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Kaštel Gomilica
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Kaštela from NW

Kaštel Gomilica is a part of the urban agglomeration of Kaštela, which is a resort that sprawls along a six-mile stretch of shore on the N side of the Gulf of Kaštela in Croatia, a diamond-shaped gulf extending from Split in the E to Trogir in the W and enclosed on its S side by the island of Ciovo, immediately S of Trogir.

In effect, the resort is a string of towns, each bearing the first name ‘Kaštela’ and named after the seven defensive castles built along these shores during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Here, in Kaštel Gomilica, lies the purpose-built marina of Marina Kaštela, which provides 420 berths for yachts up to 25 metres in depths of up to 8.0 metres.


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See Croatia.



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The gulf of Kaštela

See Marina Kaštela - Navigation.


Use the marina.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs




Water In Marina Kaštela/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#In_.5B.5BMarina_Ka.C5.A1tela.5D.5DWater icon In Marina Kaštela [[Kaštel Gomilica#In Marina Kaštela|In Marina Kaštela]]
Electricity In Marina Kaštela/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#In_.5B.5BMarina_Ka.C5.A1tela.5D.5DElectricity icon In Marina Kaštela [[Kaštel Gomilica#In Marina Kaštela|In Marina Kaštela]]
Toilets In Marina Kaštela
Showers In Marina Kaštela
Laundry In Marina Kaštela (expensive)
Garbage Bins in the marina
Fuel In Marina Kaštela/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#In_.5B.5BMarina_Ka.C5.A1tela.5D.5DFuel icon In Marina Kaštela [[Kaštel Gomilica#In Marina Kaštela|In Marina Kaštela]] fuel station
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs In Marina Kaštela/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#In_.5B.5BMarina_Ka.C5.A1tela.5D.5DService icon In Marina Kaštela [[Kaštel Gomilica#In Marina Kaštela|In Marina Kaštela]] small boatyard: engine, electrical and electronic repairs plus paint works
Internet WiFi in Marina Kaštela
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In Marina Kaštela/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#In_.5B.5BMarina_Ka.C5.A1tela.5D.5DCar icon In Marina Kaštela [[Kaštel Gomilica#In Marina Kaštela|In Marina Kaštela]] arranged by the marina office


Super Konzum/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#.27.27Super_Konzum.27.27Provisions icon Super Konzum [[Kaštel Gomilica#Super Konzum|Super Konzum]] 43°32.887'N, 016°24.515'E hypermarket next to the marina In Marina Kaštela/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#In_.5B.5BMarina_Ka.C5.A1tela.5D.5DProvisions icon In Marina Kaštela [[Kaštel Gomilica#In Marina Kaštela|In Marina Kaštela]] supermarket. {{mark | type= provisions |name= In the town | text= numerous provisions shops .}

Eating out

Nautic/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#.27.27Nautic.27.27Eatingout icon Nautic [[Kaštel Gomilica#Nautic|Nautic]] restaurant.
BavAdria/wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#.27.27BavAdria.27.27Eatingout icon BavAdria [[Kaštel Gomilica#BavAdria|BavAdria]] café/bar.
 /wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Kaštel Gomilica# | ]] Pizzeria.
  • In the town
 /wiki/Ka%C5%A1tel_Gomilica#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Kaštel Gomilica# | ]] Good choice of restaurants.


  • Buses to Split.
  • Flights from Split airport (7 km away) to most destinations.


Typical fortified settlement of Kaštela

The region of Kaštela is very historic, with a succession of fortified settlements having been built along the shore between the towns of Split and Trogir. Seven of these settlements, all with the first name ‘Kaštela’, are preserved today and a number of them retain much of their former mediaeval appearance. Kaštela is also a good base for exploring the attractions of Trogir and Split, both only 20 minutes away by taxi.


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See Croatia.


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