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Skopelos m.jpg
Map of Skopelos

Skopelos (Σκόπελος) is a very green mountainous island with an area of 96 km2 and about 5,500 inhabitants. It highest peak is Delphi at 366 m (1200 ft.). There are many natural springs and about a fifth of the island is cultivated with olive groves, plum trees, almond, and orange trees. Its capital Skopelos or Chora, is also its main harbor and it is located on the NE of the island. More than half of the island's inhabitants live there.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 and tel. Tel. +30 4240 22 180
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 03 & 04

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1062 Nísoi Voríoi Sporádhes
G25 Eastern Sporades and North Evvoia
54348 Vorios Evoikos Kolpos and Notios Evoikos Kolpos
31 North Evoikos to Kavala Gulf
74 Corinth to Skopelos Island
331 Sporades to Ay. Efstratios


See Aegean Sea.



In general, during the summer months the meltemi is weaker in the Sporades region. Approaches to the island are straight forward, no dangers.

Specific dangers are mentioned, as needed, for each port or anchorage.



Chart of Skopelos Harbor

Skopelos Harbor

Skopelos Harbor/wiki/Skopelos#Skopelos_Harbor
Harbour icon Skopelos Harbor [[Skopelos#Skopelos Harbor|Skopelos Harbor]] (Σκόπελος) 39°7.29′N, 23°44.09′E

Skopelos, the main harbor of the island is a large and noisy harbor. With a meltemi (NE) it can develop an uncomfortable swell, although the harbour remains tenable. There is room for 80 boats to moor stern-to along the long breakwater. June 2015 sees the installation of water and power points along the length of the breakwater. There appears to be no berthing charge. Hydrofoils berth the other side of the harbour and the occasional ferry on the end of the breakwater (yellow paint indicates the ferry part of the pier). The bottom in the harbour is mud and provides excellent holding.

Be generous on using fenders: The big ferry can provide a swell.

The town behind the waterfront is rather attractive, although the waterfront itself is knee-deep in tourist cafes and tavernas.

Warning: With strong NE winds (meltemi) the sea builds up and it may be dangerous to enter or leave the harbor.
View of Skopelos Harbor from the NE
View of Skopelos Harbor from the S
The Quay
Yacht moorings
Chart of Glossa Harbor

Glossa or Loutraki

Glossa or Loutraki/wiki/Skopelos#Glossa_or_Loutraki
Harbour icon Glossa or Loutraki [[Skopelos#Glossa or Loutraki|Glossa or Loutraki]] (Γλώσσα or Λουτράκι) 39°9.92′N, 23°36.92′E

Glossa or Loutraki is an attractive but often crowded harbor. On the E side of the harbor there is a floating pontoon to which you can moor stern-to using your anchor. The north side has less than 2.0 mt. depth. There are wáter and electricity towers. The prepaid keys are sold at the tavern just in front of the pontoon. Alternatively, you can come stern-to the W quay, north of the ferry boat landing or anchor off if there is room.

The harbor is well protected from the meltemi. The bottom is sand and weed and provides good holding. Good anchorage at south-east corner, inside the port, keeping apart from the ferry maneouver to its pier.

The very attractive town of Glossa is about 1 hr. walk up the steep hill.
The Harbor of Glossa
The Floating Dock in Glossa
Chart of Agnontas


Harbour icon Agnontas [[Skopelos#Agnontas|Agnontas]] (Αγνώντας) 39°04.969'N, 023°42.490'E
Agnontas is the third harbor in Skopelos. It is well protected from the meltemi and all N winds but it is subject to uncomfortable swell. Unfortunately there is a restaurant that continuously plays very loud music. Come along side-to.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Panormos


Anchorage icon Panormos [[Skopelos#Panormos|Panormos]] (Πάνορμος) 39°6.53′N, 23°39.45′E

Panormos is a large bay about 1 nM SE of Dasa Island on the SW of Skopelos. It consists of two coves and is very deep.

The most protected spot from the meltemi is on the NE corner. Anchor at about 10-15 m. The proximity of the hotel and beach however makes this a less desirable anchorage.

The S cove is more isolated and although it is fairly narrow and can be crowded is an all around good shelter and is very pleasant with pine trees all the way to the water. Anchor anywhere you find room at about 4-10 m and take a line ashore to prevent the boat from swinging into other boats.

Warning: Because the bottom is steep you may have to anchor at 10 m which could cause holding problems. Also be aware of protruding rocks near the shore.

There are several restaurant in the large NE cove which is known to the locals as Lanarakia.
The Panormos Anchorage
Looking towards Dasa Island from Panormos
Chart of Limnonari


Anchorage icon Limnonari [[Skopelos#Limnonari|Limnonari]] (Λιμνονάρι) 39°5.25′N, 23°41.83′E
Limnonari is a pleasant anchorage protected from the meltemi but exposed to the S. The water is very clean and there is only a restaurant with umbrellas at the sandy beach which closes at night. Anchor outside the buoys at about 5 m. The bottom is sand with some weed and holds well.
Chart of Stafylos


Anchorage icon Stafylos [[Skopelos#Stafylos|Stafylos]] (Στάφυλος) 39°5.05′N, 23°44.87′E

Stafylos is a pleasant anchorage for a swim or lunch but because it completely exposed to the S it is not suitable for overnight unless the weather is settled or only from the N. Anchor in 3-4 m in the NE corner.

Warning: Watch out for the reef S of the small island on the W of the cove.

There is a restaurant, Terpsis, on top of the hill, about a 30 minute walk, that serves excellent chicken. They need, however, to be told in advance (tel. +30 420 22 053).


Water Skopelos Harbor: at the quay of Skopelos Harbor there are water distribution boxes on the breakwater. Purchase a key fob from the newspaper kiosk near the root
Electricity Skopelos Harbor: same as the water service
Toilets N/A (Not Available).
Showers N/A
Laundry Skopelos Harbor: there are two establishments in the back streets. Blue Star 24240 22844 will pick up and deliver to the quay
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel Skopelos Harbor: a mini truck delivers on the quay. Ask at the kiosk
Bottled gas Camping Gaz can be found outside the town of Chora on the St. Riginos road
Chandlers Only fishing supplies on the "St. Riginos" road
Repairs There is a Diesel mechanic, Yiorgos, of questionable competence. Ask at the kiosk in Skopelos Harbor
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals Chora: agency here


There are many food stores and some good bakeries in Chora

Eating out

Ouzeri Anatoli/wiki/Skopelos#Ouzeri_AnatoliEatingout icon Ouzeri Anatoli [[Skopelos#Ouzeri Anatoli|Ouzeri Anatoli]] under the Kastro (a good climb from the harbor) serves excellent mezedes and ouzo and has live Rembetika music.
Terpsis/wiki/Skopelos#TerpsisEatingout icon Terpsis [[Skopelos#Terpsis|Terpsis]] this restaurant serves a very good stuffed chicken It is up the hill from the anchorage. Must call them in advance (tel. +30 420 22 053).


Taverna Agnanti/wiki/Skopelos#Taverna_AgnantiEatingout icon Taverna Agnanti [[Skopelos#Taverna Agnanti|Taverna Agnanti]] is worth a special visit for excellent food and stunning views over the sea to Skiathos.


There are 4 flights per week to Athens and several hydrofoils to Ayios Konstantinos, Volos, and the other islands.



Steet in Chora
Skopelos Chr2.jpg
Another Church
Skopelos Rig.jpg
Ayios Riginos
Skopelos Evangelistria.jpg
The Evangelistria Monastery
Skopelos Sotiros1.jpg
The Sotiros Monastery
Skopelos AyVarv.jpg
The Monastery of Ayia Varvara
Skopelos Glos2.jpg
Street in Glossa

In the antiquity the island was known as Peparethos. According to the tradition, it was colonized on the 16 century BC by the king of Crete, Stafylos who was the son of Ariadne and Dionysos. His name means "he of grapes" and indeed Peparethos was well known in the ancient world for the quality of its wine. A cove on the SE corner of the island is still known today as Stafylos and a rich Minoan tomb was excavated there, in 1927. In historical times Skopelos was part of the Athenian League. During the Peloponnesian War it fought on the side of Athens and after their defeat was briefly occupied by the Spartans. During this time Peparethos prospered and minded her own coins. The island worshipped in particular Dionysos and Demeter. Later it fell to the Macedonians and declined. In 146 BC it fell to the Romans until 42 BC when it was granted to the Athenians, but in 196 AD it reclaimed by Rome. The present name Skopelos was first mentioned by Ptolemy.

During the early Byzantine times, in the rain of Julian in the 4th century AD, the bishop of the island, Saint Riginos (same as my last name) was martyred and became the patron saint of the island. At that time the island had a second prosperity. After the fall of Constantinople to the 4th Crusaders in 1204, Skopelos was occupied by the Venetians under the brothers Andrea and Jeremiah Gizzi who held it until 1276 when the Byzantines reclaimed the island. After Constantinople's fall to the Ottomans in 1453 the islanders petitioned to Venice to take over the Sporades islands. Venice held them until 1538 when the Ottoman admiral-pirate Barbarossa occupied them after heavily looting them.

During the Ottoman occupation, Skopelos prospered, developing a thriving shipping industry. At the Greek War of Independence of 1821, Skopelos with her significant fleet joined the rest of the islands. After the war, Skopelos, along with the rest of the Sporades, became part of the new Greek state. But the war had decimated her fleet and the island fell into hard times and was overrun by pirates, Admiral Miaoulis, the hero of the Greek revolution, subdued the pirates in 1828 but the island continued her decline which was accelerated by the advance of steam powered ships which made the traditionally built in Skopelos sailing ships obsolete. Today tourism, which has become the island's main industry, has brought it a new affluence.

Places to Visit

Skopelos is a lovely heavily wooded island which provides an opportunity for many off-track hikes and to observe its many birds.


Chora or Skopelos is the main town in the island. It is charming town with over 120 churches. Noted among them is the Zoödochos Pigi with an icon attributed to St. Luke and the Ayios. Athanásios with frescoes from the 1500s. Unfortunately the waterfront esplanade has been overrun by tourists and the unattractive establishments that cater to them. The town is built amphitheatrically around a hill. The houses are very attractive in their narrow cobble-stone lanes with bridges and balconies and dark slate roofs. On top of the hill, at the same spot where the temple of Athena used to be is the Venetian Castle, the Kastro, built by the Gizzi. It affords a marvelous view of the town.

Within the town the Laofraphiko Museio (Museum of Folk Art) is worth a visit. Some of the stores do sell some good local crafts such as ceramics and wood carvings, but the best local product are model boats which alas are quite expensive.

Ayios Riginos

About 2 km from Chora is the monastery of St. Riginos (Άγιος Ρηγίνος) the patron saint of Skopelos. He originally came from Cyprus and was the bishop of the island. He was beheaded by the Ottomans in 362. His stone sarcophagus is at the court-yard of the monastery.

Legend has it that there was a dragon terrorizing the island and would only be appeased by being offered every year a maiden. St. Riginos took the place of the yearly victim, and after praying, he was able to lead the docile dragon to its death over the cliff.

Evangelístria and other Monasteries

The convent of Evangelístria (open 10-13 and 16-19) affords an excellent view of the town. It was built in 17th century. Today the nuns sell their weavings in the little shop.

Further east, there are the monasteries of Ayia Varvara (fortified and with 15th century frescoes), Metamorphosis, and Timiou Prodromou.

A good hike from Timiou Prodromou, up the summit of Mt. Palouki is the abandoned monastery of Taxiarchon with a marvelous view of Alonnisos.

Tripiti Cave

The cave is N of Ayios Konstantinos and can be visited by boat.

The Town of Glossa

The picturesque town of Glossa (Γλώσσα) is near the NW tip of the island. It is worth a visit because of its architecture.


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