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Juneau, the capitol of the state of Alaska, has a population of 31,094 as of 2017. As the largest town in Southeast Alaska, it also has the best provisioning in the area. Access to outside is via boat or plane only (see transportation below).


17315 - Juneau Harbor


Juneau is a temperate rainforest, with a mild climate due to its proximity to the ocean. Like most of southeast alaska, rain is ever present year round, with average tempertures in January of 32 °F (0 °C), and average temperatures in July of 65 °F (18.3 °C). Precipitation occurs on average 230 days per year.

Generally, the driest time of year is June through July.

Sources for Weather forecasts:


  • Mendenhall Bar Crossing

The Mendenhall Bar, extending from downtown Juneau to Auke Bay should only be attempted at high tide, and only with local knowledge. The channel is marked with buoys during the summer and permanent channel markers for some of its length. The shallowest portion of the bar is located between the Green "17" marker, and the Red "14" marker, but shoaling can change the exact location of the deeper area. During a 16' tide in August of 2018, depths were measured to be about 2-3' at the shallowest. Note the bottom in the shallow areas is mud and sand with no significant rocks. The majority of the passage is around 5-8' deep on a 16' high tide. The area does completely dry as the tide goes out.


  • Douglas Island

Douglas island, to the west of Juneau, is a small community linked to Juneau by the Juneau-Douglas Bridge. Douglas Has one harbor (Douglas Harbor) run by the city with transient moorage available. No significant shopping is available within walking distance of Douglas Harbor.


Juneau-Douglas Bridge is noted to have a vertical clearance of 51 feet at MHHW. There is a tide gauge on the west end of the bridge. Passage underneath the bridge is required to access either Harris or Aurora Harbors. For taller vessels, moorage is available at Douglas Harbor or the Intermediate Vessel Float.

In Auke Bay, passage is simple for most smaller vessels to the north of Coghlan Island. Be sure to stay between the green and red buoys, as the green buoy marks a large rock.


If this is not a port of entry omit this section, otherwise submit details about facilities for checking in - location of immigration & customs, etc.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Auke Bay (Statter) Harbor
Aurora Harbor
Harris Harbor
Douglas Harbor
Intermediate Vessel Float
  • Private Harbors
Tee Harbor
Fisherman's Bend (Adjacent to Statter Harbor)
  • Yacht Clubs
Juneau Yacht Club
Southeast Alaska Sailing


  • Anchorage is possible downtown above the bridge, across from Harris or Aurora Harbors. Larger vessels sometimes anchor below the bridge, across from the cruise ship turning basin. Anchorage is also available outside the breakwater in Statter harbor (Auke Bay)

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

  • Harri Plumbing & Heating (809 W. 12th Street) - Marine Parts & Accessories
  • Western Auto-Marine (5165 Glacier Highway) - auto, marine, fishing, hunting, and electronic parts
  • Willie's Marine (2281 Industrial Blvd) - Outboards, dinghys & repair


  • Haul-Out is avaible both downtown and in Auke Bay; Contact the harbormaster for details. Note it is for smaller (50' and under) vessels only. Tidewater grid is available in Harris Harbor. Larger vessels should consider hauling in Wrangell or Hoonah.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity


Diesel (#1, #2) and Gasoline are available at all fuel docks.

Auke Bay:

Petro Marine Auke Bay (907) 790-3030 (Inside Statter Harbor)


Petro Marine Services (907) 586-4400 - to the west of Harris Harbor (Must pass under bridge to access)
Crowley Fuels (907) 586-1276 - on South end of cruise ship turning basin, accessable by taller vessels.
Potable water is available in all harbors
Electrical service (20, 30, and 50 amp) is available in all harbors.

Things to do Ashore


As a major cruise port, lots of tours are available. Among the most popular attractions are the Mendenhall Glacier or helicopter flightseeing tours.

  • One good site for information is here.

Grocery & Supply Stores

  • Foodland IGE (615 W Willoughby Ave) - Hardware, including limited marine, and full grocery.
  • Super Bear Supermarket (9103 Mendenhall Mall Rd) - Full Grocery
  • Fred Meyer (8181 Glacier Highway) - Full Grocery, Clothing, Housewares
  • Safeway (3033 Vintage Blvd) - Full Grocery
  • Costco Wholesale (5225 Commercial Blvd) - Discount Club



Open wifi is available at coffee shops, and libraries, and most normal areas around town. The Snow Cloud provides longer-term high speed access in the harbors.


  • Harbor Wash Board (1114 Glacier Avenue) - Showers available as well
  • Squires Laundry and Showers (11806 Glacier Highway) - Showers available
  • Mendenhall Mall Maytag Laundromat (9101 Mendenhall Mall Rd)

Motorbike & Car Rentals

  • Enterprise, Budget, National, Hertz, and Avis are all available at the airport.

City Bus

  • Capital Transit runs convenient bus service all over town, with fairly convenient stops near all harbors. Standard fare is $2.00.

Full system details can be seen here [1]

Garbage Disposal

All harbors have dumpsters available, with limited recycling as well. Used oil and antifreeze is accepted at the Downtown Harbormaster's Office.


  • Juneau International Airport [2]
Major Carriers:
Alaska Airlines (Year Round)
Delta Air Lines (Summer Only)
A number of small local airlines serve smaller towns
Alaska Seaplanes
Harris Air
Ward Air
Serves Southeast Alaska with passenger and vehicle service. Connections to as far south as Prince Rupert, B.C., and Bellingham, WA.
  • Note there is no direct road connection to Juneau.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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