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Patraikos Kolpos (Πατραϊκός Κόλπος) or Gulf of Patras is dominated by the large commercial harbor of Patras (Πάτρα) the third largest city in Greece. It is bounded on the west by the Ionian Sea, to the north by mainland Greece, to the east by the Rio-Antirio strait leading to the Gulf of Corinth, and to the south by northern Peloponnese. The gulf is not a favored cruising ground but a passage route of yachts coming or going from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean. Nevertheless there are here several pleasant ports and anchorages.


1676 Prokopos Patron and entrance to Korintiakós Kólpos
G13 Gulfs of Patras and Corinth
54287 PatraikosKolpos & Approaches
40 Patraikos Kolpos


The prevailing wind in Patraikos Kolpos in the summer is from the west and it rarely exceeds force 6. Like the meltemi it reaches it peak in the middle of the day and subsides in the evening. In the autumn and spring the wind can be either from the east or from the west.

Danger: From the late autumn to the early spring the weather can be very volatile with violent thunderstorms and waterspouts.




Island icon Oxia [[Patraikos Kolpos#Oxia|Oxia]] 37°22.4′N, 26°45.2′E

Oxía (Οξεία) is a small island NW of the Gulf of Patras. There three possible anchorages none of which is very good. I have only anchored on the N cove. The physical beauty of the place is despoiled by a fish farm which pollutes the water. There are many goats.

Anchor in about 10 m and take a line ashore.

Towards the mainland/coast, since early 2023, you have Porto Skrofa, with mooring Buoys managed by the restaurant ashore. You can reserve mooring buoys and restaurant at +30 6940 655 065 ([email protected]). Note: due to the lagoon, the presence of musquitos is something to consider.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 85

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Warning: The northwestern shores of the gulf, near Messolongi, are a shallow marshland difficult to navigate as charts can be unreliable due to shifting conditions.

Rio-Antirio Bridge

The Rio-Antirio bridge was completed in the summer of 2004.

Contact 'Rion Traffic' on VHF 14 when 5 miles from the bridge for instructions on which span to use. They will ask your LOA and air-draft. Small craft normally use the starboard side of the channel, bigger ships the central span.


Patras is a port of entry in/out of Greece.



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Anchorage icon Araxos [[Patraikos Kolpos#Araxos|Araxos]] 38°12.19′N, 21°25.24′E
Araxos (Άραξος) is a large sandy beach just E of Cape Papas in NW Peloponnesos near the entrance to the Gulf of Patras. It is pleasant place to anchor for a lunch stop.


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