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WorldCaribbeanPacific OceanEast PacificMiddle AmericaCentral AmericaGuatemala
15°23.204'N, 092°08.218'W Chart icon.png
Capital Guatemala City
Language Spanish
Currency Quetzal (GTQ)
Time zone CST (UTC−6)
Calling code +502
Small info.png Latest News
May 2009

From Daphne Becker - Tortugal Marina:

Good news for cruisers!

The Guatemallan Navy/Coast Guard is patrolling Rio Dulce in the area where most vessels are concentrated, which includes the following marinas: Tortugal, Tijax, Mario's Monkey Bay, Mar Marine, Nana Juana, Catamaran, Bruno's.

This 24 hour patrol began in October, 2008 and no further incidents have been reported within the patrolled area.

For the time being, it is best to plan to check into Livingston early in the morning and proceed up-river to anchor or pick up a mooring near one of the marinas mentioned above.

The organization of hotel and marina owners hopes that the government of Guatemala will extend this very successful program to other areas in Rio Dulce, such as the Canyon, Rio Tatin, and Livingston.

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  • Rio Dulce - A boater's "round-table" net is conducted each morning at 7:30 AM on VHF 69. The net first handles any priority traffic, a mail call, services offered or needed, buy, sell or trade, along with some "commercial" announcements.

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On arrival, vessels will be visited by Customs, Immigration, Local Police, Health and the Port Captain.

The Customs officer will attach a sticker (special permit) on the yacht on your arrival at the first port of entry. This must always be prominently displayed on the vessel until your departure from the region.


A zarpe (clearance) must be obtained from the Immigration officer and this must be signed by the Port Captain. Ensure that passports have exit stamps from Immigration.

Customs and Immigration


Prior visas are not necessary by nationals of the E.U., Andorra, Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Nicaragua, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Uruguay.

Passports must have a validity of at least six months. Prior visas are not required for citizens of most countries - a tourist visa card is purchased on entry. This CA-4 visa applies to:- Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The length of stay is normally 90 days and applies to the whole group. Only one extension will be granted. To remain in the region longer, a visit to a country outside the CA-4 area must be made and a new visa is issued on re-entry.


  • Firearms, ammunition and pets MUST be declared on arrival. Firearms and ammunition will be held in custody by the police or the Port Captain until your departure from the port.
  • Pets require a recent veterinary health certificate and valid proof of an anti-rabies vaccination.
  • A cruising yacht is granted a 90 day stay on arrival and a 9 month extension can be arranged. After the first year it is possible to obtain another 12 month extension.

Health and Security


Amoebic Dysentery is a major problem in the country. Malaria prophylaxis should be taken.




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Caribbean Coast
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    • Rio Dulce Rio Dulce/wiki/Rio_Dulce Marina icon – marina |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • Puerto Barrios Puerto Barrios/wiki/Puerto_Barrios Port of entry icon – port of entry |Marina icon – marina |Needs data icon – needs data |
Pacific Coast
  • Puerto Quetzal Puerto Quetzal/wiki/Puerto_Quetzal Port of entry icon – port of entry |Marina icon – marina |Needs data icon – needs data |
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Rod Heikel, Greek Waters Pilot, Imray Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718, expands to
Rod Heikell, Greek Waters Pilot Imray, Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718
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