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Ammouliani and Mt. Athos
40°20.100'N, 023°55.200'E Chart icon.png
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Greece Ammouliani m.jpg
Chart of the Ammouliani Region

Ammouliani (Αμμουλιανή) is a small island across from Ouranoupoli of the Halkidiki peninsula. It is the best place to leave a yacht for visiting Mt. Athos since no yachts are allowed and visitors must use the local ferry from Ouranoupoli. It provides very good shelter, much better than Ouranoupoli where you can go with the dinghy.


1085 Kólpos Petalión to Srimonikos kólpos including Thermaikos kólpos
54360 Thessaloniki to Canakkale Bogazi Dardanelles
54363 Akra Akrathos to Dardanelles
31 North Evoikos to Kavala Gulf
47 Aigaion Pelagos Northern Part


See Aegean Sea.


Popular passages/routes, timing, etc.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, Tel. +30 23770 71248
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 26 & 27

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The approaches to Ammouliani are straightforward.



Ammouliani from the South

Ammouliani Village

Ammouliani Village/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#Ammouliani_Village
Harbour icon Ammouliani Village [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Ammouliani Village|Ammouliani Village]] 40°20.1′N, 23°55.2′E
This is a small but comfortable harbor. Not so many yachts come here and the villagers are friendly and will look after your boat if you leave her for a visit to Mt. Athos. Mr. Pavlos, who brings the fuel with a small tanker, can look out for your boat while you are visiting Mt. Athos.

Glastrì or Caique Harbour

Glastrì or Caique Harbour/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#Glastr.C3.AC_or_Caique_Harbour
Harbour icon Glastrì or Caique Harbour [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Glastrì or Caique Harbour|Glastrì or Caique Harbour]] 40°19.6′N, 23°55.5′E
This is a harbor south of Ammouliani village. Entrance 5-6 meters deep. On the right side depths close to the concrete dock are around 3 meters. Fishing nets everywhere, deserted and quite distant from the village itself. Good shelter however with southern winds that could create some minor swell.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



There are several anchorages on the island but if you are to leave the boat for a visit to Mt. Athos it is best to leave her in the small harbor of the village.

Fteiis Bay/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#Fteiis_BayAnchorage icon Fteiis Bay [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Fteiis Bay|Fteiis Bay]] 40°19.458'N, 023°53.653'E A pleasant bay on the south side of the island.

Tsaki Bay/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#Tsaki_BayAnchorage icon Tsaki Bay [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Tsaki Bay|Tsaki Bay]] 40°19.100'N, 023°54.800'E A pleasant larger bay on the south side of the island. Anchor in sand. Good holding. Loud music plays during the day in summer, though not at night. A smaller one in the north-west is quieter. Make sure your anchor is holding in the weeds.

Warning: Beware of shallow rocks, one perfectly visible, if moving between the southern and northern bays.


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry There is a laundry in Patitiri
Garbage Trash cans in Ammouliani
Fuel Ammouliani: ask for Mr. Pavlos who brings the fuel with a small tanker
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Reasonable 3G signal
Vehicle rentals N/A


Ammouliani/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#.5B.5B.23Ammouliani_Village.7CAmmouliani.5D.5DProvisions icon Ammouliani [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Ammouliani|Ammouliani]] There is a small store in the village.

Ouranoupolis/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#OuranoupolisProvisions icon Ouranoupolis [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Ouranoupolis|Ouranoupolis]] 40°19.572'N, 023°58.832'E More stores here. There is only one dock forbidden to the yachts and reserved for daily cruises and for water taxis, but if you berth late in the morning, after all the cruise ships have left, the coastguard guy could let you to stay and buy provisions.

Eating out

in the village/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#in_the_villageEatingout icon in the village [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#in the village|in the village]] There is a small taverna.
  • Ouranoupolis
Ouranoupolis/wiki/Ammouliani_and_Mt._Athos#OuranoupolisEatingout icon Ouranoupolis [[Ammouliani and Mt. Athos#Ouranoupolis|Ouranoupolis]] 40°19.572'N, 023°58.832'E Many restaurants here.


Busses from Ouranoupolis.


Greece MtAthos Diamoniterios.jpg
Diamonitirio — Permit to visit Mt. Athos
Greece MtAthos.jpg
Mt. Athos
Greece MtAthos Simonopetra.jpg
The Monastery of Simonos Petra
Greece MtAthos Stavronikita.jpg
The Monastery of Stavronikita

Places to Visit

Visit to Mt. Athos

The main attraction in this region is the incredible Mt. Athos— The Holy Mountain (Άγιον Όρος) with a peak of 2033 m (6670 ft). Mt. Athos is an autonomous monastic community, a state within Greece. No female visitors are allowed within 500 m of its shores. It consists of 20 independent monasteries and it is governed by a council in Karyes, a small town with shops populated entirely by monks. The state was established by the Byzantine Emperor Basil I in 883 AD and it under the jurisdiction of Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Mt. Athos is a World Heritage Site.

At the end of the 11th century the monastic population on Mt. Athos reached 7000. Today there are twenty monasteries and their dependencies, that is sketes, kellia, kalyves, hermitages and dwellings. The above order reflects, in a way, the number of the monks that live in the foundation and the austerity of the life there. On the other hand, in a foundation where many monks live (such as a monastery or a skete), nobody can possess his own property. Everything belongs to the commune. Monks from various countries live in Mt. Athos. However, every person who comes to Mt. Athos and takes the monastic capacity becomes a Greek citizen.

All female mammals, including female humans, are prohibited on Mt. Athos. All visitors must be male and must arrive by the small ferry from Ouranoupolis. The ferry lands at the tiny port of Dafni where the new visitors disembark and apply for a permit called diamoniterion (διαμονητήριον). This is easily granted to Greek citizens and Orthodox Christians but for the rest a special visa is needed (for details see Visting Mt. Athos.

If you can, you must visit. Allow several days, and get a good guidebook. Within the Monasteries are housed incredible cultural treasures. Travel to the Monasteries is a time travel back to the Byzantine times.

Sail Around Mt. Athos

You can sail around Mt. Athos as long as you keep a distance of 500 m from its shore. Patrol boats enforce this. If a patrol boat appears it is best to have any female crew go below and not be obviously visible.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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