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Eskifoca Region
38°48.860'N, 026°51.574'E Chart icon.png
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Chart of Eskifoça Region

Fewer cruisers visit this region, NE of Chios and SE of Lesvos, than the more popular cruising grounds in the south. Yet the small harbor of Eskifoça and the several coves of Bademli are delightful.


1665 Nisos Lesvos and Çandarli Korfezi to Baba Burnu
G2 Aegean Sea (North)
G23 Eastern Sporades
54382 Nisos Lesvos and Western Coast of Turkey
2147 Çandarlı Körfezi
332 Lesvos Island


The summer meltemi here blows from the NE but it is less strong than in the Central Aegean. In the winter months winds can come from either northerly or southerly directions.

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Approaches are straightforward without dangers.


Chart of Eskifoça


World icon.png Eskifoça [[Eskifoca Region#Eskifoça|Eskifoça]] 38°40′N, 26°45′E

Foça (aka Eskifoça -- old Foça) is the ancient Φώκαια - Phocaea. It is believed to have been founded by colonists from Erythrea and Teos in the 8th century BC. Phocaea soon became an important trading center and its fifty-oared galleys roamed from the Black Sea to the Western Mediterranean. The Phocaeans were great navigators and founded many colonies in the Black Sea, the Bosphorus, Italy, and further west. They were the founders, among others, of Massalia (modern Marseilles in France), Tartessus (near Cadiz in Spain), Alalia in Corsica and Velia in Italy.

Phocaea was taken by the Persians from whom they were liberated by Alexander the Great. In the Hellenistic times they sided with the Seleucids against the Romans who captured and looted their city in 190 BC. During the Byzantine era the city declined although it was the see of a bishop. In the Middle Ages Phocaea was occupied by the Genoese who mined alum, used as a dye in the tanning business. Finally the city was captured by the Ottomans in 1455.

Today the town is a very attractive resort full of restaurants and a good market.

The small bay of Eskifoça (Büyükdeniz) is operated like a marina. Most of the moorings to the east of the fishing boats are, however, occupied by local and tripper boats and it is usually difficult to get a berth on the quay. Four new piers have been constructed on the west side of the bay under the headland (next to the lighthouse). Local boats and fishing boats have moved in alongside the piers and on laid moorings with no signs of management evident. Go alongside or anchor moor on one of the piers or anchor just east of the innermost pier, where the depths are 5-7 meters and the holding good. Depths in the rest of the harbour are 12-15 meters and the holding less certain.

The smaller harbor to the north of the town, Küçükdeniz, is full of fishing boats and is not an option.

Foca guest mooring

Foca guest mooring/wiki/Eskifoca_Region#Foca_guest_mooring
Berth icon Foca guest mooring [[Eskifoca Region#Foca guest mooring|Foca guest mooring]] 38°40.144′N, 26°45.032′E
It appears that all the berths with laid moorings are reserved to the local yachts. It is possible though to get a berth (or two) at the very N end of the W quay just opposite to the small (newly built) "fortress" . There are no laid moorings, water or electricity there.
Eskifoça, Fishing harbour
A mooring spot just behind the boat
A boat in transit moored alongside

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Bademli Liman

Bademli Liman

Bademli Liman/wiki/Eskifoca_Region#Bademli_Liman
Anchorage icon Bademli Liman [[Eskifoca Region#Bademli Liman|Bademli Liman]] 39°00.615'N, 026°48.074'E

Bedemli Liman is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Aegean Turkey. It is relative isolated and the water is crystal clear blue-green and it is very well sheltered from the meltemi. All of these plus the hamam (hot spring house) on the E shore. What more can a sailor ask?

There are several anchoring possibilities:

  1. On the South between the mainland and the large island. Anchor in 3-6 m on a patch of sand. Good all around shelter.
  2. On the South between the two islands. Anchor in 2-4 m on sand.
  3. On the North inside the cove. Anchor W of the small breakwater in 4-10 m over mud.
  4. West to the fishing harbor (Do not enter bay without sonar or a guide) in 2 -4 m, over mud ( Holds very well )
Note: When the prevailing northerly winds exceed force 4/5, a strong land breeze sets in from the east during the late evening, often persisting until dawn. Gusts of 20-25 knots are not unusual. Ensure your anchor is well in and set for this wind if staying overnight in these conditions.
Bademli, the Anchorage
Bademli South
Sunset in Bademli
The Hamam
Hamam outside
Hamam inside
Chart of Çandarli


Anchorage icon Çandarli [[Eskifoca Region#Çandarli|Çandarli]] 38°56′N, 26°55.8′E

Çandarli is a fairly attractive anchorage in a small village. It provides reasonably good shelter from the meltemi.

The small harbour W of the castle is not really usable. Anchor in the bay E of the castle in 4.0-6.0 metres. The bottom is mud and provides very good holding. However, some yachts report indifferent holding in places, e.g.: a visit in September 2007 actually proved the holding very poor. After six attempts with a 30kg Delta anchor in force 5 winds, we abandoned the anchorage in favour of Akce Limani. The mud at Candarli is soft and plough anchors seem to pull straight through it. (Athene of Lymington).

Note: Candarli has been selected by the Turkish Transportation Ministry for the construction of what is described as 'the biggest port in Turkey and the gateway to the west'. Tenders have been invited by March 2011 and construction of the proposed harbour will presumably begin some time in 2012. It is not known whether the plan includes any facilities for yachts. --Athene of Lymington 09:33, 20 May 2011 (BST)


Water Eskifoça: on the quay
Electricity Eskifoça: on the quay
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in some anchorages
Fuel There is pump on the quay in Eskifoça but it is not always operating. Ask the "marina" attendant to arrange for fuel delivery by a truck
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet Internet Café in Eskifoça
Mobile connectivity 3G signal
Vehicle rentals ?


Good shopping in the open market in Eskifoça.

Eating out

  • There are many restaurants on the waterfront and on the main street in Eskifoça. Fokai Restaurant & Sandals were both good for fish. Mico is a fun bar for music
  • The lone restaurant to the North of the conspicuous white house entering the shallow bay to Bademli was good
  • There is at least one restaurant on the beech of Çandarli that serves adequate food


  • Long taxi drive to Ayvalik
  • Eskifoca is 1 1/2 hrs from Izmir Airport by Taxi 120 - 150 TL. 2 1/2 hrs by bus


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