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Hvar Town
Port of Entry
43°10.332'N, 016°26.612'E Chart icon.png
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Hvar (4858219998).jpg
Harbour of the town of Hvar with Pakleni Islands in background

The harbour of the of Hvar Town, the main harbour of Hvar Island, is one of the most popular destinations in the Croatian islands, both by land tourists and by yachtsmen. Much of its popularity is due to its picturesque Venetian architectural heritage clustered inside 13th-century town walls. Cars are banned from the town centre, making the town a delight to explore on foot. Among its numerous attractions are a spectacularly sited fortress, 15th-century Franciscan monastery and several impressively decorated palaces and mansions, testimony to the skills of Hvar stonemasons.

The harbour has space for only 20 or so yachts on laid moorings along its town quay and the anchorage off it becomes impossibly crowded in July and August. An early arrival during these months is essential and even then you risk being sandwiched in the anchorage between later arrivals. Shelter in the harbour is good except in strong S and SW winds when it becomes very uncomfortable.


See Central Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


See Croatia.


Lučka ispostava Hvar

Phone: +385 (21) 741 007
Web: http://www.mppi.hr/default.aspx?id=7592
Address: 21450 Hvar, p/p 35, Obala Fabrika 29
Working hours: Mo-Fr 07:00-15:00
see also http://www.lucka-uprava-sdz.hr/o-nama/popis-luka-pod-nadleznoscu-lusdz/luka/1204

Nautički centar Hvar/wiki/Hvar_(town)#Nauti.C4.8Dki_centar_HvarWorld icon.png Nautički centar Hvar [[Hvar (town)#Nautički centar Hvar|Nautički centar Hvar]] 43°10.224'N, 016°26.480'E

VHF: 09
Phone: +385 (21) 717 282
Web: http://www.otok-hvar.com/hr/d/1041/nauticki-centar/nauticki-centar-hvar
Provides an operative management of the harbour: berths, mooring buoys, etc.


There are no dangers in the immediate approach to the town of Hvar. Note, however, that in the approach from the S there are shoals for some distance off the islet of Otok Jerolim, the easternmost of the Pakleni Islands. Also that there are depths of just 5.0 metres in the passage between the islet of Galesnik half a mile S of the town of Hvar and the coast of the island, which should therefore only be used in settled weather.


The town of Hvar is a summer port of entry. At other times of year, Split or Korčula are the nearest year-round ports of entry.

Customs landing zone

Customs landing zone/wiki/Hvar_(town)#Customs_landing_zone
World icon.png Customs landing zone [[Hvar (town)#Customs landing zone|Customs landing zone]] 43°10.331'N, 016°26.441'E


Visiting yachts take a berth where directed by harbour staff (see Nautički centar Hvar above).

Hvar riva.jpg
Berths on the town quay

Town quay

Town quay/wiki/Hvar_(town)#Town_quay
Harbour icon Town quay [[Hvar (town)#Town quay|Town quay]] 43°10.273'N, 016°26.449'E
Port of Entry

Visiting yachts moor in the middle of the town quay at the E of the harbour, where depths are 3.0 - 4.0 metres, S of the section reserved for ferries and hydrofoils, the N section is for the water taxis, etc.

There are laid moorings along the quay for around 20 yachts to go stern or bows-to. These moorings are often occupied by midday during the season and early arrival is recommended, especially in late July and August when the Italians arrive. There are water and electricity points along the quay. There are toilets, showers and a launderette at the NE corner of the main square, next to the cathedral.

This mooring is subject to frequent wash from ferries and hydrofoils, which is an unavoidable fact of life.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Warning: It is not allowed to drop anchor within the bay.

Hvar Town through the Yachts (5969965094).jpg
Yachts on the mooring buoys at the W quay

W quay mooring buoys

W quay mooring buoys/wiki/Hvar_(town)#W_quay_mooring_buoys
Buoy icon W quay mooring buoys [[Hvar (town)#W quay mooring buoys|W quay mooring buoys]] 43°10.213'N, 016°26.317'E

There are about 20 mooring buoys laid off the quay on the W side of the bay in depths of more than 3.0 metres, which are available for visiting yachts. Yachts pick up a buoy and take their own line ashore to prevent swinging. t is essential to put out fenders if using these since they are close together. Just N of this are there are a few red buoys for a "free swing" mooring. Usually, these are taken first.

You can tie your dinghy further N at the head of the harbour where the quay is low enough for a more comfortable landing.

W off the bay

W off the bay/wiki/Hvar_(town)#W_off_the_bay
Anchorage icon W off the bay [[Hvar (town)#W off the bay|W off the bay]] 43°10.184'N, 016°26.273'E
It is possible to anchor in 12 metres or more in settled weather outside of the bay, past the mooring buoys and the red lateral buoy.

Note: Beware the swell that can cause a lot of rocking if the wind comes from the south-east.


Hvar predvečer u kolovozu.JPG
Entrance to the public toilets / showers / laundry services
Water Town quay/wiki/Hvar_(town)#.5B.5B.23Town_quay.7CTown_quay.5D.5DWater icon Town quay [[Hvar (town)#Town quay|Town quay]] on the quay
Electricity Town quay/wiki/Hvar_(town)#.5B.5B.23Town_quay.7CTown_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon Town quay [[Hvar (town)#Town quay|Town quay]] on the quay
Toilets WC/showers/wiki/Hvar_(town)#WC.2FshowersWorld icon.png WC/showers [[Hvar (town)#WC/showers|WC/showers]] 43°10.352'N, 016°26.597'E public (paid) toilets / showers / laundry (self service) in the main square next to the marketplace
Showers see above
Laundry see above
Garbage Near the harbour
Fuel INA/wiki/Hvar_(town)#INAFuel icon INA [[Hvar (town)#INA|INA]] 43°09.975'N, 016°26.696'E Fuel berth in a small inlet on E side of bay 500 metres S of harbour (0600 - 2200).
Depths of only 1.8 metres alongside
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs Town quay/wiki/Hvar_(town)#.5B.5B.23Town_quay.7CTown_quay.5D.5DService icon Town quay [[Hvar (town)#Town quay|Town quay]] Basic emergency repairs only
Internet WiFi in internet cafes
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In the town/wiki/Hvar_(town)#In_the_townCar icon In the town [[Hvar (town)#In the town|In the town]] rental outlets


Konzum/wiki/Hvar_(town)#KonzumProvisions icon Konzum [[Hvar (town)#Konzum|Konzum]] 43°10.364'N, 016°26.633'E -- a supermarket next to the main square, behind the bus station (on Su until 13:00)

Tommy/wiki/Hvar_(town)#TommyProvisions icon Tommy [[Hvar (town)#Tommy|Tommy]] 43°09.986'N, 016°26.825'E -- a supermarket on S from the W quay, close to the fuel station

In the town/wiki/Hvar_(town)#In_the_townProvisions icon In the town [[Hvar (town)#In the town|In the town]] Several butchers and other provisions shops in the town. Fruit and vegetable market. Fish market.

Eating out

  • In the town
 /wiki/Hvar_(town)#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Hvar (town)# | ]] Several restaurants and café/bars ashore.



Waterfront of the town of Hvar
the town of Hvar and fortress
Franciscan Monastery in the town of Hvar

The town of Hvar has numerous attractions. Its main square of Trg Sveti Stjepana is one of the largest in the islands. At its E end is the impressive bell tower of the 16th-century Cathedral of Sv. Stjepan and its Bishop’s Treasury museum. Around the square are imposing Gothic and Renaissance palaces.

On the S side of the square is the 17th century Arsenal, subsequently adapted as one of the earliest theatres in the country. S of the harbour in a small cove is a 15th-century Franciscan Monastery with a Renaissance cloister, fine church paintings and an interesting museum with early charts.

To walk off a good lunch, climb to the Fortress Spanjol on the summit of a hill overlooking the harbour for fantastic views over the Pakleni Islands.


For other useful websites, see Croatia.


See Croatia.


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