not look after all to be a very good anchorage because of its great depths.


Water None
Electricity None
Toilets None
Showers At the Kamposos compound.
Garbage None. Take it with you.
Fuel None
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Internet None
Mobile connectivity No signal
Vehicle rentals None



Eating out

  • Kambosos family hamlet
Kamposos Taverna/wiki/Levitha_and_Kinaros#.27.27Kamposos_Taverna.27.27Eatingout icon Kamposos Taverna [[Levitha and Kinaros#Kamposos Taverna|Kamposos Taverna]] There is a small taverna at the hamlet which only operates in the summer, however the food here, although simple, is outstanding. Mrs. Irene, her husband Dimitris, and her sons Tassos, and Manolis are very hospitable. They can be contacted at +30 22470 23304 and VHF channel 09.




The Kambosos Hamlet in Levitha

Places to Visit

The Kambosos family hamlet is neat and worth seeing, other than that there is not much to do in Levitha other then some walks. There are some ruins on the S side of the island that could be Hellenistic.


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See Greece.


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  • Levitha is one of my favorite stops. --Istioploos 15:51, 5 September 2014 (BST)

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