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Map of Sifnos

Sifnos (Σίφνος) is windy and hilly island with an area of 74 km2 and about 2000 inhabitants. Its highest peak, Profitis Ilias, is 678 m (2225 ft.) above sea level. Its west coast is barren but the east coast is greener and cultivated. The island is well known for its Cycladic architecture, its pottery, and its chefs. Several wealthy shipowner families come from Sifnos and maintain here beautiful houses.


1037 Nisís Falkonera to Nísos iOS
G33 Southern Cyclades
41 Cavos Maleas to Cavos Kimis
415 Ydra to Sikinos
Interactive Map of Sifnos


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  • Serifos Serifos/wiki/Serifos Island icon – island |Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Milos Milos /wiki/Milos Island icon – island |Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, Tel. +30 2840 31 617
  • Olympia Radio- VHF channel 03

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Approaches to the island are straightforward without navigational dangers, but

Warning: There can be very strong gusts when the meltemi blows, especially when entering Kamares. Reduce sail.

A Potter in Sifnos



There is only one large port, Kamares, but there are many attractive anchorages.

Chart of Kamares


Harbour icon Kamares [[Sifnos#Kamares|Kamares]] (Καμάρες) 36°59.5′N, 24°40.4′E

Kamares is the only harbor in Sifnos. While it provides good shelter from the meltemi, it seems to have a constant swell, this swell is very uncomfortable and at times can be dangerous. At other times conditions are good, although a seabreeze sets into the inlet during the day and a land breeze out of it at night, so set your anchor accordingly. Go stern-to the quay, where there is space for around 6-8 yachts. The bottom is sand and weed and sometimes the holding is not too good. Use plenty of spring lines. Alternatively anchor off in 3-5 metres. If the swell becomes too strong it is best to go to Port Vathi about 4 nM south.

Caution: Do not enter the bay under sail. The gust are very strong and can be dangerous.
Yacht berths, Kamares
Chart of Platys Yialos

Platis Yialos

Platis Yialos/wiki/Sifnos#Platis_Yialos
Harbour icon Platis Yialos [[Sifnos#Platis Yialos|Platis Yialos]] (Πλατύς Γιαλός) 36°55.7′N, 024°44′E
Platis Yialos is a bay with a new modern harbour at SE coast with a number of restaurants and hotels. Depth is 3 meters. There are water and electricity supplies. Anchor possible near the NW corner of the bay in 5-7 m. It provides good shelter from the meltemi but it is subject to very strong gusts. The bottom is sand and rock but the holding is not good everywhere.
Port of Platys Yialos

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • The Platys Gialos marina is a ...joke.Most berths are already attributed to the "friends" of the marina manager, leaving very few to the visiting yachts. So your real alternative is to moor at anchor or...leave. I would NOT plan my vacation considering this marina as an alternative --Johnmary (8/2016).
  • The harbourmaster was very friendly and helpfull, plenty of space for visiting yachts and there were only 1 or 2 permanent fishing vessels moored thered. Mooring lines al over the marina, clean showers and toilets. Water and power available at every berth. 15euro incl power and water for our 36ft. -- Alfa1234 (July 2017).


Chart of Port Vathi

Port Vathi

Port Vathi/wiki/Sifnos#Port_Vathi
Anchorage icon Port Vathi [[Sifnos#Port Vathi|Port Vathi]] (Βαθύ) 36°55.74′N, 24°41.29′E
Port Vathi is definitely the safest anchorage in Sifnos, if gusty in the meltemi. I have been comfortable here while a force 8 gale raged for days. It is a pleasant setting, if somewhat remote from the rest of the island, with a nice sandy beach. Anchor off anywhere in 3-4 m, or do an anchor moor to the small mole at the N of the cove, where there is space for three yachts in depths of 2.5-3.0 meters (but limited mooring rings). The bottom is sand and provides good holding. A choice of good tavernas ashore and a very mini-market.
Bay of Vathi

Ayi Georgis

Ayi Georgis/wiki/Sifnos#Ayi_Georgis
Anchorage icon Ayi Georgis [[Sifnos#Ayi Georgis|Ayi Georgis]] 37°02′N, 24°38.6′E
Ayi Georgis or Ayios Georgis is near the NW tip of the island. It is a very narrow inlet which provides excellent shelter from the meltemi. Also here is a good place to buy ceramic ware directly from the shop. Unfortunately there is room for only one or two yachts. Anchor fore and aft at 8-10 m or take line to the little mole.
Chart of Fikiadha


Anchorage icon Fikiadha [[Sifnos#Fikiadha|Fikiadha]] (Φικιάδα) 36°54.38′N, 24°42.15′E
Fikiadha is pleasant and deserted inlet near the SW tip of the island. It offers good shelter for winds N through E to S. It is only open to the W. The bottom is sand and mud but it does not hold well uniformly.
The one and only House at Fikiada


Anchorage icon Faros [[Sifnos#Faros|Faros]] (Φάρος) 36°56.39′N, 24°44.98′E
Faros or Pharos is a bay on the SEside of Sifnos which provides good shelter from the meltemi. You can anchor either to the S of Cape Petalos or off the village.


Anchorage icon Kastro [[Sifnos#Kastro|Kastro]] (Κάστρο) 36°58.33′N, 24°44.86′E
Kastro is open cove on the E side of the island. It suitable for anchorage only in calm weather and is exposed to the meltemi.


Water Kamares: limited water at the quay
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in several anchorages
Fuel Kamares: arrangements can be made for a delivery by calling Mr. Stefanos Komis at +30 2840 31 347 or +30 2840 31 777
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Strong 3G or 4G signal in most of the island
Vehicle rentals ?


Kamares/wiki/Sifnos#.5B.5B.23Kamares.7CKamares.5D.5DProvisions icon Kamares [[Sifnos#Kamares|Kamares]] Several good stores.

Eating out

There are many restaurants here.
Tjikali/wiki/Sifnos#.27.27Tjikali.27.27Eatingout icon Tjikali [[Sifnos#Tjikali|Tjikali]] Has very good food and also sells several local products.
  • Apollonia
Margarita/wiki/Sifnos#.27.27Margarita.27.27Eatingout icon Margarita [[Sifnos#Margarita|Margarita]] There is an excellent spread of mezedes (appetizers.
Argo/wiki/Sifnos#.27.27Argo.27.27Eatingout icon Argo [[Sifnos#Argo|Argo]] At night, highly recommended.
  • Near Panayia Chrissopigi
Lembesi/wiki/Sifnos#.27.27Lembesi.27.27Eatingout icon Lembesi [[Sifnos#Lembesi|Lembesi]] Serves good food.


In the summer there are daily ferries to Rafina and Piraeus.

Taxis in the island can be arranged by calling Mr. Stefanos Komis at +30 2840 31 347 or +30 2840 31 777.


A Dovecote
A Chapel in Sifnos
Churches in Sifnos


In antiquity, Sifnos, known as Meropia, was famous for its wealth from its gold and silver mines. These mines go back to the 3rd millennium BC and are the oldest mines discovered in Europe. The earliest inhabitants appear to have been Phoenicians who were replaced by Minoans who founded Minoa near the modern town of Apollonia, the island's capital. The Minoans were replaced by Ionian Greeks who lived near Ayios Andreas. The Meripians were not only very wealthy but were also greedy. They were discovered to have cheated the Oracle of Delphi by contributing instead of pure gold, lead eggs just gilded with gold. This discovery gave a good excuse, the anger of Apollo, to Polycrates of Samos to invade and plunder the island. After this the island declined.

In the middle ages most of the population lived near Kastro and were dominated by the Venetians who were succeeded by the Ottomans in 1617 AD. In the 17th century the Ottomans attempted to reopen the mines but were thwarted by French pirates supposedly hired by the islanders. After the Greek War of Independence Sifnos joined Greece and a French interest reopened the mines and operated them until 1925.

Places to Visit

The capital of the island, Apollonia (Απολλονία), is most definitely worth visiting. It is lovely Cycladic town built on a cliff with lime-washed white houses and colorful bougainvillea on their walls. There is a Museum of Popular Arts and Folklore (opens at 10 AM) which houses some old photographs, some books, embroideries, costumes, and cooking artifacts from the 19th century. The most interesting is an exhibit of special Easter breads, all in very fanciful shapes. There is regular bus service from Kamares and Port Vathi.

About a mile from Apollonia is the town of Artemonas with many neo-classical villas belonging to the rich shipowners. The church of Kochi occupies the site of the ancient temple to Artemis. Next to it is the little 17th century church of Ayios Georgios tou Aféndi with some fine icons.

Near Kamares there is the Cavern of the Nymphs which was used as a place of worship around the end of 6th century BC.

At Ayios Andreas there is the excavated 12 century BC Mycenean Acropolis.

The Venetian town of Kastro with its still standing Byzantine walls is definitely worth a visit. Nearby are the ruins of the Classical acropolis. There is also here an Archaelogical Museum, housed in the old Venetian church of St. Anthony of Padua.

Near the islands's peak is the 8th century Monastery of Profitis Ilias, with thick walls and a network of catacombs. The most famous monastery of the island, however, is Panayia Chrissopigi, built in 1650 AD on a rocky slope. There is a charming story associated with the monastery. Two lovely damsels were surprised by pirates while napping with the church. They ran away, the pirates pursuing. While running they prayed to the Virgin to protect them. The cape split into two thus cutting off the pirates.


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