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Port of Entry
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The Bay of Izmir

Izmir or Smyrna is the third largest City in Turkey and the second largest sea port, with a population of 3.95 million (2010). Following the Turkish revolutionary war, much of the city needed to be rebuilt; as a result the city today is an interesting mixture of modern high rise buildings with wide tree lined boulevards. There are still many traditional houses and chateaux hidden away to discover through.


1645 Nísos Khíos and Izmir Körfezi
54380 Tuzla Burnu to Samos including Adjacent Islands
2212 İzmir Limanı


Izmir enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers, which is probably why the street life is so lively.

See Turkey.


See Aegean Sea.


  • Uzunada at the entrance of İzmir Bay is occupied with Naval Military Base. No civilian visitors accepted to the island.
  • Hekim Adası at SE of Uzunada.
  • Körtaş, Akça, İncirli, Pirnalli islands are called Çiçek Adaları at S of Hekim Adası.
  • Karantina Adası has an artificial link to Urla Pier.


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Go to SE through the Mordogan Passage. Leave Uzunada lighthouse at your starboard. Pass between the double depth buoys located at the south of Pelikan Shallow. Try to stay close to the shore at S and head to the Yenikale Passage. Pass between the port and starboard buoys at the Yenikale Passage, head to E.

There is a NATO nautical base located at the Bay of Izmir, military exercises are not uncommon there, so care should be taken when navigating there or making a cross to Foça -- keep your VHF on at the 16th channel. Also watch for Coast Guards navigating there.


Port police/wiki/Izmir#Port_policeWorld icon.png Port police [[Izmir#Port police|Port police]] 38°25.374'N, 027°07.722'E , and customs are on the pier. For procedures see Turkey.


Levent Marina is 3 nm. away from the Yenikale Passage to the E and then S. New marinas planned to be build at Konak Pier and Karşıyaka.


Yeni Liman

Yeni Liman/wiki/Izmir#Yeni_Liman
Harbour icon Yeni Liman [[Izmir#Yeni Liman|Yeni Liman]] 38°40.32′N, 26°26.35′E
Yeni Liman aka Yeniliman -- a small harbour at the N of the Karaburun Peninsula. There is about 2.5 m depth in the basin. The space is very limited. A yacht can get a berth alongside of the short quay just on the left of the entrance. There is a very small restaurant just near the quay. A berthing fee is collected by a local official.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Anchorage icon Karaburun [[Izmir#Karaburun|Karaburun]] 38°34.216'N, 026°34.201'E
Karaburun is the main town at the most N of Karaburun Peninsula before entering Mordogan Passage. A little and shallow port for local fishermans' small boats in front of the town. Anchor at the S of Büyük Sahip Adası. This anchorage area is open to E.

Saip Alti

Saip Alti/wiki/Izmir#Saip_Alti
Anchorage icon Saip Alti [[Izmir#Saip Alti|Saip Alti]] 38°37.85′N, 26°31.43′E
Aka Saipaltı Balıkçı Barınağı is a fishing harbour S of Karaburun. There is reportedly 3 m depth in the basin.


Anchorage icon Mordogan [[Izmir#Mordogan|Mordogan]] 38°31.29′N, 26°37.52′E

Mordogan is an other town at the SE of Karaburun town. Old Mordogan port is for fisherman boats. New marina builded in 2003, but unfinished, it can be used for shelter.

Caution: There are many reefs between rhe anchorage and Mordogan town.

Urla İskele

Urla İskele/wiki/Izmir#Urla_.C4.B0skele
Anchorage icon Urla İskele [[Izmir#Urla İskele|Urla İskele]] 38°22.32′N, 26°46.52′E
Urla İskele is at the most S of Çiçek Adaları and Karantina Adası. The port used by fisherman boats and some local boat owners, usually full in every season.


Water In Levent Marina
Electricity In Levent Marina
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry Ask to marina office
Garbage Ask to marina office. No setup to empty holding tanks in the marina
Fuel In Levent Marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers header
Services Repairs
Shipyard near Levent Marina Internet
Wi-Fi is available Mobile connectivity
3G is available Vehicle rentals
There are many car rental services in Izmir


Big super markets and shoping malls close to Levent Marina.

Eating out

Restaurants, coffe shops, bars and more in Levent Marina.


Metro starts from Adnan Menderes Airport and stops at many important spots. Bus and taxis available all around the city.

Things to do Ashore


The Market in Izmir

A visit to Izmir cannot be complete without spending a few hours wandering round the Market Area of Kemer Alti. This is a bustling Bazaar where literally anything can be purchased. It is a confusing warren of small allies, dead ends, connecting squares, shopping centers, offices, workshops, cinemas, mosques and just about anything else you can think of, there is even a renovated Kervan Saray hidden in there. You are pretty much guaranteed to lose your way, but don't panic you will find your way out eventually.

The Culture Park in the Alsancak district hosts the annual Izmir International Fair, held every year in september. The rest of the year many other fairs and expos take place also. In addition to serving the commercial needs of the city, the Culture Park provides a relaxing green area in the middle of the city for the residents to lay back, drink tea, play backgammon and smoke a "hubbly bubbly pipe" (Nargile) or even exercise on the running track.

The city of Izmir itself does not possess any beaches; however a short journey to the north, east or south of the city will take you to either bustling tourist resorts, or quiet secluded peaceful beaches.

The region has been inhabited since 3000 AD so the area is rich in historical sites. These can be found within the city (Kadifekale - Bayrakli) but also within a short drive you can find Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis, Teos and many more places to explore.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Turkey.


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