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Gulf of Guinea
Map of the Gulf of Guinea

An online cruising guide for yachts that are sailing around the Gulf of Guinea

A sea port for eleven different nations and an oil-political hotspot, the Gulf of Guinea would seem to be an interesting place to visit.


1384 - Tema To Cotonou
1385 - Cotonou Benin To Pennington River


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Currents & Tides


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  • Mediteranian Maritime Mobile Net. Med. 7.085Mhz @ 0700hrs zulu
  • UK M/M Net. UK Covers UK waters, Med & Atlantic. 14.303+/- QRMhz @ 0800hrs zulu & 1800hrs zulu
  • Maritime Mobile Service Net. Covers the Atlantic from Cape Town to Greenland, the Eastern Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. 14.300Mhz @ 1700hrs zulu till 0200hrs zulu during winter and during the summer from 1600 hrs z to 0200hrs zulu

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Countries, Groups, Ports, and Islands

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Countries Ports
Angola Angola/wiki/Angola
Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo/wiki/DR_Congo
Congo RepublicCongo Republic/wiki/Congo
Gabon Gabon/wiki/Gabon
Cameroon Cameroon/wiki/Cameroon
Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe/wiki/Sao_Tome_and_Principe
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea /wiki/Equatorial_Guinea
Nigeria Nigeria /wiki/Nigeria
Benin Benin /wiki/Benin
Togo Togo /wiki/Togo
Ghana Ghana /wiki/Ghana
Côte d'IvoireCôte d'Ivoire/wiki/Ivory_Coast
Accra Accra/wiki/Accra
Lome Lome/wiki/Lome
Porto-Novo Porto-Novo/wiki/Porto-Novo
Port Harcourt Port Harcourt/wiki/Port_Harcourt
Calabar Calabar/wiki/Calabar
Sao Tome Sao Tome/wiki/Sao_Tome
Malabo Malabo/wiki/Malabo
Douala Douala/wiki/Douala
Libreville Libreville/wiki/Libreville
Luanda Luanda/wiki/Luanda

Traveling distances from the Romanche Trench, Latitude: 0°31.99 S Longitude: 20°18.17 W

NW nm °

Porto Inglés (Cabo Verde) 955 349
Porto de Praia (Cabo Verde) 945 348
Praia da Chave 1011 351
Porto do Tarrafal (Santiago) 971 347

NE nm °

Conakry - Port 721 33
Baie de Hann 930 10
Santa Cruz (Sao Tome) 1617 88
Porto Rico 1433 9

SW nm °

Natal (Brasil) 946 250
Cabedelo 951 246
Jacaré (Brazil) 954 245
Fortaleza 1109 260

SE nm °

Cap Lopez 1740 90
Jamestown Ile de Ste Hélène 1263 136
Pointe-Noire (Congo) 1942 97
Malongo 1968 98

Things to do Ashore

See individual port, anchorage, or island.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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{{Reference|Rod Heikel|Greek Waters Pilot Imray||Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire|9780852889718}}, expands to
Rod Heikell, Greek Waters Pilot Imray, Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire, ISBN 9780852889718
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