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East London
Port of Entry
33°01.578'S, 027°55.346'E Chart icon.png
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East London (Afrikaans: Oos-Londen, Xhosa: eMonti) is a city on the southeast coast of South Africa, situated in the Eastern Cape Province at 32.97°S and 27.87°E. The city is situated on the Indian Ocean coast, between the Buffalo River, and the Nahoon River, and is the country's only river port.

East London is situated in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, midway between Cape Town and Durban. Known as "Buffalo City", which includes the vibrant industrial and commercial center of King William's Town as well as other rural areas, this vicinity forms part of the Eastern Cape.

Physically one of South Africa's largest provinces, the Eastern Cape is situated on the south-eastern seaboard of the republic, covering 170 000 square kilometers and representing about 14% of the country's landmass. Refreshingly different and genuine in its hospitality, East London is the gateway to the region's tourist corridors and is equidistant to two magnificent coastlines, complemented by a superb hinterland:

  • To the west lies the Sunshine Coast, which runs for over 200 enchanting kilometers all the way to Port Elizabeth. The coastline stretching either side of East London shelters a succession of charming holiday resorts, with fine beaches, placid lagoons, rocky promontories and patches of green nature reserves and forests.
  • To the east, the Wild Coast area of the Eastern Cape is set to become an environmental and cultural tourism mecca. This is the land of the gentile, friendly Xhosa people whose culture and traditions have remained largely untouched by modern society


1027 - East London and approaches
3770 - East London to Nbase point
3769 - Great Fish point to East London
1843 - Approaches to East London; East London harbour


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  • SA Maritime Net: The South African Maritime Net operates 7 days a week, and provides weather reports from around the coast, and maintains contact with boats off the coast of South Africa and up into the Mozambique channel. There are two regular scheduled times as follows:
    • 06:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for 5-10 minutes, and then moves to 7,120 kHz.
    • 11:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for approx. 30 mins and then moves down to 7,120 kHz.

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East London is a port of entry for South Africa. For details see Entrance: South Africa.


Yachts usually moor in the Yacht Club.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Buffalo River Yacht Club

Buffalo River Yacht Club

Buffalo River Yacht Club/wiki/East_London#Buffalo_River_Yacht_Club
Marina icon Buffalo River Yacht Club [[East London#Buffalo River Yacht Club|Buffalo River Yacht Club]] (BRYC) 33°01.448'S, 027°53.971'E
Port of Entry

Very helpful and friendly, visitors are welcomed. Water and power available on the pontoon. Club can assist with getting diesel. Toilets, showers and bar.

Directions to moorings
Enter East London Harbour, and head straight down the river. Visitors will see the Yachts on the TrotMoorings about a mile upriver from the mouth. All space is booked, but occasionally one can find a free slot. It is best to inquire with the BRYC.
Yachts can drop anchor on the seaward side of the moorings free of charge, possibly tie the stern to the last Trot mooring. Latimers is considered unsafe and "condemned", and police or port captain will make boats move away.
Picking up a mooring
This is simple, just motor up to the mooring slowly, then using a boat hook, lift the tie-between that attaches the mooring lines, hook the windward ends of the mooring lines to your bollard, untie the tie between and attach the loose mooring lines to your stern mooring cleats. On vacating the moorings, please remember to retie the tie-between to the mooring lines before casting off.
Visiting the Club
If you have a dingy or tender aboard simply row across to the club, "BRYC" on the west bank. (If you don't, simply phone the club mobile no. +27 (83) 612 0402 at a reasonable hour and someone will pick you up). The Club is normally open and has Men's and Ladies Toilets and showers for you to refresh yourselves and clean up. The Bar is open most days, except Mon and Tue, from 4 pm until 9 pm, drinks are very reasonably priced. Wednesday a meal is offered.
Weekly Calendar
Wednesday Evenings: Meal evening - R60.00 per head, main meal and desert. Friday Evenings: Sponsored Snack evening, no charge. Or if no sponsor, bring and braai.
Saturday -, Sunday - Ad hoc Bring and Braai (BBQ)


Yachts can drop anchor on the seaward side of the moorings free of charge, or moor against the other yachts against Latimers Landing (POA).


Water On the pontoon of Buffalo River Yacht Club
Electricity On the pontoon of Buffalo River Yacht Club
Toilets In the Buffalo River Yacht Club
Showers In the Buffalo River Yacht Club
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins In the Buffalo River Yacht Club
Fuel Can be arranged by the Buffalo River Yacht Club
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs ?
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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  • East London Airport is a commercial airport with service to other large South African metropolitan areas.
  • East London is serviced by two national roads



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