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Port of Entry
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Ermoupolis, Syros

Ermoupolis (Ερμούπολις) or Hermoupolis is a large commercial harbor part of a sizable town. While we love the town we do not like the harbor.


See Syros.


See Aegean Sea.


See Syros.




  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 03 and 04

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


See Syros.


If you are checking into Greece here, before you enter the harbor either hail the Coast Guard (Limenarchio) in VHF Channel 12 or call them at +30 22810 22 633. The Customs are right next to the Coast Guard, but the Passport Control office is some distance N of the Town Hall. You may need to take a taxi.


Chart of Ermoupolis Harbor

The harbor has an uncomfortable swell during the meltemi season and there are always the annoying wakes of the ferries.

You can moor stern-to or alonside the quay clockwise from the statue of Hermes in the north of the harbour.

The bottom is mud and provides good holding.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

A new marina has been built and it usuable but as of 2010 it was still not operating. It is situated S of the commercial harbor, about a 20 minute walk from the town. During the meltemi there is a consederable swell. Harbourmaster: Thanasis, +30 6932 644072.


See Syros.


Water On quay
Electricity On quay
Toilets Harbourmaster building
Showers Harbourmaster building
Laundry There is at least one laundry in town
Garbage There are bins around the harbor
Fuel a mini-tanker make fuel deliveries
Bottled gas in chandlers & grocery stores
  • There is an excellent chandler, Orologas, tel: +30 (22810) 82 254, near the shipyard, at the Platia Iroon (Heroes Square).
  • A good chandler, the Maistrali, in shipyard area, they also have an outlet in Finikas.
  • There is also a large store of the Marina chain along the road to the airpot.
  • The Neorion Shipyard does major repairs and haul-out
  • Diesel engines: Mr. Rousos, Tel: +30 (22810) 87 419 or Mobile: +30 (6945) 612 52, Mr. Stamatis, Mobile: +30 (6937) 022 901
  • Electrician: Mr. Antonis Dalmyras, Tel: +30 (22810) 87 142 or Mobile: +30 (6932) 64 20 60 is a good boat electrician
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Strong 4G signal
Vehicle rentals Several agencies in town


The market place in Ermoupolis is well worth a visit. They have everything.

Make sure you buy a jar of capers and loukoumia (Turkish delight), both are specialties of Syros.

Eating out

  • There are many good restaurants in Ermoupolis.
    • Kouzina, Tel: +30 (22810) 89 150 is excellent - Great creative use of local products.
  • In Ano Syros the Lilys, Tel: +30 (22810) 88 087 which is the oldest restaurant in Syros is hard to beat both for its food and its view.
  • In Kivi - Allou Gailou which is right on the beach has great dishes.


There are daily flights from Athens. Also, there are several fast ferries every day to Piraeus.


Places to Visit

Cycladic Figurine

Ermoupolis is a very pleasant provincial capital. There are many wonderful neoclassical buildings of bygone days of great affluence. There is small but nice museum next to the Demarchio (Town hall). They have a small collection of Cycladic items from Syros, Amorgos, Andros, and other islands. Some are very nice, some lovely marble vessels, two niceRoman heads. The exhibits unfortunately, are very badly labeled.

The clean marble streets and lovely shops arround the north end of the harbour are beautiful and a testiimony to how well the country can be managed despite the political problems. A walk from the harbour to the Town Hall to the Apollon Theatre to Saint Nicholas Church then down the steps to the Vaporia district where you look back on the harbour from the waterside swiming docks is recommended.

In the past few years a new Industrial Museum opened on the road to Piskopio. It has many interesting nautical and industrial exibits and it is worth a visit. It is open every day except on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 14:00.

The suburb of Piskopio has many magnificent old villas and affords a nice view of the harbor. Half way between the Ermoupolis and Piskopio there is a λουκούμια (loukoumia - Turkish delight) "factory," in reality a small building with several men and women, mostly related to each other, chattily making loukoumia and χαλβαδόπιτες (chalvadopites - a kind of taffy cake). Syros is famous in all of Greece for these sweets. We had to sample all the products of which they were very proud. The place is spotless, and everything tastes delicious, especially the still warm chalvadopites. One can buy here both loukoumia and chalvadopites much fresher and at a lower price than at the harbor.

Another interesting area is Ano Syros, the Catholic district with a wonderful view and good examples of traditional Cycladic architecture. Here there is square dedicate to one of the most important rembetika bouzouki composers and players Markos Vamvakaris, a native of the island.


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See Greece.


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  • While we love the town we do not like the harbor. It has an uncomfortable swell during the meltemi season and there are always the annoying wakes of the ferries --Istioploos Greece Icon.png

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